Mastercard makes experiences available via voice technologyMastercard makes experiences available via voice technology
Mastercard has released an experiences skill for smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Read More
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GuestReady series A fundingGuestReady eyes future acquisitions with new $6M Series A funding
GuestReady is planning future expansion boosted by a new investment of $6 million. Read More
News | Online
RateGain acquires social and guest engagement platform BCVRateGain acquires social and guest engagement platform BCV
A mid-range, double-digit millions figure is believed to have been paid for 24/7 social media... Read More
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Every innovator pitch from Phocuswright Europe 2019 - all in one place
Phocuswright Europe 2019 brought together a group of eager travel startups and established brands... Read More
News | Startups
MagicStay raises €3M to expand business travel accommodation rental service
The capital from representatives at Simmons & Simmons and Société Générale Corporate & Investment... Read More
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Mary Meeker's annual report: Growing giants, next-gen data and super apps
Many in the digital and wider industrial world await Mary Meeker’s annual trends report with... Read More
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VIDEO: Understanding the biometric future for travel
Biometric technology is becoming an accepted part of the journey for travelers in more parts of the... Read More
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Travel payments, part 3: Virtual payment tech and its impact on business travel
For part three in our payments month series we take a look at virtual card payments and how they're... Read More
News | Technology
Sounding Off: Another major OTA arriving is the least of the hospitality sector's worries
Understanding and meeting the changing customer is going to become the single most important... Read More
Interview | Online
Stride walks away with $2.5M in funding for multiday packages platform
Stride adds $2.5 million to its coffers and launches its TripFinder feature to match travelers to... Read More
News | Startups talks up importance of reviews in travel decisions, especially for rentals
The OTA's survey of 21,500 travelers globally reveals that 53% of travelers have decided not to book... Read More
News | Online
The A-to-Gen Z of travel loyalty
The next generation of consumers don’t want one-size-fits-all rewards. They want to be recognized... Read More
Opinion | Online
Airbnb gets into multiday tours game with launch of Airbnb Adventures
The adventures, numbering more than 200 at the outset, are available either exclusively to Airbnb or... Read More
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