Sounding Off: Criticizing airlines is easy, changing them will be harder
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Sounding Off: Criticizing airlines is easy, changing them will be harder
By PhocusWire October 15, 2021
The first step by airlines must be an acceptance that there needs to be a root and branch makeover of the sector's fundamental infrastructure. Read More
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Startup accommodation platform CuddlyNest raises $3.5M
By Mitra Sorrells October 14, 2021
Founded in 2017, CuddlyNest says it will use the funding to grow its team and add new product features.   Read More
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Delta turns Q3 profit, has mostly optimistic outlook
By Robert Silk - Travel Weekly October 14, 2021
The U.S. is reopening to foreign travelers in November, and business travel bookings are on the rise. However, the price of fuel is also rising.... Read More
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VIDEO: The Big Picture issues in alternative accommodation
By PhocusWire October 14, 2021
Witnesses to the meteoric rise of the alternative accommodation sector will know that its growth will continue to face a number of challenges alongside the obvious opportunities.... Read More
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Why are women in leadership positions in the travel industry so rare?
By Anne Dolan - Clink October 14, 2021
Here's how the travel industry can push for more diversity and more roles for women on senior management teams and in the boardroom.... Read More
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Majority of travelers prefer flexible booking
By Phocuswright Research October 13, 2021
Several behaviors, preferences and expectations shifted in the age of COVID, as travelers had to acclimate to travel in the most unusual state of the world.... Read More

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Ex-British Airways CEO slams digitally naive airline sector
Digitally savvy customers have been trained to expect a new level of service from online retailers and... Read more
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ALERTS: New deals, products, partnerships and hires in digital travel
The backbone of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry is powered by technology and digital... Read more
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New booking platform for luxury hotels promises higher, faster pay
Four Hundred by Design offers advisors access to a curated collection of high-end hotels, resorts,... Read more
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TripActions raises $275M at $7.25B valuation
 The funding comes less than nine months after TripActions' Series E round of $155 million in... Read more
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VIDEO: Imagining a new world for rentals
The emerging trend around digital nomads and the combining work with leisure trips has forced many... Read more
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Pandemic business travel is different, not dead
Business trips may become more valuable, strategic and appreciated than ever before. Read more
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