alt='777 Partners eyes tech startups to "democratize" aviation'  Title='777 Partners eyes tech startups to "democratize" aviation'
News / Startups
777 Partners eyes tech startups to "democratize" aviation
By Yeoh Siew Hoon - WiT July 1, 2022
777 Partners’ Adam Weiss discusses the fund’s ambitions in aviation. Read More
 alt='travel-digital-sita'  Title='travel-digital-sita'
News / Technology
More travelers embracing mobile, touchless technologies
By Kathryn Walson July 1, 2022
Air passengers are adopting technology more on some stages of their journey than others, according to a new report by SITA. Read More
Interview / Startups
VIDEO: It’s July – Launch pitch winner at Phocuswright Europe 2022
By PhocusWire June 30, 2022
 It’s July facilitates matches between families to meet and create experiences together while traveling.... Read More
News / Technology
NextPlay Technologies sells NextTrip to TGS Esports to streamline operations
By Kathryn Walson June 30, 2022
NextPlay Technologies has agreed to sell its travel business, NextTrip Group, and its 51% ownership of Reinhart Digital TV to TGS Esports.... Read More
News / Online Group revenue remains steady, air ticket bookings rise in Q1 2022
By Jill Menze June 28, 2022
The COVID-19 resurgence in China impacted Group’s operations for the first quarter of 2022, with net revenue remaining flat year-over-year.... Read More
Opinion / Technology
How a bad chatbot can wreck your travel brand
By TTS June 28, 2022
Chatbot International's Guillaume Laporte explains how travel companies can successfully integrate a chatbot.... Read More

News / Technology
Amadeus-owned Navitaire enables interlining via TripStack
The partnership will enable Navitaire-hosted carriers to expand their flight network without the need... Read more
News / Distribution
Attribute-based shopping boosts value for hotel guests
Attribute-based shopping is likely to increase traveler value, certainty and satisfaction among hotel... Read more
News / Online
Travel pundits talk plumbing, pandemic and emerging tech
The travel industry remains complex, and some are concerned the opportunity to build back better may... Read more
News / Startups
Journee lands £1.75M for mystery trip service
Founded in 2019, Journee matches travelers with "mystery" trips by collecting their preferences around... Read more
Opinion / Technology
How AI can help the talent crisis in attractions and resorts
Adopting the right level of AI technology can free staff to focus on the most crucial - and lucrative... Read more
News / Technology
MyDigitalOffice acquires Datavision to help hoteliers enhance reporting
The acquisition will enable hoteliers to automate and enhance reporting, while tapping into business... Read more

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