alt="SITA Lufthansa partnership"  title="SITA Lufthansa partnership"
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SITA and Lufthansa digitize lost luggage solution
By Kathryn Walson | March 16, 2023
When passengers land at an airport, SITA’s WorldTracer Auto Reflight notifies them of any luggage delay and gathers delivery details. The companies say it saves time and money for the industry. Read More
 alt="iata-modern-airline-retailing"  title="iata-modern-airline-retailing"
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IATA maps road to achieve modern airline retailing by 2030
By Linda Fox | December 8, 2022
IATA’s Modern Airline Retailing program is based on three pillars - customer identification, retailing with offers and delivery with orders. Read More
 alt="airline-ceos-industry-collaboration"  title="airline-ceos-industry-collaboration"
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The long, costly and risky road to airline digital transformation
By Linda Fox | October 28, 2022
Airlines seem to acknowledge that to move away from legacy technology and modernise selling processes, they can no longer act alone. Read More
 alt="airline-digital-experience"  title="airline-digital-experience"
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The push to digitalize the air travel experience
By Linda Fox | October 20, 2022
While Lufthansa Group has set up Digital Hangar to focus on the customer experience, other airlines are also addressing how they interact with customers.  Read More
 alt="airline-distribution-modern-retailing"  title="airline-distribution-modern-retailing"
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Can a "coalition of the willing" fix airline distribution?
By Linda Fox | October 6, 2022
Airlines are facing the fact that transformation is needed across front- and back-end processes. Read More
 alt="Aeronology, Lufthansa Group launch NDC offers"  title="Aeronology, Lufthansa Group launch NDC offers"
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Aeronology, Lufthansa Group launch NDC offers
By Jill Menze | October 6, 2022
The partnership with provide Aeronology’s travel advisor customers with access to Lufthansa Group’s NDC offers. Read More
 alt="amadeus-lufthansa-group-ndc"  title="amadeus-lufthansa-group-ndc"
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Amadeus NDC content surpasses 20 airlines with addition of Lufthansa Group
By Mitra Sorrells | September 13, 2022
The Lufthansa Group content, including continuous pricing and a range of ancillary services, will begin to roll out in the fourth quarter of this year.   Read More
 alt="christine-wang-lufthansa-innovation-hub"  title="christine-wang-lufthansa-innovation-hub"
News / Startups
Lufthansa Innovation Hub on investor appetite, startup opportunities
By PhocusWire | July 26, 2022
Lufthansa Innovation Hub's Christine Wang talks innovation gaps and startup opportunities in the PhocusWire Studio at Phocuswright Europe 2022. Read More
 alt="pcw-europe-airlines"  title="pcw-europe-airlines"
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Fires on all fronts as airlines fight to recover
By PhocusWire | July 5, 2022
Tamur Goudarzi Pour, CCO Swiss Air Lines and SVP channel management Lufthansa Group, discusses the challenges faced by airlines at Phocuswright Europe. Read More
 alt="phocuswright-europe-pundits"  title="phocuswright-europe-pundits"
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Travel pundits talk plumbing, pandemic and emerging tech
By PhocusWire | June 29, 2022
The travel industry remains complex, and some are concerned the opportunity to build back better may be lost. Read More
 alt="travel-fintech-developments"  title="travel-fintech-developments"
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Travel fintech momentum builds as industry looks to boost revenue
By Linda Fox | May 17, 2022
Travel companies plan to equal or increase investment in fintech products and services this year. Read More
 alt="distribution-one-order-ndc"  title="distribution-one-order-ndc"
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Will the travel industry still be talking about NDC in five years?
By Linda Fox | April 21, 2022
Speakers at a CAPA Airline Leader Summit share their thoughts on the future of airline distribution. Read More
 alt="hotel-travel-sustainability"  title="hotel-travel-sustainability"
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The hospitality industry's €768B journey to net zero
By Linda Fox | November 8, 2021
The accommodations industry is responsible for 10% of the total tourism sector's annual emissions. Read More
 alt="Lufthansa-sustainability-research"  title="Lufthansa-sustainability-research"
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Eco-friendly options and cost hit sustainable travel behavior
By Linda Fox | November 1, 2021
A report coinciding with the COP26 Summit found consumers often can't find or didn't realize sustainable travel options are available. Read More
 alt="Airline leaders debate NDC, digitalization, sustainability"  title="Airline leaders debate NDC, digitalization, sustainability"
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Airline leaders debate NDC, digitalization, sustainability
By Mitra Sorrells | November 1, 2021
Panelists at an IATA event in Madrid included leaders from IATA, Lufthansa and Iberia. Read More