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 alt="Amadeus Microsoft report"  title="Amadeus Microsoft report"
News / Technology
Amadeus, Microsoft on the "next-gen" travel experience
By Derek Catron | March 7, 2023
A new report from Amadeus and Microsoft explores how a focus on purpose and context will allow the travel industry to maximize value.   Read More
 alt="connected trip"  title="connected trip"
News / Online
When will travel agencies deliver the “Connected Trip”?
By Christian Watts - Magpie | March 6, 2023
Will it be, Expedia or an AI startup that finally develops an app that helps you from the start of booking a trip until you get home again? Read More
 alt="Tripadvisor CEO outlines new three-prong strategy"  title="Tripadvisor CEO outlines new three-prong strategy"
News / Online
Tripadvisor CEO outlines new three-prong strategy
By Mitra Sorrells | February 16, 2023
New CEO Matt Goldberg provided details of the strategy, describing the overarching concept as creating a “modern media marketplace for travel.” Read More
 alt="bookaway group bus stop"  title="bookaway group bus stop"
News / Online
Bookaway Group to consolidate inventory in centralized transportation data hub
By Derek Catron | January 31, 2023
Bookaway says the new hub, known as Boost, will aggregate data from nearly 8,500 bus, ferry and train operators to enable partners to easily integrate additional transportation services. ... Read More
 alt="SquadTrip platform for travel pros"  title="SquadTrip platform for travel pros"
Interview / Startups
STARTUP STAGE: SquadTrip’s all-in-one platform streamlines trip planning
By Kathryn Walson | January 25, 2023
SquadTrip provides an SaaS trip booking and marketing platform for group travel organizers and trip-bookers alike. Read More
 alt="chatgpt-impact-on-travel2"  title="chatgpt-impact-on-travel2"
News / Technology
What will ChatGPT mean for the travel industry?
By Mitra Sorrells | January 12, 2023
Industry leaders from, Expedia Group, Hopper and more weigh in on the topic of what ChatGPT might mean for their internal operations and for travelers. Read More
 alt="spotnana-75m-series-b"  title="spotnana-75m-series-b"
News / Startups
Spotnana raises $75M Series B to grow cloud-based travel platform
By Mitra Sorrells | July 26, 2022
Since its launch last fall, Spotnana says it has added several corporate customers, including Brex, as well as TMCs and technology partners using its system.  Read More
 alt="tripactions-travel-expense-from-partner"  title="tripactions-travel-expense-from-partner"
From Our Partners / Technology
4 critical T&E data points for high-growth companies to monitor
By Cathy Walsh | July 11, 2022
Monitoring some key data points can help travel and finance managers streamline their programs and optimize overall company spend. Read More
 alt="startup-stage-ardor-travels"  title="startup-stage-ardor-travels"
Interview / Startups
STARTUP STAGE: Ardor Travels is travel and expense management for SMEs
By Mitra Sorrells | March 1, 2022
 The platform is intended for small- to mid-size businesses and offers a unified system for business travel and expense management. Read More
 alt="wanderlog-seed-funding"  title="wanderlog-seed-funding"
News / Startups
Wanderlog lands $1.5M for trip planning service
By Linda Fox | September 6, 2021
The seed funding for Wanderlog has come from General Catalyst and Abstract Ventures. Read More
 alt="How technology can define a new era of multi-day tours in travel"  title="How technology can define a new era of multi-day tours in travel"
Opinion / Technology
How technology can define a new era of multi-day tours in travel
By Manuel Hilty - Nezasa | May 11, 2021
Multi-day tours have stood the test of time over a century and a half and the sector is now gearing up for growth in the post-pandemic era, driven by digitalization. Read More
 alt="Four trends that will shape business travel in 2021"  title="Four trends that will shape business travel in 2021"
Opinion / Online
Four trends that will shape business travel in 2021
By Alex Kaluzny - Egencia | December 30, 2020
For C-suites and travel managers, acknowledging and adapting to these trends will be an essential part of building traveler confidence and reintroducing in-person meetings. Read More
 alt="smartnomad-startup-stage"  title="smartnomad-startup-stage"
Interview / Startups
STARTUP STAGE: SmartNomad wants to make trip planning a one-click experience
By Linda Fox | December 29, 2020
The New York-based company initially wants to offer the service to online travel agencies and travel management companies. Read More
 alt="From travel manager to travel enabler: How policies, standards and roles must change as travel resumes"  title="From travel manager to travel enabler: How policies, standards and roles must change as travel resumes"
Opinion / Online
From travel manager to travel enabler: How policies, standards and roles must change as travel resumes
By Mike Koetting - SAP Concur | September 18, 2020
As organizations revisit travel policies and safety standards, travel managers will find themselves playing a new role, shifting from a traditional gatekeeper to an enabler. Read More
 alt="business-travel-innovation"  title="business-travel-innovation"
Opinion / Technology
Using the coronavirus pandemic to bring some innovation to business travel
By Susan Lichtenstein - DigiTravel Consulting | September 11, 2020
Now is a good time to address the many pain points in corporate travel purposes. Read More