alt='bruce-poon-tip-big-chair'  Title='bruce-poon-tip-big-chair'
Interview / Online
In The Big Chair - Bruce Poon Tip of G Adventures
By Jill Menze | May 25, 2022
Bruce Poon Tip founded small group adventure travel company G Adventures in 1990 and leads as CEO still today. Read More
 alt='sensible4-eib-loan'  Title='sensible4-eib-loan'
News / Startups
Sensible 4 lands EU loan for autonomous tech push
By Linda Fox | May 23, 2022
The Finnish company has developed autonomous driving software that works under challenging weather conditions. Read More
 alt='surf-air-ipo-spac'  Title='surf-air-ipo-spac'
News / Technology
Surf Air Mobility takes SPAC route to market
By Linda Fox | May 19, 2022
Surf Air mobility will also acquire Southern Airways Corporation, with the deal expected to complete at the same time as the proposed merger. Read More
 alt='optibus-100m'  Title='optibus-100m'
News / Technology
Mass transit software provider Optibus raises $100M at $1.3B valuation
By Jill Menze | May 17, 2022
Tel Aviv-based Optibus claims it’s the first “unicorn” dedicated to the public transportation sector. Read More
 alt='uber-product-updates-2022'  Title='uber-product-updates-2022'
News / Online
Uber adds new travel feature, party bus and EV bookings in product update
By Jill Menze | May 16, 2022
As part of its super app strategy, Uber has unleashed new features designed to capture the end-to-end travel journey. Read More
 alt='campiri-funding'  Title='campiri-funding'
News / Startups
Czech camper van rental marketplace adds €2.7M to seed round
By Mitra Sorrells | May 13, 2022
Campiri says it will use the funding to enter new markets, add to its team and to purchase vehicles to sell to others that want to rent on the platform.  Read More
 alt='cabify-electric-vehicles'  Title='cabify-electric-vehicles'
News / Online
Cabify gets EU bank loan for electric vehicle rollout
By Linda Fox | May 12, 2022
The investment will help Cabify achieve its target of a zero-emission fleet in Spain by 2025 and worldwide by 2030. Read More
 alt='arlt-opinion-meaningful-tourism'  Title='arlt-opinion-meaningful-tourism'
Opinion / Online
Why the world needs “Meaningful Tourism”
By Wolfgang Georg Arlt - China Outbound Tourism Research Institute | May 10, 2022
“Meaningful Tourism” is based on a return to benefits for all stakeholders - guests, host communities, tourism employees, the government and the environment. Read More
 alt='intrepid-invests-cabn'  Title='intrepid-invests-cabn'
News / Online
Intrepid Travel funnels $7.85M into Australian eco-friendly cabin provider
By Jill Menze | May 10, 2022
With the investment, off-grid accommodations provider CABN plans to grow from 11 sustainable cabins to more than 70 across the country. Read More
 alt='iomob-next-earth-metaverse'  Title='iomob-next-earth-metaverse'
News / Technology
Iomob partners with Next Earth metaverse for journey planning
By Linda Fox | May 9, 2022
The aim of the partnership is to collaborate on the development of a service to plan real-life journeys via the metaverse. Read More
 alt='Listening to travel brands, a deafening silence on sustainability'  Title='Listening to travel brands, a deafening silence on sustainability'
Interview / Online
Listening to travel brands, a deafening silence on sustainability
By Kevin May | May 6, 2022
Much needs to change in the minds of executives in this industry and in the banking community, alongside the decisions being made by consumers. Simply providing information to influence consumer choice... Read More
 alt='alight-travel'  Title='alight-travel'
News / Startups
New hotel booking platform lets guests offset carbon emissions at checkout
By Jill Menze | May 2, 2022
Travel startup Wayaj has launched a new hotel booking engine called that lets travelers book sustainable hotels and calculate and offset their carbon emissions at checkout. Read More
 alt='raus-startup-stage'  Title='raus-startup-stage'
Interview / Startups
STARTUP STAGE: Raus wants to be the digital platform for off-grid stays
By Linda Fox | April 28, 2022
The startup, which wants to expand beyond Germany, has received total funding of €3.2 million with the founders of TIER and HomeToGo among investors. Read More
 alt='Bolt sees massive uptick in scooter usage, commits €150M to micromobility'  Title='Bolt sees massive uptick in scooter usage, commits €150M to micromobility'
News / Online
Bolt sees massive uptick in scooter usage, commits €150M to micromobility
By Jill Menze | April 27, 2022
With the number of scooter rides jumping more than 500%, Bolt plans to expand its operations. Read More
 alt='jetblue-amy-burr-interview'  Title='jetblue-amy-burr-interview'
News / Technology
JetBlue Technology Ventures' Amy Burr on investment in green transport
By Robert Silk - Travel Weekly | April 27, 2022
Burr discusses the organization's strategies related to supporting the greening of aviation and overall innovation in travel. Read More