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News / Online
Traveloka taps into $300M financing facility
By Yeoh Siew Hoon - WebinTravel September 30, 2022
INA and Traveloka say the round attracted significant interest from a number of high-quality long-term capital providers, resulting in an oversubscribed transaction. Read More
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News / Online
TripActions tight-lipped on confidential IPO plans
By Linda Fox September 30, 2022
The corporate travel startup says it has considered an IPO as one option to fund the business but declined to comment on specific plans or timing. Read More
News / Startups
Volantio closes $6M Series A round for flight optimization tech
By Kathryn Walson September 30, 2022
Alaska Airlines, one of Volantio's longtime customers, participated in the round.... Read More
News / Online
Priceline enters tours and activities game with launch of Priceline Experiences
By Jill Menze September 29, 2022
Built in partnership with Musement, Priceline Experiences will offer more than 80,000 bookable activities in more than 100 countries.... Read More
News / Startups
Fetcherr partners with Azul Airlines to pilot pricing optimization system
By Jill Menze September 29, 2022
Since incorporating Fetcherr’s technologies into its existing revenue management processes, Azul Airlines says it has already seen improved revenue performance and optimized workflows.... Read More
Interview / Startups
STARTUP STAGE: Skipper’s sales platform drives direct bookings for hotels
By Kathryn Walson September 29, 2022
Skipper aims to give independent hotel owners the sales platform they need to compete with large chains and online travel agencies.... Read More

News / Technology
Airlines urged to carefully consider carbon offset programs
Carbon offsetting programs are increasingly getting called out for how cheap they are and questioned... Read more
News / Startups
Expedia Group launches new startup accelerator
Called Open World Accelerator, the initiative provides startups and small- and medium-size businesses... Read more
News / Online
Ancillary sales drive pandemic recovery for many airlines
Ancillary revenue accounted for more than half of 2021 revenue at four airlines: Wizz Air, Frontier,... Read more
News / Online
U.S. Department of Transportation calls for fee transparency from airlines, OTAs
The proposal would affect U.S. air carriers, foreign air carriers and third parties such as OTAs... Read more
News / Online
My Method... How a luxury hotel upped its online direct sales game
Influenced by learnings from high-end online retailers, Journey Hospitality's OneJourney has helped... Read more
Opinion / Distribution
The potential of connectivity standards for experiences
A new non-profit association, OCTO, wants to enable reservation and ticketing system providers and... Read more

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