alt='celitech-launch-phocuswright-conference-22'  title='celitech-launch-phocuswright-conference-22'
Interview / Technology
Video: Celitech – Phocuswright Conference Launch innovator
By PhocusWire | December 2, 2022
Celitech is a connectivity platform for global travel providers and travelers, providing service in more than 160 countries.   Read More
 alt='hilton adobe hotel challenge'  title='hilton adobe hotel challenge'
News / Online
Hilton, Adobe challenge students to reimagine travel booking
By Mitra Sorrells | November 29, 2022
The winning team examined how consumers are making decisions digitally across devices and recommended how to increase online bookings and customer loyalty. Read More
 alt='alex-bainbridge-autonomous-opinion'  title='alex-bainbridge-autonomous-opinion'
Opinion / Technology
12 reasons travel should care about autonomous vehicles
By Alex Bainbridge - Autoura | November 29, 2022
Autoura CEO Alex Bainbridge explains why the airline, hotel, experiences and travel retail sectors should care about autonomous vehicles Read More
 alt='simlocal-webinar-header'  title='simlocal-webinar-header'
Event / Online
Webinar: eSIM - The Next Great Ancillary
November 28, 2022
Tune in to this free webinar to find out how eSIM technology is creating seamless, stress-free travel experiences for consumers and driving valuable revenue for travel suppliers. On Demand
 alt='pundits-panel-phocuswright-conference-2022'  title='pundits-panel-phocuswright-conference-2022'
News / Online
Pundits divided on the outlook for travel in 2023
By PhocusWire | November 21, 2022
Travel industry experts with decades of experience join forces at The Phocuswright Conference to try to make sense of current and future trends. Read More
 alt='phocuswright-conference-innovation-winners'  title='phocuswright-conference-innovation-winners'
News / Startups
The Phocuswright Conference 2022 Innovation: Summit and Launch winners
By PhocusWire | November 17, 2022
Four startups came out on top in Phocuswright's Launch and Summit competitions at The Phocuswright Conference. Read More
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News / Online
New Tripadvisor CEO on the future of travel
By PhocusWire | November 16, 2022
Matt Goldberg recently completed his first 100 days as president and CEO of Tripadvisor, but he says “people should be writing a book about the second 100 days because that’s where the action is.” Read More
 alt='hot-25-2023-flycoin-header'  title='hot-25-2023-flycoin-header'
Interview / Startups
Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2023: Flycoin
By PhocusWire | November 15, 2022
Flycoin’s technology infrastructure provides companies in the consumer loyalty space with a turnkey solution to incentivize users in a more customer-centric way. Read More
 alt='hot-25-2023-iomob-header'  title='hot-25-2023-iomob-header'
Interview / Startups
Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2023: Iomob
By PhocusWire | November 15, 2022
Iomob is building a decentralized internet of mobility (IoM) network that facilitates seamless passenger journeys around the globe. Read More
 alt='hot-25-2023-status-match-header'  title='hot-25-2023-status-match-header'
Interview / Startups
Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2023: StatusMatch
By PhocusWire | November 15, 2022
StatusMatch is a service that enables major airline and hotel brands to acquire new high-value customers through a structured, co-branded platform. Read More
 alt='otas-q3-2022-marketing'  title='otas-q3-2022-marketing'
News / Online
OTAs look to longer-term value for marketing dollars
By Linda Fox | November 10, 2022
Direct relationships, channels and loyalty programs are seen as the way forward as OTAs seek a shift from classic performance channels. Read More
 alt='hopper-report-travel-fintech'  title='hopper-report-travel-fintech'
From Our Partners / Technology
Report: How travel fintech can boost revenue
By Cathy Walsh - PhocusWire | November 7, 2022
Find out how flexible travel products can provide travelers with the reassurance needed to book with confidence. Read More
 alt='sabre-future-travel-retailing'  title='sabre-future-travel-retailing'
From Our Partners / Technology
Artificial intelligence and the future of travel retailing
By Michelle Bruno | November 7, 2022
Airlines must rethink how they compete for previously loyal travelers, and AI and ML can help them retail like leaders across other verticals to remain competitive.   Read More
 alt='Destinations tap data to lure visitors amid travel comeback'  title='Destinations tap data to lure visitors amid travel comeback'
News / Online
Destinations tap data to lure visitors amid travel comeback
By Kathryn Walson | October 31, 2022
Destination marketers have access to more data sources and more granular detail than they’ve ever had before. Read More
 alt='A temperature check on crypto payments in travel'  title='A temperature check on crypto payments in travel'
News / Technology
A temperature check on crypto payments in travel
By Jill Menze | October 18, 2022
Even with market volatility and technological hurdles, travel providers shouldn’t sleep on the cryptocurrency opportunity. Read More