alt="Delta QandA Travel Weekly"  title="Delta QandA Travel Weekly"
Interview / Online
Q&A: Delta's Ranjan Goswami on personalization through Delta Sync
By Arnie Weissmann - Travel Weekly | January 19, 2023
Travel Weekly editor in chief Arnie Weissmann was at CES and spoke with Goswami about how Sync will help the airline really "know" its customers. Read More
 alt="delta-sustainability-lab"  title="delta-sustainability-lab"
News / Technology
Delta opens innovation lab to boost sustainability efforts
By Linda Fox | January 10, 2023
The carrier’s Sustainable Skies Lab will focus on existing Delta initiatives around sustainability as well as innovative projects and ways to scale technology to help reach net zero by 2050. Read More
 alt="delta-digital-initiatives"  title="delta-digital-initiatives"
News / Technology
Delta will spend $1 billion for free Wi-Fi -- and a whole lot more
By Arnie Weissmann - Travel Weekly | January 6, 2023
In announcing the free Wi-Fi offering, Bastian says it is part of Delta's plan to "be a collection of digital services, engagement opportunities and experiences for customers."  Read More
 alt="dot-fees-transparency"  title="dot-fees-transparency"
News / Distribution
Q&A: Travel Technology Association on DOT transparency proposals
By Robert Sik - Travel Weekly | October 12, 2022
Stewart Alvarez, president of the Travel Technology Association discusses how the DOT's proposal around disclosing ancillary fees might affect members. Read More
 alt="joby-delta-partnership"  title="joby-delta-partnership"
News / Technology
Delta Invests $60M in air taxi company Joby Aviation
By Donna M. Airoldi - BTN | October 12, 2022
The carrier plans to use electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for home-to-airport transportation. Read More
 alt="delta-customized-flight-display"  title="delta-customized-flight-display"
News / Technology
Delta trials customized flight display at Detroit Metro Airport
By Robert Silk - Travel Weekly | June 10, 2022
The Parallel Reality technology will allow up to 100 flyers to simultaneously see flight information tailored to their unique itinerary on a single screen. Read More
 alt="travel-ad-spend-2022-report"  title="travel-ad-spend-2022-report"
News / Online
Travel advertisers ramp up spend as demand recovers
By Jill Menze | June 9, 2022
According to a new report, travel ad spend in the U.S. has already reached nearly $623 million in 2022. Read More
 alt="movable-ink-funding"  title="movable-ink-funding"
News / Technology
Movable Ink bags $55M for personalization tech push
By Linda Fox | May 2, 2022
Movable Ink works with a number of travel companies on content personalization including Delta Air Lines, MGM Resorts, Princess Cruises and Uber. Read More
 alt="travel-company-valuation"  title="travel-company-valuation"
News / Online
Can tech valuations hold onto their lead over travel stocks?
By Linda Fox | March 1, 2022
Zoom was worth more than 15 of the largest airlines during the pandemic - but there are questions over whether such performance will continue. Read More
 alt="Delta adds Amex-powered buy-now-pay-later feature"  title="Delta adds Amex-powered buy-now-pay-later feature"
News / Online
Delta adds Amex-powered buy-now-pay-later feature
By Jill Menze | February 18, 2022
American Express card members can choose the option when booking flights on Delta's website. Read More
 alt="Amadeus enters into value-based distribution deal with Delta"  title="Amadeus enters into value-based distribution deal with Delta"
News / Distribution
Amadeus enters into value-based distribution deal with Delta
By Robert Silk - Travel Weekly | November 12, 2021
Delta has been doing away with flat segment fees and replacing them with scaled payments to GDSs based upon the value of each booking. Read More
 alt="Delta turns Q3 profit, has mostly optimistic outlook"  title="Delta turns Q3 profit, has mostly optimistic outlook"
News / Distribution
Delta turns Q3 profit, has mostly optimistic outlook
By Robert Silk - Travel Weekly | October 14, 2021
The U.S. is reopening to foreign travelers in November, and business travel bookings are on the rise. However, the price of fuel is also rising. Read More
 alt="Delta launching facial-recognition program for PreCheck members"  title="Delta launching facial-recognition program for PreCheck members"
News / Technology
Delta launching facial-recognition program for PreCheck members
By Michael Baker | October 12, 2021
The program enables travelers to get through security and other checkpoints via a camera and facial-recognition technology in lieu of physical identification and boarding passes. Read More
 alt="Travel app downloads surpass 2019 numbers, Hopper ranks top booking app"  title="Travel app downloads surpass 2019 numbers, Hopper ranks top booking app"
News / Online
Travel app downloads surpass 2019 numbers, Hopper ranks top booking app
By Jill Menze | September 27, 2021
According to a report from SensorTower, top travel booking apps exceeded 10.6 million downloads in Q2 2021 – an 81% jump compared to 2019. Read More
 alt="TMC-NDC-content"  title="TMC-NDC-content"
Opinion / Distribution
What's next for NDC: Content investment and innovation
By Adam Knights - ATPI | September 15, 2021
NDC might be viewed as a quiet storm that TMCs must prepare for as part of their role in offering content from multiple airline sources. Read More