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 alt="OTA Insight STR data competitive edge"  title="OTA Insight STR data competitive edge"
News / Technology
OTA Insight unveils platform with hotel and vacation rental data
By Kathryn Walson | March 6, 2023
With the addition of STR data, the Rate Insight+ platform gives hoteliers a complete picture of their competitive landscape and enables them to improve pricing decisions, according to OTA Insight. Read More
 alt="mirai-hotel-direct-op-ed"  title="mirai-hotel-direct-op-ed"
Opinion / Distribution
How much are hotels losing by not controlling prices?
By Pablo Sánchez - Mirai | February 3, 2023
Analysis by Mirai finds that hotels that reduce disparities and improve pricing compared to OTAs almost automatically get more impressions, clicks and direct bookings.   Read More
 alt="finnair-digital-developments"  title="finnair-digital-developments"
News / Distribution
Finnair introduces continuous pricing, exiting legacy system from May
By Linda Fox | January 18, 2023
Finnair says the move means customers will not suffer large price increases between booking classes with pricing no longer tied to “legacy price points.” Read More
 alt="hotelmize-12-million"  title="hotelmize-12-million"
News / Startups
Profit optimization solution Hotelmize raises $12M
By Mitra Sorrells | January 11, 2023
Hotelmize uses its artificial intelligence and room mapping technology to monitor fluctuations in hotel rates, analyze its partners reservations and optimize their profits. Read More
 alt="hot-25-2023-buoy-header main 2"  title="hot-25-2023-buoy-header main 2"
Interview / Startups
Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2023: Buoy
By PhocusWire | November 15, 2022
Buoy is the world’s first automated revenue manager that saves users time by combining reporting, pricing and market insights into one easy-to-use platform. Read More
 alt="hot-25-2023-fetcherr-header"  title="hot-25-2023-fetcherr-header"
Interview / Startups
Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2023: Fetcherr
By PhocusWire | November 15, 2022
Fetcherr developed a proprietary AI-powered pricing and inventory control engine that predicts demand and enables high frequency pricing for the airline industry. Read More
 alt="Airbnb pricing, chores main"  title="Airbnb pricing, chores main"
News / Online
Airbnb enhances price transparency, reduces checkout chores
By Kathryn Walson | November 7, 2022
In addition to displaying the total price, Airbnb is also advising hosts on which household chores they can reasonably ask guests to complete at checkout.  Read More
 alt="FLYR acquisition main"  title="FLYR acquisition main"
News / Online
Flyr Labs brings revenue management tools to hotels with Pace Revenue acquisition
By Kathryn Walson | September 21, 2022
The acquisition is Flyr Labs' second in the past week and sixth in the past year. Read More
 alt="roukas-abs-opinion-header"  title="roukas-abs-opinion-header"
News / Distribution
An early look at new attribute-based shopping for hotels
By George Roukas - Hudson Crossing | September 14, 2022
Data from properties using a new attribute-based shopping system indicates a significant portion of consumers will buy through it. Read More
 alt="Does climate change mean summer holidays are over for good?"  title="Does climate change mean summer holidays are over for good?"
News / Online
Does climate change mean summer holidays are over for good?
By Carlos Cendra - Mabrian | September 8, 2022
As warmer weather trends continue, the travel industry needs to rethink its whole approach to summer holidays. Read More
 alt="pricelabs acquires rental scale up"  title="pricelabs acquires rental scale up"
News / Technology
PriceLabs acquires Rental Scale-Up in push to deliver vacation rental insights
By Jill Menze | August 25, 2022
With Rental Scale-Up, PriceLabs says it will be able to deliver vacation rental business practices and market data insights to the short-term rental industry. Read More
 alt="Velocity Ventures takes stake in big data and predictive analytics startup"  title="Velocity Ventures takes stake in big data and predictive analytics startup"
News / Startups
Velocity Ventures takes stake in big data and predictive analytics startup
By WiT | August 8, 2022
Switzerland-based startup Zytlyn uses big data and machine learning to provide companies with predictive insights on travel demand. Read More
 alt="amadeus-hospitality-travel-technology"  title="amadeus-hospitality-travel-technology"
From Our Partners / Technology
Video: Technology’s role in the renewal of travel
By PhocusWire | August 1, 2022
Amadeus Hospitality’s Joe Ahmed Youssef explains the new traveler trends hoteliers need to address and how technology can be a critical part of that strategy. Read More
 alt="PriceLabs gets $30M investment for short-term rental pricing solution"  title="PriceLabs gets $30M investment for short-term rental pricing solution"
News / Technology
PriceLabs gets $30M investment for short-term rental pricing solution
By Jill Menze | July 28, 2022
The capital is the first financing PriceLabs, which grew nearly 3X in 2021. Read More
 alt="wyndham-julie-white-phocuswright-europe"  title="wyndham-julie-white-phocuswright-europe"
News / Online
Wyndham’s Julie White on distribution, loyalty and marketing
By PhocusWire | July 28, 2022
In the PhocusWire Studio at Phocuswright Europe 2022, White discusses her work with the global company’s managed and franchised properties across EMEA. Read More