alt='sap-concur-summit-delta'  Title='sap-concur-summit-delta'
News / Online
Delta CEO: Time for all travel sectors to “join arms” to drive safety and rebuild traveler confidence
By Mitra Sorrells | September 21, 2020
The airline CEO spoke about collaboration, hygiene efforts, the future of business travel and the need for accountability and transparency on racial issues. Read More
 alt='Delta pauses NDC development, "doubles down" on existing distribution strategy'  Title='Delta pauses NDC development, "doubles down" on existing distribution strategy'
News / Distribution
Delta pauses NDC development, "doubles down" on existing distribution strategy
By Linda Fox | September 10, 2020
As Delta moves away from NDC to focus on its existing infrastructure, Air France-KLM continues its NDC strategy. Read More
 alt='airlines-data-companies'  Title='airlines-data-companies'
News / Distribution
Are the tech giants coming for airlines?
By Linda Fox | May 4, 2020
Data giants such as credit card companies have stayed away from airlines; post-coronavirus travel might change that. Read More
 alt='ai-airline-customer-service'  Title='ai-airline-customer-service'
Opinion / Technology
How AI can save airline customer service teams in times of crisis
By Puneet Mehta - Netomi | April 20, 2020
As airlines deal with high volumes of customer service requests due to the coronavirus, artificial intelligence can help them improve customer and agent satisfaction. Read More
 alt='The Future of Travel Experience: Digital overhaul, from air to rail'  Title='The Future of Travel Experience: Digital overhaul, from air to rail'
Interview / Online
The Future of Travel Experience: Digital overhaul, from air to rail
By Jeff Katz - Journera | January 17, 2020
In his series of interviews with industry leaders, Jeff Katz talks to Richard Anderson, CEO of Amtrak and former CEO of Delta Air Lines. Read More
 alt='delta-parallel-reality'  Title='delta-parallel-reality'
News / Technology
VIDEO: Delta's plan to trial personalized passenger information screens in airports
By Linda Fox | January 8, 2020
During a keynote at CES this week, Delta CEO Ed Bastian highlights some of the tech initiatives the carrier is developing. Read More
 alt='certify-q2-2019-business-travel-expenses'  Title='certify-q2-2019-business-travel-expenses'
News / Technology
Uber and Lyft are dominating business travel expense claims
By Linda Fox | August 1, 2019
The suppliers that top business travel expense claims include Uber, Starbucks and Lyft according to Certify. Read More
 alt='TripActions new flight shopping interface'  Title='TripActions new flight shopping interface'
News / Distribution
TripActions introduces new flight shopping experience for business travelers
By Mitra Sorrells | February 5, 2019
TripActions is rolling out a new interface to provide a better flight shopping experience for business travelers. Read More
 alt='delta-ceo-CES-2019'  Title='delta-ceo-CES-2019'
News / Technology
CES 2019: Delta boss talks data, AI and internal culture
By Linda Fox | January 10, 2019
Delta CEO Ed Bastian talks about internal culture, AI and other data initiatives during CES 2019. Read More
 alt='airline-retailing'  Title='airline-retailing'
News / Distribution
U.S. airlines offer rare unified view on their dream retail world
By Linda Fox | November 26, 2018
The days of a one-size-fit-all experience on airlines are gone, but the technology that facilitates a wider retail offering is playing catch-up. Read More
 alt='Skyscanner joins NDC Exchange'  Title='Skyscanner joins NDC Exchange'
News / Distribution
Skyscanner becomes first travel search engine to join NDC Exchange
By Mitra Sorrells | October 24, 2018
Skyscanner has joined NDC Exchange, an industry-owned marketplace created by ATPCO and SITA to facilitate adoption of IATA’s New Distribution Capability.   Read More
 alt='ndc-exchange-airlines-sita-atpco'  Title='ndc-exchange-airlines-sita-atpco'
News / Distribution
NDC Exchange boosted by five new airlines
By Linda Fox | October 11, 2018
NDC Exchange, created by ATPCO and SITA, sees five new carriers join. Read More
 alt='Surveying the travel startup landscape, part 3: The support systems'  Title='Surveying the travel startup landscape, part 3: The support systems'
News / Startups
Surveying the travel startup landscape, part 3: The support systems
By Mitra Sorrells | August 20, 2018
In the last few years, several support programs have launched to help entrepreneurs evaluate, develop and grow their innovative ventures across every aspect of travel and tourism.  Read More
 alt='Google on travel marketing'  Title='Google on travel marketing'
Opinion / Online
Google: Time to rethink fairy tale loyalty strategies in travel
By Jenna Hovel - Google | August 16, 2018
Today, people have more booking options than ever at their fingertips. And marketers must evolve their strategies to meet customers where they are.  Read More
 alt='Security series part 1 threat landscape'  Title='Security series part 1 threat landscape'
News / Online
Unlocking travel security, part 1: The threat landscape
By Mitra Sorrells | May 7, 2018
Equifax, Yahoo, Ebay – all major brands that have been the targets of cyber criminals, with millions of customers impacted in each case.   Read More