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Interview / Startups
Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2023: Gopass Global
By PhocusWire | November 15, 2022
Gopass Global is a data and analytics company focused on building real-time risk platforms for the travel industry. Read More
 alt='Destinations tap data to lure visitors amid travel comeback'  title='Destinations tap data to lure visitors amid travel comeback'
News / Online
Destinations tap data to lure visitors amid travel comeback
By Kathryn Walson | October 31, 2022
Destination marketers have access to more data sources and more granular detail than they’ve ever had before. Read More
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Skyscanner wants to help airports understand “passenger leakage”
By Mitra Sorrells | October 18, 2022
Skyscanner's new tool uses geolocation data from its more than 90 million monthly users to help airports understand the top routes, origins and destinations travelers are searching. Read More
 alt='American Airlines and Black Enterprise hold hackathon for students of HBCUs'  title='American Airlines and Black Enterprise hold hackathon for students of HBCUs'
News / Technology
American Airlines and Black Enterprise hold hackathon for students of HBCUs
By Jill Menze | October 12, 2022
The BE Smart Hackathon, hosted by American Airlines, brought together more than 100 students from 19 historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Read More
 alt='How hotels can use tech to turbocharge their reputation'  title='How hotels can use tech to turbocharge their reputation'
Opinion / Technology
How hotels can use tech to turbocharge their reputation
By Róisín O'Keeffe - P3 | October 11, 2022
A seamless and personalized digital experience can help hotels build brand value. Read More
 alt='airdna-new-ceo'  title='airdna-new-ceo'
News / Online
AirDNA names Demi Horvat as new CEO
By Jill Menze | October 10, 2022
Horvat, who joined AirDNA as chief operating officer in March, succeeds founder Scott Shatford, who joins the board as director. Read More
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News / Technology
Microsoft on the trends and tech shaping travel
By Linda Fox | September 27, 2022
A Microsoft executive outlines the rapidly changing travel landscape and technologies to look out for. Read More
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News / Startups
B2C versus B2B travel startup funding tells an interesting story
By Phocuswright | September 26, 2022
The share of B2C versus B2B funding has trended toward B2B companies for years, and in 2021 B2B funding hit its highest share ever, at 39%. Read More
 alt='performance-marketing-travel'  title='performance-marketing-travel'
Opinion / Online
How AI-driven performance marketing can drive growth for travel businesses
By Neel Pandya - Pixis | September 23, 2022
Well-executed marketing campaigns can generate significant ROI for travel brands. Read More
 alt='zartico-20-million'  title='zartico-20-million'
News / Startups
Zartico raises $20M to help destinations make sense of visitor data
By Mitra Sorrells | September 21, 2022
Founded in March 2020, Zartico has raised a total of $24.5 million and says it has more than 180 customers.  Read More
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News / Distribution
TAKE A SURVEY: The outlook for tours and attractions
By PhocusWire | September 19, 2022
Phocuswright and Arival are conducting a survey on the outlook for tours, experiences and attractions. Read More
 alt='pcw-nyu-tisch-collaboration'  title='pcw-nyu-tisch-collaboration'
News / Startups
NYU Tisch Center, Phocuswright collaborate to advance travel innovation
By Mitra Sorrells | August 18, 2022
The collaboration is part of the Tisch Center's Hospitality Innovation Hub (HI Hub), which launched in 2021 to foster entrepreneurship. Read More
 alt='travel-personalization-evolution'  title='travel-personalization-evolution'
News / Technology
Is travel taking the wrong approach to personalization?
By Linda Fox | August 17, 2022
Personalization in travel should be about creating segments from individuals, not the other way around. Read More
 alt='phocuswright-research-staffing'  title='phocuswright-research-staffing'
News / Online
How travel survives the people shortage
By Phocuswright Research | August 8, 2022
A Phocuswright Research article discusses the main challenges faced by the air and hotel segments in restarting and revamping their industries. Read More
 alt='google-travel-marketing-tips'  title='google-travel-marketing-tips'
News / Online
Google's three best practices to capture travel demand
By Mitra Sorrells | August 2, 2022
As travel-related searches increase, Google offers tips on how brands can use data to drive bookings. Read More