alt="United, JetBlue further investments in sustainability"  title="United, JetBlue further investments in sustainability"
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United, JetBlue further investments in sustainability
By Derek Catron | July 31, 2023
United Airlines announced an increase to its sustainable flight fund along with new partners – including JetBlue Ventures, which is also investing in carbon dioxide removal technology. Read More
 alt="Emirates to invest $200M to boost sustainability efforts"  title="Emirates to invest $200M to boost sustainability efforts"
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Emirates to invest $200M to boost sustainability efforts
By Linda Fox | May 11, 2023
The carrier, which plans to invest the funds over three years, claims this is the biggest financial commitment toward sustainability by any airline. Read More
 alt="Sustainable aviation fuel"  title="Sustainable aviation fuel"
News / Online
Aviation industry invests in SAF to reach climate targets
By Kathryn Walson | April 10, 2023
With development of hydrogen- and electric-powered planes for long-haul flights too far off, airlines look to investments in sustainable aviation fuel to help meet carbon emissions goals. Read More
 alt="IATA 25by2025 main"  title="IATA 25by2025 main"
News / Online
IATA leads effort to boost representation of women in aviation
By Kathryn Walson | March 28, 2023
The trade association for the global aviation industry is spearheading a voluntary initiative, called 25by2025, with the aim of increasing the number of women in senior positions and under-represented... Read More
 alt="jetblue-chooose"  title="jetblue-chooose"
News / Startups
JetBlue adds climate platform powered by Chooose
By Mitra Sorrells | February 28, 2023
 JetBlue customers can use the platform to estimate the CO2 emissions of their flights and then contribute to a fund to cover the difference in cost between SAF and conventional jet fuel. Read More
 alt="session-replay-lawsuits"  title="session-replay-lawsuits"
News / Online
Wave of class action lawsuits provide warning for travel brands
By Mitra Sorrells | February 2, 2023
Spirit and Jetblue airlines and Carnival Corporation are among the brands hit recently with class action lawsuits related to their use of session replay software. Read More
 alt="2023 travel predictions"  title="2023 travel predictions"
News / Online
Top travel industry predictions for 2023
By Kathryn Walson | January 3, 2023
As we begin 2023, executives in the travel industry describe the developments they foresee in the next 12 months.  Read More
 alt="dot-fees-transparency"  title="dot-fees-transparency"
News / Distribution
Q&A: Travel Technology Association on DOT transparency proposals
By Robert Sik - Travel Weekly | October 12, 2022
Stewart Alvarez, president of the Travel Technology Association discusses how the DOT's proposal around disclosing ancillary fees might affect members. Read More
 alt="joby-delta-partnership"  title="joby-delta-partnership"
News / Technology
Delta Invests $60M in air taxi company Joby Aviation
By Donna M. Airoldi - BTN | October 12, 2022
The carrier plans to use electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for home-to-airport transportation. Read More
 alt="Volantio funding round"  title="Volantio funding round"
News / Startups
Volantio closes $6M Series A round for flight optimization tech
By Kathryn Walson | September 30, 2022
Alaska Airlines, one of Volantio's longtime customers, participated in the round. Read More
 alt="troupe-jetblue"  title="troupe-jetblue"
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JetBlue Travel Products unveils Troupe mobile app
By Kathryn Walson | September 22, 2022
With Troupe, travelers can manage RSVPs, create polls and vote as a group to build consensus before they book. Read More
 alt="jetblue-paisly-updates"  title="jetblue-paisly-updates"
News / Online
JetBlue's trip booking platform adds Peek, Vacasa inventory
By Mitra Sorrells | June 13, 2022
JetBlue's trip booking platform Paisly now includes activities inventory from Peek and vacation rentals from Vacasa. Read More
 alt="jetblue-amy-burr-interview"  title="jetblue-amy-burr-interview"
News / Technology
JetBlue Technology Ventures' Amy Burr on investment in green transport
By Robert Silk - Travel Weekly | April 27, 2022
Burr discusses the organization's strategies related to supporting the greening of aviation and overall innovation in travel. Read More
 alt="JetBlue-Ventures-TPG-climate"  title="JetBlue-Ventures-TPG-climate"
News / Technology
JetBlue Technology Ventures invests in climate solutions fund
By Linda Fox | April 22, 2022
JTV becomes a limited partner through its investment in the multi-billion dollar fund which targets large scale climate solutions. Read More
 alt="Q&A: Alex Mans of Flyr Labs on acquisitions, airline strategies"  title="Q&A: Alex Mans of Flyr Labs on acquisitions, airline strategies"
News / Technology
Q&A: Alex Mans of Flyr Labs on acquisitions, airline strategies
By Linda Fox | February 22, 2022
The company's CEO sets out a vision for the company, acquisitions and the current climate for airlines and technology investment. Read More