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 alt='uber-product-updates-2022'  Title='uber-product-updates-2022'
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Uber adds new travel feature, party bus and EV bookings in product update
By Jill Menze | May 16, 2022
As part of its super app strategy, Uber has unleashed new features designed to capture the end-to-end travel journey. Read More
 alt='rydoo-sells-travel-cds-groupe'  Title='rydoo-sells-travel-cds-groupe'
News / Technology
Rydoo sells business travel platform to CDS Groupe
By Mitra Sorrells | May 12, 2022
CDS Groupe says it wants to become Europe’s leader in hotel reservation solutions for business travel. Read More
 alt='Amadeus pockets highest revenue quarter in two years'  Title='Amadeus pockets highest revenue quarter in two years'
News / Distribution
Amadeus pockets highest revenue quarter in two years
By Kevin May | May 6, 2022
The Spain-based distribution and technology giant is still suffering from the impact of the coronavirus, with the quarter's revenue pegging at 65% of the same metric in Q1 2019. Read More
 alt='sabre-q1-2022'  Title='sabre-q1-2022'
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Sabre reports revenue gains across all business units
By Linda Fox | May 3, 2022
Sabre's revenue across distribution, hospitality solutions and travel solutions were boosted by industry recovery. Read More
 alt='Pandemic-hit Lyric spins off Wheelhouse, raises $16M funding'  Title='Pandemic-hit Lyric spins off Wheelhouse, raises $16M funding'
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Pandemic-hit Lyric spins off Wheelhouse, raises $16M funding
By Kevin May | April 21, 2022
Wheelhouse is positioning itself as a revenue management and business intelligence service for property management companies in the alternative accommodation sector. Read More
 alt='winding-tree-dtravel-new-systems'  Title='winding-tree-dtravel-new-systems'
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New booking systems signal next step for blockchain
By Mitra Sorrells | April 19, 2022
In notable advancement for blockchain, two new systems are enabling travelers to book hotels and rentals. Read More
 alt='vtrips southern vacation rentals'  Title='vtrips southern vacation rentals'
News / Distribution
VTrips continues acquisition spree, buys Southern Vacation Rentals
By Jill Menze | April 8, 2022
With Southern Vacation Rentals, VTrips adds 1,120 vacation rental properties spanning the Florida Panhandle to the Alabama Gulf Coast. Read More
 alt='uber adds planes trains'  Title='uber adds planes trains'
News / Online
Uber goes full super app, adds planes, trains and hotels
By Jill Menze | April 6, 2022
The move is part of a pilot program in the U.K. designed to capture the end-to-end travel journey. Read More
 alt='globaldots-opinion-bots'  Title='globaldots-opinion-bots'
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Everyone hates bots, but the travel industry needs them
By Dr. Eduardo Rocha - GlobalDots | April 5, 2022
A security expert’s take on how travel and bots can peacefully coexist.   Read More
 alt='Spain-based PMS Amenitiz nabs $30M for expansion'  Title='Spain-based PMS Amenitiz nabs $30M for expansion'
News / Startups
Spain-based PMS Amenitiz nabs $30M for expansion
By Jill Menze | April 5, 2022
Amenitiz offers a complete operating system for independent hoteliers to help them boost direct bookings and reduce their dependence on OTAs. Read More
 alt='accor-d-edge-crs'  Title='accor-d-edge-crs'
News / Technology
Accor confirms switch to D-Edge for central reservations tech
By Linda Fox | March 29, 2022
D-Edge was formed by Accor in 2019 by merging Fastbooking and Availpro. Read More
 alt='travelport-survey-march-2022'  Title='travelport-survey-march-2022'
News / Online
Consumer interest in travel high, but booking frustrations linger
By Mitra Sorrells | March 22, 2022
A survey finds travel ranks as the most enjoyable activity, but it came in fourth based on how much respondents enjoy the process of researching and booking a trip. Read More
 alt='big-chair-eviivo-fitzpatrick'  Title='big-chair-eviivo-fitzpatrick'
Interview / Technology
In The Big Chair - Michele Fitzpatrick of Eviivo
By Mitra Sorrells | March 10, 2022
Since 2012, Michele Fitzpatrick has been CEO of U.K.-based Eviivo, which provides a cloud-based booking and property management platform. Read More
 alt='VIDEO: Guest experience as the leading tactic in rentals'  Title='VIDEO: Guest experience as the leading tactic in rentals'
News / Technology
VIDEO: Guest experience as the leading tactic in rentals
By PhocusWire | March 7, 2022
If price is not the determining factor for a traveler to choose which product they're going to opt for on a trip, then overall experience could be the clincher. Read More
 alt='borrow-a-boat-beds-on-board'  Title='borrow-a-boat-beds-on-board'
News / Startups
Borrow A Boat acquires accommodation platform Beds on Board
By Mitra Sorrells | March 7, 2022
Beds on Board connects boat owners with people who want to stay on a boat without using it in open water.   Read More