Expedia Google Assistant book action
Expedia creates Google Assistant browse and book capability
By Mitra Sorrells | October 9, 2018
Expedia is expanding its voice technology integrations with a new “Expedia Action” on Google Assistant.   Read More
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Alibaba hotel robot
Alibaba creates robot to provide guest services in hotels
By Mitra Sorrells | September 27, 2018
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has created a robot specifically for the hospitality industry.   Read More
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Offline part 4 hotels
Back in the offline world, part 4: High-tech versus high-touch hotels
By Mitra Sorrells | September 24, 2018
For the final piece in this series, we consider the topic of technology in the hotel environment.  Read More
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eDreams trials biometric technology to help drive inspiration
By Linda Fox | September 19, 2018
Edreams Odigeo is employing eye-tracking as well as biometric scanning technology to help it improve the customer experience. Read More
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Trainline voice app Twitter alerts
Trainline's voice app uses Twitter data to communicate rail disruptions
By Mitra Sorrells | September 13, 2018
Train operators are the first to know about service disruptions, and now independent ticket retailer Trainline is tapping into that knowledge to keep commuters better informed.   Read More
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Research Spotlight: Do bots have a bright future?
Research Spotlight: Do bots have a bright future?
By Jill Menze | September 11, 2018
Once heralded as the Next Big Thing, chatbots seemed a promising solution for travel brands looking to personalize and streamline their customer service and marketing efforts. Read More
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Ideas and insight from startups at Battleground: The Americas
Ideas and insight from startups at Battleground: The Americas
By PhocusWire | July 30, 2018
Don't miss a day of fresh ideas and innovation from travel startups and speakers from high-profile companies at Battleground: The Americas. Register now. Read More
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Amazon Alexa for Hospitality D Berger
Alexa For Hospitality is a seminal moment in the industry (despite challenges)
By David Berger - Volara | July 4, 2018
The launch of Alexa for Hospitality is a seminal moment for hoteliers, as well as the ecosystem of vendors that serve them. Read More
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HITEC product news
Sonifi, Cendyn, and other product news from HITEC
By Mitra Sorrells | June 21, 2018
Dozens of hospitality industry technology vendors released new and updated products this week during HITEC, the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference, which is taking place in... Read More
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Amazon finally talks about travel, launches Alexa for Hospitality
Amazon finally talks about travel, launches Alexa for Hospitality
By Kevin May | June 19, 2018
Amazon's first official foray into the travel industry for a few years is here: Alexa for Hospitality - bringing the voice-activated device into hotel rooms. Read More
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Don't panic! Artificial intelligence will bring human touch to hotels
By Frank Reeves - Avvio | June 19, 2018
The problem with all new hotel technology, unfortunately, is that innovation gets turned into buzzwords quickly, usually in order to sell more products and services. Read More
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VIDEO: Travel planning with digital assistants
VIDEO: Travel planning with digital assistants
By PhocusWire | June 18, 2018
Digital assistants in travel are not an entirely new form of technology - moreover, just another layer that builds on the shift to digital and, especially, mobile. Read More
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Voice search marketing strategies
Listen up: Travel marketers need to pay attention to voice search
By Stuart Butler - Fuel | June 12, 2018
There’s a lot of coverage in the media about Google, Amazon and Apple (ok, AND Microsoft) regarding the race to dominate the voice assistant space. Read More
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Kayak Alexa flight notifications
Kayak adds flight notifications to Alexa skill
By Mitra Sorrells | April 19, 2018
As Kayak’s Amazon Alexa skill approaches its two-year anniversary, the company is updating the service with flight notifications.   Read More
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Apple in danger of being Blackberry, circa 2007
Apple in danger of being Blackberry, circa 2007
By Bret Kinsella - VoiceBot | April 16, 2018
Parallels from history are rarely exact replicas. Learning from history requires we look for similarities in patterns despite differences in details. Read More
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