alt="oct 31 oped main 2"  title="oct 31 oped main 2"
Opinion / Technology
How hotels can foster human connection through tech
By Georgine Muntz - Visual Matrix | November 1, 2022
In the race to create “the single best platform,” a funny thing happened: The human element crept back into innovation.... Read More
 alt="fred-bean-nft-hospitality"  title="fred-bean-nft-hospitality"
Opinion / Technology
Could NFTs for hospitality come back to bite us?
By Fred Bean - HotelPORT | October 25, 2022
Big brands across travel are exploring use cases for NFTs, but careful consideration and caution may be needed for successful implementation.   ... Read More
 alt="How destinations can help travelers live their values"  title="How destinations can help travelers live their values"
Opinion / Online
How destinations can help travelers live their values
By Richard Black - Sojern | October 21, 2022
In today’s market, travelers are no longer willing to compromise their beliefs, which means destinations must prioritize diversity and inclusion to create the right reputation and win travel bookings.... Read More
 alt="airline op-ed main"  title="airline op-ed main"
Opinion / Online
Why airlines need to understand anonymous users
By Andy Owen Jones - BD4 | October 17, 2022
Connecting on a personal level with users you don’t know is an opportunity for business growth.... Read More
 alt="How hotels can use tech to turbocharge their reputation"  title="How hotels can use tech to turbocharge their reputation"
Opinion / Technology
How hotels can use tech to turbocharge their reputation
By Róisín O'Keeffe - P3 | October 11, 2022
A seamless and personalized digital experience can help hotels build brand value.... Read More
 alt="managing-tours-attractions"  title="managing-tours-attractions"
Opinion / Distribution
How tours and attractions can effectively serve high demand
By Matthias Wirz - BookingKit | October 10, 2022
Visitor management tools can be put to use for a positive purpose - if operators can change their mindset.... Read More
 alt="accenture-opinion-loyalty-dividend"  title="accenture-opinion-loyalty-dividend"
Opinion / Online
How travel brands can boost their “loyalty dividend”
By Emily Weiss & Liselotte De Maar - Accenture | October 5, 2022
Accenture offers tips for travel companies on how to ensure their loyalty programs are relevant, valuable and profitable.  ... Read More
 alt="four-scenarios-for-travel"  title="four-scenarios-for-travel"
Opinion / Technology
Four scenarios for the future of travel
By Wolfgang Krips - Amadeus | October 4, 2022
Amadeus presents four potential macroeconomic scenarios and what they might mean for the travel industry going forward.... Read More
 alt="octo-standards-history"  title="octo-standards-history"
Opinion / Distribution
The potential of connectivity standards for experiences
By Stephen Joyce - Holibob | September 26, 2022
A new non-profit association, OCTO, wants to enable reservation and ticketing system providers and tour, activity and attraction ticket resellers to connect their systems for more efficient distribution.... Read More
 alt="performance-marketing-travel"  title="performance-marketing-travel"
Opinion / Online
How AI-driven performance marketing can drive growth for travel businesses
By Neel Pandya - Pixis | September 23, 2022
Well-executed marketing campaigns can generate significant ROI for travel brands.... Read More
 alt="Four pillars of mental health for business travel and work"  title="Four pillars of mental health for business travel and work"
News / Online
Four pillars of mental health for business travel and work
By Ralph Colunga - SAP Concur | September 22, 2022
Here's how employers can preserve employee mental health in business travel programs - which also helps attract and retain talent during a pivotal time for companies.... Read More
 alt="future-call-centers-cruisewatch-oped"  title="future-call-centers-cruisewatch-oped"
Opinion / Technology
Voicing optimism about the future of travel call centers
By Markus Stumpe - Cruisewatch | September 16, 2022
Travel brands can benefit from a hybrid model where data forms a bridge between human agents and technology.... Read More
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News / Distribution
An early look at new attribute-based shopping for hotels
By George Roukas - Hudson Crossing | September 14, 2022
Data from properties using a new attribute-based shopping system indicates a significant portion of consumers will buy through it.... Read More
 alt="3-hospitality-tech-predictions-aruba"  title="3-hospitality-tech-predictions-aruba"
Opinion / Technology
3 hospitality tech predictions for the new era of travel
By Elaine Shuck - Aruba | September 12, 2022
Improved connectivity, the use of cognitive computing with AI and even emerging digital worlds inside the metaverse are shaping the future of hospitality.   ... Read More
 alt="Why proptech is key for a sustainable rental business"  title="Why proptech is key for a sustainable rental business"
Opinion / Technology
Why proptech is key for a sustainable rental business
By Jim Netska - PointCentral | September 9, 2022
It’s crucial for property managers to understand the importance of property technology and how it can supercharge long-term strategic business goals.... Read More