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 alt='FLYR acquisition main'  Title='FLYR acquisition main'
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Flyr Labs brings revenue management tools to hotels with Pace Revenue acquisition
By Kathryn Walson | September 21, 2022
The acquisition is Flyr Labs' second in the past week and sixth in the past year. Read More
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An early look at new attribute-based shopping for hotels
By George Roukas - Hudson Crossing | September 14, 2022
Data from properties using a new attribute-based shopping system indicates a significant portion of consumers will buy through it. Read More
 alt='Does climate change mean summer holidays are over for good?'  Title='Does climate change mean summer holidays are over for good?'
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Does climate change mean summer holidays are over for good?
By Carlos Cendra - Mabrian | September 8, 2022
As warmer weather trends continue, the travel industry needs to rethink its whole approach to summer holidays. Read More
 alt='pricelabs acquires rental scale up'  Title='pricelabs acquires rental scale up'
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PriceLabs acquires Rental Scale-Up in push to deliver vacation rental insights
By Jill Menze | August 25, 2022
With Rental Scale-Up, PriceLabs says it will be able to deliver vacation rental business practices and market data insights to the short-term rental industry. Read More
 alt='Velocity Ventures takes stake in big data and predictive analytics startup'  Title='Velocity Ventures takes stake in big data and predictive analytics startup'
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Velocity Ventures takes stake in big data and predictive analytics startup
By WiT | August 8, 2022
Switzerland-based startup Zytlyn uses big data and machine learning to provide companies with predictive insights on travel demand. Read More
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Video: Technology’s role in the renewal of travel
By PhocusWire | August 1, 2022
Amadeus Hospitality’s Joe Ahmed Youssef explains the new traveler trends hoteliers need to address and how technology can be a critical part of that strategy. Read More
 alt='PriceLabs gets $30M investment for short-term rental pricing solution'  Title='PriceLabs gets $30M investment for short-term rental pricing solution'
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PriceLabs gets $30M investment for short-term rental pricing solution
By Jill Menze | July 28, 2022
The capital is the first financing PriceLabs, which grew nearly 3X in 2021. Read More
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Wyndham’s Julie White on distribution, loyalty and marketing
By PhocusWire | July 28, 2022
In the PhocusWire Studio at Phocuswright Europe 2022, White discusses her work with the global company’s managed and franchised properties across EMEA. Read More
 alt='duetto-white-paper-rms-technology'  Title='duetto-white-paper-rms-technology'
From Our Partners / Technology
Report: The hospitality executive's guide to RMS technology
By Cristina Polo | July 25, 2022
Find out how a comprehensive revenue management strategy can elevate a hotel group’s commercial performance across multiple customer touchpoints.   Read More
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From OTAs, travelers want more price predictability, travel updates
By Kathryn Walson | July 13, 2022
According to a report from OAG, North American travelers say OTAs can improve the booking experience through better price predictability and more real-time updates. Read More
 alt='Is this hospitality's chance for a fresh start?'  Title='Is this hospitality's chance for a fresh start?'
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Is this hospitality's chance for a fresh start?
By PhocusWire | July 7, 2022
Speaking during Phocuswright Europe, hotel executives discuss distribution trends, the labor shortage and more. Read More
 alt='webbeds-sun-rate-parity-distribution'  Title='webbeds-sun-rate-parity-distribution'
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WebBeds' Sun on rate parity, credit and distribution shifts
By Yeoh Siew Hoon - WiT | June 22, 2022
Global bedbank WebBeds is seeing strong recovery in both traditional and online channels. Read More
 alt='hostfully-7m-seed-funding'  Title='hostfully-7m-seed-funding'
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Short-term rental SaaS startup Hostfully raises $4M seed funding
By Mitra Sorrells | May 26, 2022
Founded in 2016, Hostfully will use the funding to add capabilities to its products, including a native mobile app. Read More
 alt='numa-group-lasalle-hotel-portfolio'  Title='numa-group-lasalle-hotel-portfolio'
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NUMA strikes deal to manage and operate €500M hotel portfolio
By Mitra Sorrells | May 2, 2022
NUMA Group has entered into a strategic partnership with LaSalle Investment Management to create a portfolio of properties in major cities around Western Europe. Read More
 alt='winding-tree-dtravel-new-systems'  Title='winding-tree-dtravel-new-systems'
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New booking systems signal next step for blockchain
By Mitra Sorrells | April 19, 2022
In notable advancement for blockchain, two new systems are enabling travelers to book hotels and rentals. Read More