alt="Agoda unveils wholesale distribution platform for hotel partners"  title="Agoda unveils wholesale distribution platform for hotel partners"
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Agoda unveils wholesale distribution platform for hotel partners
By Derek Catron | June 30, 2023
Booking Holdings brand Agoda now offers more transparency for hotels to track volume and rates and maximize revenues.    Read More
 alt="Trip Affiliates Network raises $4.5M"  title="Trip Affiliates Network raises $4.5M"
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Trip Affiliates Network raises $4.5M
By Derek Catron | June 7, 2023
Travel industry tech solutions provider looks to accelerate adoption of its direct booking and online travel services across Asia.   Read More
 alt="Hotelbeds CEO: Sustainable travel is “nonnegotiable”"  title="Hotelbeds CEO: Sustainable travel is “nonnegotiable”"
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Hotelbeds CEO: Sustainable travel is “nonnegotiable”
By Derek Catron | May 23, 2023
Nicolas Huss spoke with PhocusWire about travel technology, ChatGPT and the importance of sustainability. Read More
 alt="air ticket consolidators"  title="air ticket consolidators"
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Air ticket consolidators turn profit in shifting landscape
By Robert Silk, Travel Weekly | January 24, 2023
Despite airlines' efforts to drive more direct sales, ticket consolidators say business remains solid and their partnerships with airlines continue to be strong. Read More
 alt="hotelmize-12-million"  title="hotelmize-12-million"
News / Startups
Profit optimization solution Hotelmize raises $12M
By Mitra Sorrells | January 11, 2023
Hotelmize uses its artificial intelligence and room mapping technology to monitor fluctuations in hotel rates, analyze its partners reservations and optimize their profits. Read More
 alt="mystifly-phocuswright-launch-2022"  title="mystifly-phocuswright-launch-2022"
Interview / Technology
Video: Mystifly – Phocuswright Conference Launch innovator
By PhocusWire | January 4, 2023
Singapore-based Mystifly offers a suite of solutions to streamline airline distribution, fulfillment and payments.   Read More
 alt="hotelbeds-istanbul"  title="hotelbeds-istanbul"
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Hotelbeds claims travel-tech first with Istanbul airport partnership
By Jill Menze | August 31, 2022
The destination marketing campaign brings special rates to Hotelbeds customers as well as exposure to iGA Istanbul Airport services. Read More
 alt="Chain4Travel blockchain "  title="Chain4Travel blockchain "
Interview / Technology
STARTUP STAGE: Chain4Travel prepares to launch blockchain run by travel industry
By Kathryn Walson | August 26, 2022
Founded by Peakwork CEO Ralf Usbeck, Chain4Travel is the facilitator of the Camino consortium blockchain and has more than 50 supporters from the travel industry. Read More
 alt="didatravel-flights"  title="didatravel-flights"
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China’s DidaTravel expands into flight sales
By Jill Menze | August 9, 2022
Hotel wholesaler DidaTravel is now selling flights to its 23,000 B2B clients globally. Read More
 alt="VIDEO: Game-changing technology to define travel's future"  title="VIDEO: Game-changing technology to define travel's future"
From Our Partners / Technology
VIDEO: Game-changing technology to define travel's future
By PhocusWire | March 29, 2022
In an interview with PhocusWire, tech chief Paula Felstead of Hotelbeds describes her first impressions of joining both a leading player in the travel industry and the wider marketplace. Read More
 alt="Another dimension to diversity in travel: technology"  title="Another dimension to diversity in travel: technology"
Opinion / Distribution
Another dimension to diversity in travel: technology
By Pedro Camara and Manuel Hilty | March 23, 2022
The travel industry thrives on a need to find flexible sourcing models and technology to help solve the many challenges of supply chains. Read More
 alt="VIDEO: Emerging from COVID using data and technology"  title="VIDEO: Emerging from COVID using data and technology"
From Our Partners / Technology
VIDEO: Emerging from COVID using data and technology
By PhocusWire | March 14, 2022
During the pandemic the Spain-based company utilized its long-held position as a innovator in travel tech to build tools and services to its partners to assist them as they attempt to ride the wave of... Read More
 alt="How open distribution helps hotels regain selling power"  title="How open distribution helps hotels regain selling power"
Opinion / Distribution
How open distribution helps hotels regain selling power
By Ben Stephenson - Impala | March 1, 2022
An open distribution model reimagines how hotel selling works from the ground up. Read More
 alt="hotelbeds-esg-2021"  title="hotelbeds-esg-2021"
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Hotelbeds lays out eco and social initiatives, joins Amazon Climate Pledge
By Linda Fox | February 11, 2022
The Spain-based bedbank says it has achieved carbon neutral status for the fourth consecutive year by reducing emissions as well as offsetting emissions through independent organization Cabon Footprint. Read More
 alt="hotel-rategain-coronavirus-outlook"  title="hotel-rategain-coronavirus-outlook"
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VIDEO: RateGain on the new world for hotel tech and distribution
By PhocusWire | December 14, 2021
Alongside the logistical headache of organizing staff, mothballing properties and then trying to ressurect operations once more, many hotels have faced competition from rentals after their surge in... Read More