Customer Relationship Management

 alt='amadeus-hospitality-sponsored-interview'  title='amadeus-hospitality-sponsored-interview'
From Our Partners / Technology
Video: Key trends driving success in hospitality
By PhocusWire | November 29, 2022
Amadeus Hospitality’s Michael Yeomans explains how the company is investing in technology to support hoteliers of all types for the long term.   Read More
 alt='shr-avvio-acquisition'  title='shr-avvio-acquisition'
News / Technology
SHR acquires hotel tech provider Avvio
By Mitra Sorrells | November 18, 2022
Founded in 2002, Avvio launched an artificial intelligence-powered booking engine in 2017, Allora, that provides personalized offers to guests from booking through check-in. Read More
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Interview / Startups
Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2023: Swayed
By PhocusWire | November 15, 2022
By using guests’ device location, behavioral and transactional data, Swayed builds real-time intelligence on how people are spending time and money during their stay and then sends contextual and... Read More
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News / Technology
My Method... How a CRM system helped Panache Cruises launch
By James Cole - Panache Cruises | October 27, 2022
Panache Cruises adopted a CRM system from TProfile that helped it launch on time with a slick and appealing customer service provision. Read More
 alt='phocuswright-conference-rentals-session'  title='phocuswright-conference-rentals-session'
News / Online
Phocuswright Conference 2022: The maturing rentals sector
By PhocusWire | October 17, 2022
Leaders from Vacasa, Evolve and Hostfully discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the short-term rental sector at The Phocuswright Conference 2022. Read More
 alt='How hotels can use tech to turbocharge their reputation'  title='How hotels can use tech to turbocharge their reputation'
Opinion / Technology
How hotels can use tech to turbocharge their reputation
By Róisín O'Keeffe - P3 | October 11, 2022
A seamless and personalized digital experience can help hotels build brand value. Read More
 alt='cendyn-operation-optimization-webinar'  title='cendyn-operation-optimization-webinar'
Event / Online
Operation Optimization: how tech integrations are changing the future of revenue management
October 3, 2022
This free webinar will provides hoteliers with an understanding of what Cendyn calls the "revenue optimization trifecta" and how it can increase efficiencies and optimize demand.  On Demand
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News / Online
My Method... How a luxury hotel upped its online direct sales game
By Harriet McCarroll - onejourney | September 26, 2022
Influenced by learnings from high-end online retailers, Journey Hospitality's OneJourney has helped The Elms embrace e-commerce principles and more than double its revenue Read More
 alt='Why the hotel chatbot is a must-have for data collection'  title='Why the hotel chatbot is a must-have for data collection'
Opinion / Technology
Why the hotel chatbot is a must-have for data collection
By Elitza Stoilova - Umni | August 15, 2022
With the disappearance of third-party cookies, hotel website chatbots will be critical to the collecting of first- and zero-party data. Read More
 alt='Can a chatbot alone manage travel disruptions?'  title='Can a chatbot alone manage travel disruptions?'
News / Technology
Can a chatbot alone manage travel disruptions?
By Kathryn Walson | August 3, 2022
While chatbot technology in travel has evolved, it can't replace everything a live agent can accomplish. Read More
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News / Online
Wyndham’s Julie White on distribution, loyalty and marketing
By PhocusWire | July 28, 2022
In the PhocusWire Studio at Phocuswright Europe 2022, White discusses her work with the global company’s managed and franchised properties across EMEA. Read More
 alt='flyr-labs-acquires-newshore'  title='flyr-labs-acquires-newshore'
News / Technology
Flyr Labs swoops up Newshore for airline e-commerce tech
By Linda Fox | July 15, 2022
Spain-based Newshore helps airlines improve the customer experience and boost online direct sales through its e-commerce, customer management and content management technology. Read More
 alt='tripactions-travel-expense-from-partner'  title='tripactions-travel-expense-from-partner'
From Our Partners / Technology
4 critical T&E data points for high-growth companies to monitor
By Cathy Walsh | July 11, 2022
Monitoring some key data points can help travel and finance managers streamline their programs and optimize overall company spend. Read More
 alt='How a bad chatbot can wreck your travel brand'  title='How a bad chatbot can wreck your travel brand'
Opinion / Technology
How a bad chatbot can wreck your travel brand
By TTS | June 28, 2022
Chatbot International's Guillaume Laporte explains how travel companies can successfully integrate a chatbot. Read More
 alt='MyDigitalOffice acquires Datavision to help hoteliers enhance reporting'  title='MyDigitalOffice acquires Datavision to help hoteliers enhance reporting'
News / Technology
MyDigitalOffice acquires Datavision to help hoteliers enhance reporting
By Kathryn Walson | June 28, 2022
The acquisition will enable hoteliers to automate and enhance reporting, while tapping into business intelligence. Read More