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 alt="Are airline patents a mark of industry innovation?"  title="Are airline patents a mark of industry innovation?"
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Are airline patents a mark of industry innovation?
By Linda Fox | August 25, 2023
Lufthansa Innovation Hub's study of airline patents filed over the past 20 years revealed a steady decline since 2016 with financial constraints and outsourcing of innovation among reasons for this... Read More
 alt="How AI is enabling self-service round-the-world trip planning"  title="How AI is enabling self-service round-the-world trip planning"
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How AI is enabling self-service round-the-world trip planning
By Derek Catron | June 29, 2023
A partnership between the Oneworld airline alliance and Elemental Cognition for around-the-world bookings relies on a generative AI chatbot.   Read More
 alt="How travel brands are finding a voice on TikTok"  title="How travel brands are finding a voice on TikTok"
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How travel brands are finding a voice on TikTok
By Linda Fox | June 28, 2023
TikTok's Hannah Bennett shares some of the current trends for travel on the platform as well as how brands including BA and Hilton are finding their voice. Read More
 alt="Travel industry works to expedite passengers"  title="Travel industry works to expedite passengers"
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Travel industry works to avoid another chaotic summer
By Kathryn Walson | February 21, 2023
Some say better staffing and enhanced tech, such as increased use of biometrics, could help prevent congestion and expedite passengers at airports. Read More
 alt="trave-euromonitor-consumer-trends-2023"  title="trave-euromonitor-consumer-trends-2023"
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Top global consumer trends and what they mean for travel
By Linda Fox | January 17, 2023
Euromonitor's new report, Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2023, is out today and provides insights travel companies can use to tap into these behaviors. Read More
 alt="iata-modern-airline-retailing"  title="iata-modern-airline-retailing"
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IATA maps road to achieve modern airline retailing by 2030
By Linda Fox | December 8, 2022
IATA’s Modern Airline Retailing program is based on three pillars - customer identification, retailing with offers and delivery with orders. Read More
 alt="ba-amadeus-sustainability-efforts"  title="ba-amadeus-sustainability-efforts"
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British Airways, Amadeus push sustainability efforts
By Mitra Sorrells | October 27, 2022
British Airways is working Chooose to provide more detailed information to travelers about the climate impacts of travel, while Amadeus has joined the Travalyst coalition. Read More
 alt="wttc-cyber-security"  title="wttc-cyber-security"
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WTTC highlights need to prioritize cyber security
By Linda Fox | April 25, 2022
The World Travel & Tourism Council’s Codes To Resilience Report, launched in partnership with Microsoft, focuses on cyber crime protection and best practices. Read More
 alt="travel-company-valuation"  title="travel-company-valuation"
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Can tech valuations hold onto their lead over travel stocks?
By Linda Fox | March 1, 2022
Zoom was worth more than 15 of the largest airlines during the pandemic - but there are questions over whether such performance will continue. Read More
 alt="Customer-centricity, digitization are exec priorities"  title="Customer-centricity, digitization are exec priorities"
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Customer-centricity, digitization are exec priorities
By Mitra Sorrells | February 3, 2022
The CEOs of United Airlines, British Airways and Hopper discuss the future of travel during an online panel hosted by CarTrawler. Read More
 alt="airline-systems-reliability"  title="airline-systems-reliability"
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Airline execs push back on tech naivete claims
By Linda Fox | October 26, 2021
Airline industry figures believe carriers are moving to modern technology such as cloud as they look to match the experience of online retailers. Read More
 alt="Ex-British Airways CEO slams digitally naive airline sector"  title="Ex-British Airways CEO slams digitally naive airline sector"
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Ex-British Airways CEO slams digitally naive airline sector
By Linda Fox | October 14, 2021
Digitally savvy customers have been trained to expect a new level of service from online retailers and airlines stand to lose out when it comes to discretionary spend, says Alex Cruz. Read More
 alt="TMC-NDC-content"  title="TMC-NDC-content"
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What's next for NDC: Content investment and innovation
By Adam Knights - ATPI | September 15, 2021
NDC might be viewed as a quiet storm that TMCs must prepare for as part of their role in offering content from multiple airline sources. Read More
 alt="travel-startups-corporate-venture"  title="travel-startups-corporate-venture"
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Airlines continue startup investment despite industry woes
By Linda Fox | August 10, 2021
Corporate appetite for travel startup investment is strong as IAG launches its sixth accelerator and JetBlue doubles down on its commitment to the model. Read More
 alt="ndc-progress-challenges"  title="ndc-progress-challenges"
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Different paths on offer as airline distribution standard NDC evolves
By Linda Fox | July 13, 2021
Eight years on from NDC's inception, some old challenges remain and the pandemic has added some new ones. Read More