alt='kayak-for-business-development'  Title='kayak-for-business-development'
News / Technology
Q&A: Steve Hafner on the development of Kayak for Business
By Linda Fox | May 23, 2022
Kayak's CEO talks launching Kayak for Business in the pandemic, competition and future functionality. Read More
 alt='Amex GBT reports large client travel demand accelerating'  Title='Amex GBT reports large client travel demand accelerating'
News / Distribution
Amex GBT reports large client travel demand accelerating
By Michael B. Baker - BTN | May 17, 2022
For Q1 2022, Amex GBT reported $350 million in revenue, up 179% compared with the first quarter of 2021 and half of pre-pandemic levels in 2019. Read More
 alt='Improving corporate travel via digital payments'  Title='Improving corporate travel via digital payments'
Opinion / Technology
Improving corporate travel via digital payments
By Brandon Spear - TreviPay | May 16, 2022
Hotels can make corporate travel more flexible - for both business travelers and hotels themselves - through consolidated, direct billing. Read More
 alt='katanox-5.7m-rob-torres-to-board'  Title='katanox-5.7m-rob-torres-to-board'
News / Startups
Katanox raises $5.7M, adds Expedia exec Rob Torres to board
By Mitra Sorrells | May 12, 2022
Katanox says it will use this funding to expand internationally and further develop its platform and integrations with CRS, PMS and payment service providers.   Read More
 alt='hotailors-travel-manager-funding'  Title='hotailors-travel-manager-funding'
News / Startups
Hotailors rebrands to WorkTrips, bags €23M investment
By Linda Fox | May 9, 2022
The funding will go toward rebranding Hotailors as well as boosting its presence in existing markets and extending the platform to new markets. Read More
 alt='Amadeus pockets highest revenue quarter in two years'  Title='Amadeus pockets highest revenue quarter in two years'
News / Distribution
Amadeus pockets highest revenue quarter in two years
By Kevin May | May 6, 2022
The Spain-based distribution and technology giant is still suffering from the impact of the coronavirus, with the quarter's revenue pegging at 65% of the same metric in Q1 2019. Read More
 alt='Amex GBT outlines environmental strategy'  Title='Amex GBT outlines environmental strategy'
News / Online
Amex GBT outlines environmental strategy
By Jill Menze | April 26, 2022
In the company’s ESG Report 2021, Amex GBT outlines its commitment to operating its business in “the most sustainable manner possible." Read More
 alt='anderson-replace-frymire-cwt'  Title='anderson-replace-frymire-cwt'
News / Online
Patrick Andersen becomes CEO at CWT as McKinney Frymire steps down
By Mitra Sorrells | April 25, 2022
McKinney Frymire joined CWT in 2019 and became CEO one year ago. Read More
 alt='Full corporate travel recovery still out of reach'  Title='Full corporate travel recovery still out of reach'
News / Online
Full corporate travel recovery still out of reach
By Jill Menze | April 20, 2022
According to a new study from Deloitte, business travel spend is at least two years from reaching pre-pandemic levels. Read More
 alt='itilite-series-c'  Title='itilite-series-c'
News / Startups
Itilite raises $29M for business travel and expense solution
By Mitra Sorrells | April 15, 2022
Itilite says its business has grown 500% since its last funding round in 2020, and it now works with more than 300 companies globally.   Read More
 alt='mindsay-acquired-by-laiye'  Title='mindsay-acquired-by-laiye'
News / Technology
Travel chatbot provider Mindsay acquired by automation specialist Laiye
By Mitra Sorrells | April 14, 2022
Mindsay's AI-powered chat solutions are used by hotels, airlines, airports, OTAs and rail companies to automate customer service.      Read More
 alt='Kurt Ekert on how Sabre will disrupt itself to win the market'  Title='Kurt Ekert on how Sabre will disrupt itself to win the market'
News / Technology
Kurt Ekert on how Sabre will disrupt itself to win the market
By Yeoh Siew Hoon - WiT | April 12, 2022
The Sabre president explains how the GDS is undergoing its most dramatic digital transformation yet. Read More
 alt='AltoVita - Vivi Cahyadi Himmel'  Title='AltoVita - Vivi Cahyadi Himmel'
Interview / Online
In The Big Chair - Vivi Cahyadi Himmel of AltoVita
By Jill Menze | April 6, 2022
Vivi Cahyadi Himmel co-founded AltoVita, a platform that powers the corporate accommodations sector with enterprise software layered with a human-centric approach. Read More
 alt='wit-fcm-recovery'  Title='wit-fcm-recovery'
News / Online
FCM sees strong recovery for Asia business as borders reopen
By WiT | April 6, 2022
Travel management company FCM expects “accelerated recovery” from its key Asia markets in the coming months. Read More
 alt='cwt iata introduce carbon emissions calculators'  Title='cwt iata introduce carbon emissions calculators'
News / Technology
CWT, IATA introduce carbon emissions calculators
By Jill Menze | March 29, 2022
The solutions help businesses meet emission reduction targets and travelers make more sustainable choices. Read More