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 alt='A hotelier's guide to Google Analytics 4'  Title='A hotelier's guide to Google Analytics 4'
Opinion / Technology
A hotelier's guide to Google Analytics 4
By Sam Weston - 80 Days | May 23, 2022
It's an end of an era: Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics. Here's what hotels need to know the successor, Google Analytics 4. Read More
 alt='american-airlines-microsoft-partnership'  Title='american-airlines-microsoft-partnership'
News / Technology
American Airlines plans experience enhancements via cloud partnership
By Linda Fox | May 19, 2022
The carrier plans to use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to boost its digital transformation program. Read More
 alt='optibus-100m'  Title='optibus-100m'
News / Technology
Mass transit software provider Optibus raises $100M at $1.3B valuation
By Jill Menze | May 17, 2022
Tel Aviv-based Optibus claims it’s the first “unicorn” dedicated to the public transportation sector. Read More
 alt='Expedia Group on “deconstructing” online travel'  Title='Expedia Group on “deconstructing” online travel'
News / Technology
Expedia Group on “deconstructing” online travel
By Jill Menze | May 13, 2022
The online travel giant’s Open World platform is designed for partners of all sizes to take advantage of Expedia Group’s technology. Read More
 alt='retravel-atriis'  Title='retravel-atriis'
News / Startups
Atriis acquires ReTravel to boost corporate traveler engagement
By Linda Fox | May 11, 2022
Atriis says the acquisition "furthers its commitment to offer traveler-centric technology.” Read More
 alt='jarvis-ml-seed-funding'  Title='jarvis-ml-seed-funding'
News / Startups
Machine learning startup Jarvis lands $16M to grow hospitality offering
By Mitra Sorrells | April 21, 2022
Jarvis ML wants to provide what it calls "OTA-grade machine learning" capabilities for short-term rental property managers. Read More
 alt='five-acquired-by-bosch'  Title='five-acquired-by-bosch'
News / Technology
Five acquired by Bosch to further autonomous driving ambitions
By Linda Fox | April 13, 2022
Bosch beat off other bidders to purchase the U.K.-based company and says the two share a "common vision" of automated driving. Read More
 alt='Kurt Ekert on how Sabre will disrupt itself to win the market'  Title='Kurt Ekert on how Sabre will disrupt itself to win the market'
News / Technology
Kurt Ekert on how Sabre will disrupt itself to win the market
By Yeoh Siew Hoon - WiT | April 12, 2022
The Sabre president explains how the GDS is undergoing its most dramatic digital transformation yet. Read More
 alt='boeing-cloud-partnerships'  Title='boeing-cloud-partnerships'
News / Technology
Boeing looks to cloud to boost digital transformation
By Linda Fox | April 8, 2022
The airline manufacturer is partnering with Google and Microsoft to leverage cloud technology. Read More
 alt='Sounding Off: Metaverse requires a big change in perception to be accepted'  Title='Sounding Off: Metaverse requires a big change in perception to be accepted'
Interview / Technology
Sounding Off: Metaverse requires a big change in perception to be accepted
By PhocusWire | March 25, 2022
The concept will need more than the promise of showcasing a destination or service for it to truly replace the physical enjoyments that travel can provide. Read More
 alt='hotel-human-automation'  Title='hotel-human-automation'
News / Technology
VIDEO: Bringing the digital touch to hotels for a more efficient future
By PhocusWire | March 14, 2022
We talk to consultant and tech strategist Max Starkov about the need for hotels to automate now, during our recent PhocusWire Pulse: A New Traveler Experience event. Read More
 alt='Q&A: Alex Mans of Flyr Labs on acquisitions, airline strategies'  Title='Q&A: Alex Mans of Flyr Labs on acquisitions, airline strategies'
News / Technology
Q&A: Alex Mans of Flyr Labs on acquisitions, airline strategies
By Linda Fox | February 22, 2022
The company's CEO sets out a vision for the company, acquisitions and the current climate for airlines and technology investment. Read More
 alt='jeff bzdawka headshot'  Title='jeff bzdawka headshot'
Interview / Technology
In The Big Chair - Jeff Bzdawka of Knowland
By Jill Menze | February 17, 2022
Jeff Bzdawka joined hotel and meetings market intelligence data platform Knowland as CEO in June 2021, following a combined 20 years at Hyatt. Read More
 alt='fetcherr-atpco-partnership-data'  Title='fetcherr-atpco-partnership-data'
News / Startups
Travel pricing startup Fetcherr to leverage ATPCO fare data
By Mitra Sorrells | February 8, 2022
Fetcherr uses AI and deep learning technologies to provide pricing and workflow optimization strategies to improve revenue performance. Read More
 alt='cwt-zytlyn-pilot-project'  Title='cwt-zytlyn-pilot-project'
News / Startups
CWT taps startup Zytlyn to help forecast travel demand
By Mitra Sorrells | February 1, 2022
 The project will combine CWT’s historical booking data with Zytlyn’s prediction platform to predict demand. Read More