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Influencers and social commerce in travel
By Robert Cole - Phocuswright | March 17, 2023
An in-depth Phocuswright report looks at how social marketing has evolved, how consumers interact with brands and nuanced differences for travel. Read More
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Can subscription services work for STRs?
By Kathryn Walson | March 15, 2023
The benefits of subscription services for short-term rentals can include recurring revenue streams and customer engagement, loyalty and retention. Read More
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Opinion / Online
ITB Berlin's return lets travel celebrate culture of connection
By Pete Comeau - Phocuswright | March 7, 2023
Producers at events like Phocuswright Conferences have doubled down on providing networking opportunities to bring together individuals who share common interests.  Read More
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Optimism abounds for the women-led travel agent channel
By Phocuswright Research | March 3, 2023
Phocuswright's latest report, U.S. Travel Agents: Optimism Abounds, focuses on the current state of the travel agent community.   Read More
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APAC expected to return as world's largest regional travel market by 2025
By Phocuswright Research | February 27, 2023
Asia Pacific, the world's largest regional travel market pre-pandemic, slipped to second position in 2021, with the United States rising to the top spot.  Read More
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Mobile gross bookings projected to surge in NE Asia led by South Korea
By Phocuswright Research | February 7, 2023
South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau are preparing for a travel rebound with the rebuilding of air connectivity across Asia Pacific markets. Read More
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5 things to expect in the Southeast Asia travel market by 2025
By Phocuswright Research | January 30, 2023
With promotion of domestic travel and digitization trends, the future of Southeast Asian travel appears to offer many new opportunities.     Read More
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The short-, mid- and long-term future of tokenization in travel
By Norm Rose - Phocuswright Research | January 18, 2023
The tokenized future will allow consumers to put forth their travel requirements and have suppliers bid on their needs in a transparent and immutable record, where hidden costs are reduced and the true... Read More
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Inflation, tech costs dampen travel experience operators’ optimism
By Phocuswright Research | January 9, 2023
The latest research from Phocuswright and Arival looks at travel experience operators' performance and sentiment and the challenges they face in 2023 and beyond.  Read More
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The best of Phocuswright research from 2022
By PhocusWire | December 20, 2022
Phocuswright produces a broad range of research and analysis throughout the year on travel, tourism and hospitality. Catch up on the data, trends and forecasting that you missed from 2022. Read More
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Tiqets, Go City and GetYourGuide on growth of experiences
By Kathryn Walson | December 19, 2022
At The Phocuswright Conference, three executives share their insights in a session called “Executive Panel: Tours, Activities and Timing - Getting it Right.” Read More
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U.S. overtakes Europe for largest share of rental bookings
By Phocuswright Research | December 12, 2022
Phocuswright finds Europe’s loss in share of short-term rental bookings will be exacerbated by economic and war concerns, as well as increased regulatory restrictions in important markets. Read More
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News / Technology
4 clear objectives to assess cybersecurity threats and performance
By Phocuswright Research | November 21, 2022
Cybersecurity is an issue for every company’s management, board, employees, customers and business partners, and the essential issue boils down to balancing greater security with usability. Read More
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Opinion / Online
How experiences will drive trip planning in 3 charts
By Douglas Quinby - Arival | November 15, 2022
The shift in demand toward experiences will reshape how and when consumers plan and purchase their travel. Read More
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From Our Partners / Technology
Report: How travel fintech can boost revenue
By Cathy Walsh - PhocusWire | November 7, 2022
Find out how flexible travel products can provide travelers with the reassurance needed to book with confidence. Read More