tripadvisor free wi fi restaurants
TripAdvisor will offer Wi-Fi services to restaurants to help their marketing efforts
By Mitra Sorrells | August 20, 2019
TripAdvisor Wi-Fi Plus is a new option to enable restaurants to offer free Wi-Fi to their guests in return for sharing their email or social media credential. Read More
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Influential travel sites for booking not always the big players
By Linda Fox | July 19, 2019
Online travel agents might be spending billions on marketing yet very few make the cut when it comes to sites used to choose a hotel. Read More
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Frustration with online travel booking continues as consumers consult more sites
By Linda Fox | June 13, 2019
The web was supposed to make booking travel easier, faster and more accessible - but the reality is somewhat different, according to research. Read More
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Phocuswright Europe preview Mark Tanzer
In the green room at Phocuswright Europe with... Mark Tanzer
By PhocusWire | April 19, 2019
In a series of interviews with executives participating at the event in Amsterdam in May, PhocusWire finds out what makes them tick... Next up: ABTA CEO Mark Tanzer. Read More
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Northstar Travel Group acquires Travel Technology Europe owner Centaur Media Travel
By PhocusWire | April 10, 2019
Northstar Travel Group acquires Centaur Travel Media, owner of the Business Travel Show and Travel Technology Europe. Read More
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Google and TripAdvisor stand out for tour and activity research
By Linda Fox | March 12, 2019
More than half of travelers (56%) say they used Google and 38% say they used TripAdvisor to help plan activities. Read More
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Skyscanner Trello integration
Skyscanner enables flight search through Trello platform
By Mitra Sorrells | March 7, 2019
Skyscanner has created an integration with Trello, a visual organization and collaboration tool. Read More
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Minding your language - Booking Holdings' study shows English a possible barrier to online adoption
Minding your language - Booking Holdings' study shows English a possible barrier to online adoption
By Linda Fox | January 22, 2019
The study of 1,000 digital leaders and experts in China, India and Indonesia reveals that 79% view the internet as a necessity and 82% see it as a “fundamental right.” Read More
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From investors to incubators - a look inside the vast travel startup ecosystem
From investors to incubators - a look inside the vast travel startup ecosystem
By Kevin May | January 15, 2019
A five-year examination of the sector reveals a wide array of incubators, investors and communities dedicated to helping new businesses in the travel industry. Read More
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VIDEO: Tinyclues - Launch pitch runner-up at Phocuswright 2018
VIDEO: Tinyclues - Launch pitch runner-up at Phocuswright 2018
By Kevin May | December 11, 2018
Tinyclues' AI-first solution reinvents how marketers work while doubling their campaign revenue and improving the customer experience. Read More
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Gen Z reignites traveler affinity for mobile apps
Gen Z reignites traveler affinity for mobile apps
By Linda Fox | November 27, 2018
Generation Z travelers are looking for mobile apps and services to help them budget and plan trips as well as to organize and share their experiences on return. Read More
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Google new travel tools October 2018
Google adds new features to travel planning tools
By Mitra Sorrells | September 27, 2018
Google is adding tools to its travel portfolio to simplify and expedite the trip planning process.  Read More
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Expedia Group Chinese travel survey
Chinese millennials nearly doubled travel spending in the past year
By Mitra Sorrells | September 19, 2018
Chinese residents born after 1990 are fueling a surge in international travel, with a preference for local experiences, independent accommodations and long-haul destination.   Read More
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Sojern Q2 global travel insights
Desktop still dominates over mobile for travel search
By Mitra Sorrells | August 1, 2018
Although mobile penetration and usage continues to grow, travelers in most parts of the world are still doing their searching and price comparison on desktop.   Read More
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Startup Stage TroopTravel
STARTUP STAGE: TroopTravel wants to fix corporate group travel planning
By Mitra Sorrells | July 30, 2018
TroopTravel is a platform to help corporate travel managers add intelligence and efficiency to the process of planning meetings and events that involve attendees from different parts of the world. ... Read More
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