alt="How creative advertising can help sustain travel rebound"  title="How creative advertising can help sustain travel rebound"
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How creative advertising can help sustain travel rebound
By Marissa Bernstein - Vistar Media | May 19, 2023
The competition among travel brands to capture the attention and loyalty of customers is fiercer than ever. To start making a lasting impression on consumers, travel brands must rethink their approach... Read More
 alt="Blueground image"  title="Blueground image"
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Travel marketers still seeking higher TikTok profiles
By Derek Catron | March 23, 2023
Blueground job listing for content creator provides a high-profile example of travel’s efforts to use social media to build brand affinity and, maybe someday, boost bookings.   Read More
 alt="tripadvisor-wanderlab"  title="tripadvisor-wanderlab"
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Tripadvisor launches marketing services for travel and non-travel brands
By Mitra Sorrells | September 21, 2022
Named Wanderlab, the division will operate as an independent studio that makes use of Tripadvisor’s first-party data, company resources and talent.   Read More
 alt="pricelabs acquires rental scale up"  title="pricelabs acquires rental scale up"
News / Technology
PriceLabs acquires Rental Scale-Up in push to deliver vacation rental insights
By Jill Menze | August 25, 2022
With Rental Scale-Up, PriceLabs says it will be able to deliver vacation rental business practices and market data insights to the short-term rental industry. Read More
 alt="Taking stock of LGBTQ+ travel"  title="Taking stock of LGBTQ+ travel"
News / Online
Taking stock of LGBTQ+ travel
By Nicole Edenedo - Travel Weekly | July 5, 2022
Over the last two years, LGBTQ+ travelers have become more introspective about expectations and supplier marketing has become more inclusive. Read More
 alt="snapchat-dynamic-ads"  title="snapchat-dynamic-ads"
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Snapchat unveils dynamic ads service for travel advertisers
By Linda Fox | June 1, 2022
The social media platform says it will serve the most relevant ads to Snapchatters interested in travel. Read More
 alt="Mitra Sorrells to become PhocusWire’s new editor in chief"  title="Mitra Sorrells to become PhocusWire’s new editor in chief"
News / Online
Mitra Sorrells to become PhocusWire’s new editor in chief
By PhocusWire | April 25, 2022
She takes on the role from May 1, 2022, following the departure of the existing head of the brand’s editorial team, Kevin May. Read More
 alt="startup-stage-heycray"  title="startup-stage-heycray"
Interview / Startups
STARTUP STAGE: Cray is a social-selling video app for travel
By Mitra Sorrells | March 8, 2022
Founded in June 2021, Cray pays a commission to video creators when a booking is made through their content. Read More
 alt="my-method-vdxtv-switzerland"  title="my-method-vdxtv-switzerland"
News / Online
My Method... How to counter travel lulls with interactive video
By Matt Keating - | February 23, 2022
Switzerland Tourism used an omnichannel video campaign to position the country as a premier tourism destination.   Read More
 alt="phocuswire-pulse-visit-iceland-strategy"  title="phocuswire-pulse-visit-iceland-strategy"
News / Online
VIDEO: How destinations can consider new roles and strategies
By PhocusWire | January 10, 2022
Arguably the biggest challenge for a destination trying to market itself amid a global pandemic is how to do so when people can’t travel. Read More
 alt="Lonely Planet axes legendary Thorn Tree travel community"  title="Lonely Planet axes legendary Thorn Tree travel community"
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Lonely Planet axes legendary Thorn Tree travel community
By Kevin May | September 27, 2021
The site was created in 1996 as a mechanism for travelers to share recommendations and discuss destinations and services ahead of, during and after their trips. Read More
 alt="Travel + Leisure debuts travel subscription service"  title="Travel + Leisure debuts travel subscription service"
News / Online
Travel + Leisure debuts travel subscription service
By Jill Menze | September 8, 2021
Called Travel + Leisure Club, the subscription service offers members access to preferred pricing, concierge services, exclusive experiences and a magazine subscription for $9.95 per month. Read More
 alt="Phocuswright Europe 2021: Here's what to expect"  title="Phocuswright Europe 2021: Here's what to expect"
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Phocuswright Europe 2021: Here's what to expect
By PhocusWire | June 23, 2021
Join us to hear how industry players have updated their playbook to compete in this new, unstable but promising environment. A second chance like this doesn’t come around very often. Read More
 alt="Sojern-virtual-connections"  title="Sojern-virtual-connections"
Opinion / Online
Virtual connections: Building relationships with travelers to generate future demand
By Chris Blaine - Sojern | August 6, 2020
In a COVID-19 world, social media is not only an inexpensive way to reach large numbers of people, but a powerful opportunity to engage with potential customers and influence them to choose your... Read More
 alt="mmgy-partner-campaign-covid"  title="mmgy-partner-campaign-covid"
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MMGY partners with Expedia, Sojern, ADARA to inspire post-COVID-19 trips
By Mitra Sorrells | June 19, 2020
The travel marketing agencies have created a campaign to boost recovery in several U.S. destinations. Read More