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Women in aviation: Why a diverse workforce is necessary to drive tech innovation
By Jill Menze | March 18, 2019
At the Aviation Summit 2019, four female airline CIOs discussed how having more women in leadership roles is critical to driving advancements in technology. Read More
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Ending the lip service - 3 steps for achieving gender parity in the travel industry
By Krista Pappas - Lola  | March 8, 2019
Here are three things you and your company can do right now to take actual steps toward a more equal, more diverse travel company.  Read More
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As travel workplaces get more competitive, ladies, it’s time to take your seat at the table
As travel workplaces get more competitive, ladies, it’s time to take your seat at the table
By Erika Moore - Travelport  | February 27, 2019
Too often, women in the workplace deal with gender‐biased judgements and work/life imbalance – especially in male-dominated industries. It's time to change that. Read More
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Q&A: Melissa Maher on Expedia Group's push for diversity and inclusion
By Siew Hoon Yeoh - WebInTravel | January 2, 2019
Melissa Maher, senior vice president at Expedia Group, is responsible for the “Leading 4 Change” program, which includes driving diversity and inclusion at the global travel company. Here, she talks... Read More
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In a world and industry ruled by technology, the important conversation is diversity in perspectives
By Siew Hoon Yeoh - Web in Travel | December 24, 2018
My first encounter with the author Ursula K Le Guin was through The Left Hand Of Darkness, which I read as a girl growing up in Penang, Malaysia. Read More
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Women's leadership in travel: What does the industry think?
By Jill Menze | December 10, 2018
Despite there being a clear business case for hiring women in leadership positions, there is still much to be done to advance the standing of women at travel companies. Read More
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TAKE A SURVEY: Gender parity in travel and technology
By PhocusWire | October 26, 2018
Phocuswright is engaging its community to help find out where the industry stands on gender parity. Read More
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Phocuswright Women's Leadership Initiative
Phocuswright launches Women’s Leadership Initiative
By Mitra Sorrells | September 25, 2018
“The Future of Work” will be the topic of the inaugural Women’s Leadership Initiative session at the Phocuswright Conference, November 13 to 15 in Los Angeles.    Read More
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