alt="trip-com-q4-2022"  title="trip-com-q4-2022"
News / Online Group sees outbound travel demand surge
By Mitra Sorrells | March 7, 2023
The company says demand for outbound travel is continuing to accelerate in the first months of this year, with bookings up more than 300% compared with the same period last year.   Read More
 alt="trip-com-tripgen-ai-tool"  title="trip-com-tripgen-ai-tool"
News / Technology launches in-app chatbot built on OpenAI
By Mitra Sorrells | February 21, 2023
Known as TripGen, the tool offers a conversational interface similar to ChatGPT and other natural language processing chat tools. Read More
 alt="trip-com-group-Q3-2022"  title="trip-com-group-Q3-2022"
News / Online Group continues to make gains in Q3
By Linda Fox | December 15, 2022 Group's accommodation revenue increased by almost a third to $408 million while transportation ticketing revenue was up 44% to $369 million year-on-year. Read More
 alt="wit-singapore-innovation-fraud"  title="wit-singapore-innovation-fraud"
News / Technology
Pace of innovation set to pick up in travel, but fraud worries grow
By Alfred Siew - WiT | October 19, 2022
Panelists at WiT Singapore discuss innovation around trip planning while also sharing concerns about fraud in the digital realm. Read More
 alt="trip-com-group-q2-2022"  title="trip-com-group-q2-2022"
News / Online Group sees signs of optimism despite revenue drop in Q2
By Mitra Sorrells | September 22, 2022 Group's total revenue in the second quarter of this year came in at $598 million, down 32% from the same period in 2021 and down 2% compared to the prior quarter.   Read More
 alt="guesty-yieldplanet-new-hub"  title="guesty-yieldplanet-new-hub"
News / Distribution
Guesty expands hotel offerings with acquisition of YieldPlanet
By Mitra Sorrells | September 14, 2022
Guesty is also launching a new Distribution Hub that adds direct connections with Hopper,, Marriott Homes & Villas and Google’s hotel and vacation rental search products. Read More
 alt="gordian-software-25m"  title="gordian-software-25m"
News / Startups
Gordian Software raises $25M as revenue more than triples in six months
By Mitra Sorrells | July 19, 2022
Founded in 2017, Gordian Software provides an API that enables companies including Hopper and to sell ancillaries for the airlines available on their sites.   Read More
 alt="Amadeus-chooose-climate-tech"  title="Amadeus-chooose-climate-tech"
News / Technology
Amadeus invests in climate tech specialist Chooose
By Linda Fox | July 14, 2022
Chooose specializes in the integration of climate action options in the customer booking process. Read More
 alt="tiqets-tripcom-group-integration"  title="tiqets-tripcom-group-integration"
News / Distribution
Tiqets expands distribution with Group integration
By Mitra Sorrells | July 5, 2022 Group becomes the newest of Tiqets' 3,000 distribution partners, with another new APAC-based partner expected to be announced next week. Read More
 alt=" Group revenue remains steady, air ticket bookings rise in Q1 2022"  title=" Group revenue remains steady, air ticket bookings rise in Q1 2022"
News / Online Group revenue remains steady, air ticket bookings rise in Q1 2022
By Jill Menze | June 28, 2022
The COVID-19 resurgence in China impacted Group’s operations for the first quarter of 2022, with net revenue remaining flat year-over-year. Read More
 alt="How women in tech can break through the leadership glass ceiling"  title="How women in tech can break through the leadership glass ceiling"
Opinion / Online
How women in tech can break through the leadership glass ceiling
By Jane Sun - Group | March 8, 2022
As a female business executive and a working mother, striving for gender equality and ensuring women are offered the same opportunities as their male counterparts is really important to me. Read More
 alt="tripcom-q3-2021"  title="tripcom-q3-2021"
News / Online Group revenue drops in Q3 but international flight bookings up
By Mitra Sorrells | December 15, 2021 Group's revenue in Q3 2021 was $831 million, down 9% compared to the second quarter of this year.   Read More
 alt="hopper-tripcomgroup-price-freeze"  title="hopper-tripcomgroup-price-freeze"
News / Online Group adds Hopper’s price freeze in North America and Europe
By Mitra Sorrells | December 13, 2021
Beginning in early 2022, Hopper’s “Price Freeze” feature will be enabled for flight’s booked on’s European and United States websites and in its app. Read More
 alt="wit-liang-singapore-2021"  title="wit-liang-singapore-2021"
News / Online
VIDEO: Group on recovery investment strategies
By Mitra Sorrells | November 12, 2021
In an interview during WiT Experience Singapore 2021, Group co-founder and executive chairman James Liang says the company is ready to return to a growth mindset. Read More
 alt=" Group takes advantage of domestic travel return"  title=" Group takes advantage of domestic travel return"
News / Online Group takes advantage of domestic travel return
By Kevin May | September 24, 2021
Executive chairman James Liang says the Chinese domestic travel market has been encouraging for the company and it sees great potential in international markets. Read More