alt="sita-indicio-aruba-test"  title="sita-indicio-aruba-test"
News / Technology
SITA tests app to let travelers digitally cross border
By Mitra Sorrells | March 20, 2023
The program, managed by SITA and Indicio in partnership with Aruba Tourism Authority, is an extension of work the organizations began at the start of the pandemic to create a blockchain-based app to... Read More
 alt="Travel industry works to expedite passengers"  title="Travel industry works to expedite passengers"
News / Online
Travel industry works to avoid another chaotic summer
By Kathryn Walson | February 21, 2023
Some say better staffing and enhanced tech, such as increased use of biometrics, could help prevent congestion and expedite passengers at airports. Read More
 alt="SITA Zamna partnership"  title="SITA Zamna partnership"
News / Technology
SITA partners with Zamna to digitize travel processes
By Kathryn Walson | January 26, 2023
Airlines and airports benefit from reduced processing times and less infrastructure needed to process passengers, Zamna says, while border agencies benefit from the checks happening pre-departure. Read More
 alt="startup-stage-trustd-ai-header"  title="startup-stage-trustd-ai-header"
Interview / Startups
STARTUP STAGE: helps rentals filter out bad behaving guests
By Mitra Sorrells | January 23, 2023
The company uses AI to collect and analyze a mix of static and dynamic trust attributes related to a guest and then delivers the result to the partner systems in real time, in the form of a... Read More
 alt="ubiquitous-travel-solutions"  title="ubiquitous-travel-solutions"
Opinion / Technology
Travel needs invisible solutions to keep innovation alive
By Irra Ariella Khi - Zamna | December 20, 2022
A new type of technology framework is needed for airlines that works regardless of a passenger’s age, mobile device, point of origin and destination and tech savviness. Read More
 alt="chargeback-gurus-online-travel"  title="chargeback-gurus-online-travel"
From Our Partners / Online
VIDEO: Chargeback Gurus on tackling rising chargebacks in travel
By PhocusWire | December 19, 2022
In an interview at the PhocusWire studio, Chargeback Gurus' Marty Williams explains some of the factors that contribute to credit card fraud. Read More
 alt="chain4travel-thought-leadership"  title="chain4travel-thought-leadership"
From Our Partners / Technology
The emergence of web3 in the travel industry
By Chain4Travel | December 7, 2022
Chain4Travel explains why, although we have just arrived at the intersection of travel and Web3, all companies must think about how they can leverage these developments for themselves. Read More
 alt="mangopay-acquires-nethone"  title="mangopay-acquires-nethone"
News / Technology
Mangopay acquires fraud protection specialist Nethone
By Linda Fox | November 29, 2022
Poland-based Nethone, a PhocusWire Hot 25 Startup for 2022, was founded in 2016 and raised $6.7 million in July 2021. Read More
 alt="Remote work needs attention in security policies"  title="Remote work needs attention in security policies"
News / Online
Remote work needs attention in security policies
By Michael B. Baker - BTN | November 23, 2022
A vast majority of travelers say their employers prioritize their health, safety and security on business trips, although a much smaller percentage said they feel supported in remote working situations. Read More
 alt="airbnb-fall-22-updates"  title="airbnb-fall-22-updates"
News / Online
Airbnb enlists help of “Superhosts” to add more properties to platform
By Mitra Sorrells | November 16, 2022
The new Setup feature pairs property owners with Superhosts who provide step-by-step assistance via text, voice or video chat. Read More
 alt="This tech is a win-win-win for providers, intermediaries and travelers"  title="This tech is a win-win-win for providers, intermediaries and travelers"
News / Technology
This tech is a win-win-win for providers, intermediaries and travelers
By PhocusWire | November 11, 2022
For hospitality and travel, self-sovereign identity is a once-in-20-years technology development that has potential to be a win-win-win, where travel providers, travel intermediaries and travelers can... Read More
 alt="operto-acquires-staymyway"  title="operto-acquires-staymyway"
News / Technology
Operto adds digital key capabilities with acquisition of STAYmyway
By Linda Fox | November 3, 2022
Spain-based STAYmyway announced an exclusive partnership with Accor for the group’s Accor Key program last year; Operto will now accelerate the rollout of the program. Read More
 alt="Airbnb names OMG! Fund hosts, launches noise-monitoring technology"  title="Airbnb names OMG! Fund hosts, launches noise-monitoring technology"
News / Online
Airbnb names OMG! Fund hosts, launches noise-monitoring technology
By Jill Menze | October 17, 2022
Airbnb has announced the recipients of its $10,000,000 OMG! Fund as well as a partnership with Minut to provide noise-monitoring support for hosts. Read More
 alt="four-scenarios-for-travel"  title="four-scenarios-for-travel"
Opinion / Technology
Four scenarios for the future of travel
By Wolfgang Krips - Amadeus | October 4, 2022
Amadeus presents four potential macroeconomic scenarios and what they might mean for the travel industry going forward. Read More
 alt="Accenture study main"  title="Accenture study main"
News / Technology
Travelers call for tech-enabled solutions at international borders
By Kathryn Walson | October 3, 2022
According to a report from Accenture, three-quarters of travelers expect international border processes to look dramatically different by the end of this decade. Read More