alt='google-train-booking-hotel-air-filters'  Title='google-train-booking-hotel-air-filters'
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Google Search adds train bookings, eco-filters for hotel and air
By Mitra Sorrells | September 20, 2022
Travelers can now book train tickets directly from Google Search and can filter hotel and flight results based on the property's eco-certification or a flight's emission data. Read More
 alt='guesty-yieldplanet-new-hub'  Title='guesty-yieldplanet-new-hub'
News / Distribution
Guesty expands hotel offerings with acquisition of YieldPlanet
By Mitra Sorrells | September 14, 2022
Guesty is also launching a new Distribution Hub that adds direct connections with Hopper,, Marriott Homes & Villas and Google’s hotel and vacation rental search products. Read More
 alt='Google partners with Women in Travel CIC to support disadvantaged women in travel'  Title='Google partners with Women in Travel CIC to support disadvantaged women in travel'
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Google partners with Women in Travel CIC to support disadvantaged women in travel
By Jill Menze | September 9, 2022
The program will give disadvantaged women in travel in the U.K. access to upskilling, mentoring and development tools. Read More
 alt='Google to phase out Book on Google for flights'  Title='Google to phase out Book on Google for flights'
News / Distribution
Google to phase out Book on Google for flights
By Jill Menze | September 1, 2022
The decision comes after Google shuttered its Book on Google option for hotels earlier this year. Read More
 alt='google-flight-emissions'  Title='google-flight-emissions'
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Google accused of “airbrushing” carbon emissions from flights
By Linda Fox | August 26, 2022
Google has drawn criticism for changing how it calculates the environmental impact of flights. Read More
 alt='Rod Cuthbert on why he’s “super positive” about travel'  Title='Rod Cuthbert on why he’s “super positive” about travel'
News / Online
Rod Cuthbert on why he’s “super positive” about travel
By PhocusWire | August 12, 2022
Travel industry veteran Rod Cuthbert discusses the ample opportunity for travel brands as well as the state of Viator and Google. Read More
 alt='google-travel-marketing-tips'  Title='google-travel-marketing-tips'
News / Online
Google's three best practices to capture travel demand
By Mitra Sorrells | August 2, 2022
As travel-related searches increase, Google offers tips on how brands can use data to drive bookings. Read More
 alt='google-phocuswright-europe-studio'  Title='google-phocuswright-europe-studio'
From Our Partners / Online
Google on the motivations, expectations of leisure travelers
By PhocusWire | July 29, 2022
Google shares a preview of findings from its upcoming "Expectations of the Evolving Traveler" report. Read More
 alt='digital-markets-act-european-regulation'  Title='digital-markets-act-european-regulation'
News / Online
Digital regulation gets go-ahead in Europe
By Linda Fox | July 28, 2022
Travel companies see a more level playing field and innovation coming out of the European Commission's Digital Markets Act. Read More
 alt='my-method-equeco'  Title='my-method-equeco'
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My Method... How this hotel chain increased paid search return by 80%
By Luc Guilhamon - Equeco | July 18, 2022
 The Mexico-based chain Hoteles City is using a solution from Equeco to find keywords that add efficiency and revenue to its business.   Read More
 alt='phocuswright-europe-sustainability-panel'  Title='phocuswright-europe-sustainability-panel'
News / Online
Google, Travalyst and more on travel’s path to sustainability
By PhocusWire | July 12, 2022
Travel leaders from Google, Travalyst, and Byway discuss current efforts and future plans related to sustainable travel. Read More
 alt='phocuswright-europe-pundits'  Title='phocuswright-europe-pundits'
News / Online
Travel pundits talk plumbing, pandemic and emerging tech
By PhocusWire | June 29, 2022
The travel industry remains complex, and some are concerned the opportunity to build back better may be lost. Read More
 alt='minieye-autonomous-vehicle-tech'  Title='minieye-autonomous-vehicle-tech'
News / Technology
Minieye tops up Series D for autonomous driving tech
By Linda Fox | June 9, 2022
Minieye brings its Series D round to a close with $120 million to invest in its autonomous driving technology. Read More
 alt='phocuswright-europe-preview-sustainability'  Title='phocuswright-europe-preview-sustainability'
News / Online
Phocuswright Europe 2022: Sustainability in the spotlight
By PhocusWire | June 6, 2022
Leaders from the Travalyst Coalition,, Google and Byway Travel come together to discuss the travel industry's path to sustainability during Phocuswright Europe. Read More
 alt='sojern-first-party-data'  Title='sojern-first-party-data'
Opinion / Online
How to increase bookings in a cookieless world
By Kurt Weinsheimer - Sojern | May 24, 2022
Marketers must not only capture first-party data in a cookieless world but also activate it. Read More