alt="Weather tech shines as Sensible Weather raises $4M, plots SPAC IPO"  title="Weather tech shines as Sensible Weather raises $4M, plots SPAC IPO"
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Weather tech shines as Sensible Weather raises $4M, plots SPAC IPO
By Jill Menze | December 13, 2021
Sensible Weather offers consumers assurance when booking, while JetBlue Technology Ventures-backed minimizes operational airport disruptions. Read More
 alt="Lufthansa-sustainability-research"  title="Lufthansa-sustainability-research"
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Eco-friendly options and cost hit sustainable travel behavior
By Linda Fox | November 1, 2021
A report coinciding with the COP26 Summit found consumers often can't find or didn't realize sustainable travel options are available. Read More
 alt="jetblue-launches-cruise-flights-3"  title="jetblue-launches-cruise-flights-3"
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JetBlue Vacations adds flight and cruise packages
By Jill Menze | October 19, 2021
As part of its ambitions to become a broader travel company, JetBlue is the first domestic U.S. airline to offer flight, cruise and hotel bookings in one place. Read More
 alt="VIDEO: A time for product to take center stage"  title="VIDEO: A time for product to take center stage"
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VIDEO: A time for product to take center stage
By PhocusWire | September 24, 2021
Nobody wants to say that took advantage of a global crisis - but the reality is that the last 20 months have seen a number of companies use the time to think deeply about their strategy. Read More
 alt="travel-startups-corporate-venture"  title="travel-startups-corporate-venture"
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Airlines continue startup investment despite industry woes
By Linda Fox | August 10, 2021
Corporate appetite for travel startup investment is strong as IAG launches its sixth accelerator and JetBlue doubles down on its commitment to the model. Read More
 alt="JetBlue launches new travel site for customers to book hotels, car rentals"  title="JetBlue launches new travel site for customers to book hotels, car rentals"
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JetBlue launches new travel site for customers to book hotels, car rentals
By Jill Menze | March 25, 2021
Called Paisly, JetBlue's new travel website lets consumers book hotels, car rentals and theme park tickets after they've purchased a flight. Read More
 alt="How does travel heal itself?"  title="How does travel heal itself?"
Opinion / Technology
How does travel heal itself?
By Raj Singh - JetBlue Technology Ventures | January 22, 2021
Four trends are poised to redefine the industry in the coming year - and emerging technology has a tremendous opportunity to transform this new travel experience. Read More
 alt="jetblue-fareportal-lawsuit"  title="jetblue-fareportal-lawsuit"
News / Distribution
JetBlue calls Fareportal distribution antitrust lawsuit "frivolous"
By Arnie Weissmann - Travel Weekly | January 8, 2021
Fareportal, parent of OTAs CheapOAir and One Travel, filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that JetBlue Airways violated antitrust laws. Read More
 alt="How I Got Here, episode 44 - Azim Barodawala of Volantio"  title="How I Got Here, episode 44 - Azim Barodawala of Volantio"
Interview / Technology
How I Got Here, episode 44 - Azim Barodawala of Volantio
By PhocusWire | October 1, 2020
Volantio launched in 2014, bidding to capitalize on a burgeoning need by airlines to embrace the digital world behind the scenes. Barodawala tells the story to Mozio's David Litwak and Kevin May of... Read More
 alt="touchless-air-travel"  title="touchless-air-travel"
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Touchless tech: Airports and airlines take steady steps to restore confidence in flying
By Linda Fox | August 4, 2020
Continuing our series on the new normal in the travel experience, PhocusWire looks at touchless tech initiatives in aviation. Read More
 alt="airlines-post-coronavirus"  title="airlines-post-coronavirus"
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Innovation, automation and collaboration - three ways to get aviation moving safely again
By Linda Fox | May 26, 2020
Airlines are desperate to build confidence among passengers and put them in the planes that are slowly returning to the skies. But it'll take more than that to get aviation moving again. Read More
 alt="jetblue byblue"  title="jetblue byblue"
News / Technology
JetBlue emphasizes personalization with launch of ByBlue tool
By Steven Lerner | January 31, 2020
JetBlue has unveiled a new platform called ByBlue that allows travelers to book car rentals and other trip offerings with one click. Read More
 alt="sustainable investments image"  title="sustainable investments image"
News / Startups
Are venture capitalists consciously focusing on sustainability in travel?
By Steven Lerner | January 28, 2020
Although sustainability is gaining momentum among investors, is it advancing in travel?   Read More
 alt="offsetting air travel emissions"  title="offsetting air travel emissions"
News / Technology
Offsetting carbon emissions is soaring in air travel - but is it effective?
By Steven Lerner | January 15, 2020
As the movement to reduce carbon emissions through offsetting has grown, so, too, have questions about the efficacy of the endeavor. Read More
 alt="WAF-jetblue-tech-ventures"  title="WAF-jetblue-tech-ventures"
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VIDEO: JetBlue Tech Ventures on investment pillars, larger checks and non-travel entrepreneurs
By Linda Fox | September 20, 2019
JetBlue Technology Ventures has 24 startups in the portfolio that are seeking to address pain points across the wider business and the customer experience. Read More