alt="in room voice assistant technology"  title="in room voice assistant technology"
News / Technology
The evolution of in-room voice tech in hospitality
By Kathryn Walson | January 25, 2023
Voice assistants help short-staffed hotels by answering routine questions that the front desk would otherwise have to answer. They can also boost revenue by upselling spa services or future bookings,... Read More
 alt="trave-euromonitor-consumer-trends-2023"  title="trave-euromonitor-consumer-trends-2023"
News / Online
Top global consumer trends and what they mean for travel
By Linda Fox | January 17, 2023
Euromonitor's new report, Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2023, is out today and provides insights travel companies can use to tap into these behaviors. Read More
 alt="chatbot funding rounds AI"  title="chatbot funding rounds AI"
News / Online
Two chatbot companies serving travel secure funding for expansion
By Kathryn Walson | January 17, 2023
Dallas-based Inbenta has landed $40 million, while New York-based NLX has scored $4.6 million. Both companies cater to the travel sector, among other industries. Read More
 alt="future-call-centers-cruisewatch-oped"  title="future-call-centers-cruisewatch-oped"
Opinion / Technology
Voicing optimism about the future of travel call centers
By Markus Stumpe - Cruisewatch | September 16, 2022
Travel brands can benefit from a hybrid model where data forms a bridge between human agents and technology. Read More
 alt="What’s next for voice in short-term rentals?"  title="What’s next for voice in short-term rentals?"
News / Technology
What’s next for voice in short-term rentals?
By Dana Young - AIPEX Technologies | July 22, 2022
Are we approaching a tipping point where AI will be a normal part of the guest experience in a short-term rental? Read More
 alt="mindsay-acquired-by-laiye"  title="mindsay-acquired-by-laiye"
News / Technology
Travel chatbot provider Mindsay acquired by automation specialist Laiye
By Mitra Sorrells | April 14, 2022
Mindsay's AI-powered chat solutions are used by hotels, airlines, airports, OTAs and rail companies to automate customer service.      Read More
 alt="No, guests do not require human-provided services in hospitality"  title="No, guests do not require human-provided services in hospitality"
Opinion / Technology
No, guests do not require human-provided services in hospitality
By Max Starkov - hospitality consultant and strategist | January 4, 2022
Max Starkov makes a case that in five years, hotels will operate with about 50% of the staff they had in 2019 – and that’s not a bad thing.   Read More
 alt="jin-jiang-tencent-partnership"  title="jin-jiang-tencent-partnership"
News / Technology
Jin Jiang partners with Tencent to spur hospitality innovation in China
By Mitra Sorrells | December 21, 2021
The hospitality and technology companies will work together to identify startups and to enable them to test their solutions in Jin Jiang%27s hotels. Read More
 alt="uniguest-acquires-volara"  title="uniguest-acquires-volara"
News / Online
Uniguest acquires Volara to launch voice tech division
By Mitra Sorrells | November 4, 2021
Volara founder and CEO Dave Berger will become executive vice president of Uniguest’s new voice division, which will maintain the brand name of Volara. Read More
 alt="disney-amazon-alexa"  title="disney-amazon-alexa"
News / Technology
Disney, Amazon unveil custom voice assistant
By Christina Jelski - Travel Weekly | September 30, 2021
Disney World hotel guests will be able to use the Amazon Echo device for information, requests and interactive experiences. Read More
 alt="VIDEO: Qtravel - Launch pitch at Phocuswright Europe 2021"  title="VIDEO: Qtravel - Launch pitch at Phocuswright Europe 2021"
Interview / Technology
VIDEO: Qtravel - Launch pitch at Phocuswright Europe 2021
By PhocusWire | July 12, 2021
Qtravel is a Travel-Search-as-a-Service to easily develop tailored, fast search and discovery experiences that decrease costs and convert. Read More
 alt="Is robotics taking over hospitality? Yes and no"  title="Is robotics taking over hospitality? Yes and no"
Opinion / Technology
Is robotics taking over hospitality? Yes and no
By Chris Connar - Angie Hospitality | March 19, 2021
Robots and automated technology support the current evolution of hospitality, but only when they allow staff to focus on delivering exceptional guest services. Read More
 alt="uipath-opinion-automation"  title="uipath-opinion-automation"
Opinion / Technology
How automation can facilitate hospitality’s recovery
By Brad Beumer - UiPath | February 3, 2021
Automation technologies can be used to benefit guests and staff, now and into the future. Read More
 alt="Tripadvisor creates virtual destination tour via Amazon Alexa"  title="Tripadvisor creates virtual destination tour via Amazon Alexa"
News / Online
Tripadvisor creates virtual destination tour via Amazon Alexa
By Kevin May | January 29, 2021
The idea is that Alexa prompts users to choose their own tour, allowing them to visit over several minutes such attractions as nature spots, landmarks, cultural locations and restaurants. Read More
 alt="startup-stage-youtip"  title="startup-stage-youtip"
Interview / Startups
STARTUP STAGE: Youtip provides digital tipping for hotels, tour operators and more
By Mitra Sorrells | January 29, 2021
Users scan QR codes or tap links in email or text messages to access the payment system. Read More