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Travelport tech chief talks moving the needle on NDC
By Linda Fox | April 19, 2023
Tom Kershaw, chief product and technology officer at Travelport, talks about the current state of NDC, real progress in 2023 and moving the needle on adoption. Read More
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Airlines brace for summer chaos as wider tech issues remain
By Linda Fox | April 11, 2023
Schiphol Airport is capping its passenger numbers at 66,000 per day in May while Lufthansa said in February that it was reducing its 2023 summer schedule by 34,000 flights. Read More
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Mystifly lands $8M to boost airline distribution tech
By Linda Fox | March 23, 2023
Mystifly, which was founded in 2009, enables travel intermediaries to access airfares via its API-driven technology as well as offering airlines a distribution, payment reconciliation and settlement... Read More
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Multimodality app could launch in Europe in 2024
By Kathryn Walson | March 22, 2023
Along with enabling bookings of flights, trains, buses and more, the solution would share data across suppliers to manage travel disruption. Read More
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Standardized data key to air industry sustainability
By Kathryn Walson | October 12, 2022
ATPCO panelists say sustainable aviation initiatives can only work with transparency and industry standardization. Read More
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Can a "coalition of the willing" fix airline distribution?
By Linda Fox | October 6, 2022
Airlines are facing the fact that transformation is needed across front- and back-end processes. Read More
 alt="Air France-KLM imposes surcharge on legacy GDS corporate bookings"  title="Air France-KLM imposes surcharge on legacy GDS corporate bookings"
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Air France-KLM imposes surcharge on legacy GDS corporate bookings
By Robert Silk - Travel Weekly | March 28, 2022
The airline group will do away with private-channel arrangements that allowed some corporate travel agencies to avoid the surcharge on legacy GDS bookings.  Read More
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Airline execs push back on tech naivete claims
By Linda Fox | October 26, 2021
Airline industry figures believe carriers are moving to modern technology such as cloud as they look to match the experience of online retailers. Read More
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Different paths on offer as airline distribution standard NDC evolves
By Linda Fox | July 13, 2021
Eight years on from NDC's inception, some old challenges remain and the pandemic has added some new ones. Read More
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What's next for airline distribution as IATA pushes its retailing vision?
By Linda Fox | January 26, 2021
IATA lays out our three areas of focus in 2021 to get closer to airline retailing. Read More
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Airlines need new data sources to predict demand and gain flexibility
By Linda Fox | January 7, 2021
The airline industry has had 21 years of growth stripped from it in 2020. Managing cash burn and operational flexibility will be key to survival in 2021. Read More
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Q&A: Air France-KLM on why NDC remains core to its distribution strategy
By Linda Fox | September 17, 2020
Air France-KLM distribution boss talks to PhocusWire about its NDC strategy. Read More
 alt="Delta pauses NDC development, "doubles down" on existing distribution strategy"  title="Delta pauses NDC development, "doubles down" on existing distribution strategy"
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Delta pauses NDC development, "doubles down" on existing distribution strategy
By Linda Fox | September 10, 2020
As Delta moves away from NDC to focus on its existing infrastructure, Air France-KLM continues its NDC strategy. Read More
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Lufthansa Group airlines to be removed from Sabre as pair fail to reach distribution agreement
By Linda Fox | May 14, 2020
Lufthansa and Sabre have been wrangling over distribution costs since 2015 - now the group's airlines are to be removed from the latter's global distribution system. Read More
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Investors on travel survivors, pent-up demand and bailouts
By Linda Fox | April 2, 2020
Seeking Alpha asked some of its marketplace authors to comment on the outlook for travel stocks, the likelihood of travel returning to pre-coronavirus levels and the segments that might come... Read More