alt="Phocuswright Europe 2023: Airline customer experience and distribution developments"  title="Phocuswright Europe 2023: Airline customer experience and distribution developments"
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Phocuswright Europe 2023: Airline customer experience and distribution developments
By PhocusWire | May 23, 2023
Hear from Lufthansa Group and Finnair executives at Phocuswright Europe on topics that include developments since last year, their initiatives towards NDC and away from Edifact and improvements to the... Read More
 alt="AI Insights: Generative AI in travel distribution"  title="AI Insights: Generative AI in travel distribution"
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AI Insights: Generative AI in travel distribution
By PhocusWire | May 17, 2023
Travelport’s chief product and technology officer Tom Kershaw answers our questions about how the company is working with generative artificial intelligence technology.    Read More
 alt="Airlines' NDC plans complicate travel advisor efforts"  title="Airlines' NDC plans complicate travel advisor efforts"
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Airlines' NDC plans complicate travel advisor efforts
By Robert Silk – Travel Weekly | May 3, 2023
Analysts say that the hullabaloo over American is distracting from how airlines’ move to lean heavily on NDC-enabled technology is making flight shopping more difficult for travel advisors. Read More
 alt="Air Canada launches diverse NDC approach to distribution"  title="Air Canada launches diverse NDC approach to distribution"
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Air Canada launches diverse NDC approach to distribution
By Linda Fox | April 19, 2023
The airline's new distribution strategy will enable travel agents to access Air Canada inventory in a number of ways, including building their own connections, partnering with third-party technology... Read More
 alt="airplanes crowded"  title="airplanes crowded"
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Travelport tech chief talks moving the needle on NDC
By Linda Fox | April 19, 2023
Tom Kershaw, chief product and technology officer at Travelport, talks about the current state of NDC, real progress in 2023 and moving the needle on adoption. Read More
 alt="travelport-200m-investment"  title="travelport-200m-investment"
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Travelport raises $200M to fuel growth
By Linda Fox | March 31, 2023
Travelport said the funds will enable it to advance its growth strategy following a strong first quarter and its acquisition of Deem. Read More
 alt="online-travel-revenue-bar-chart-23"  title="online-travel-revenue-bar-chart-23"
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WATCH: Visualization of revenue for digital travel brands through 2022
By PhocusWire | March 23, 2023
From a revenue standpoint, 2022 was an up year for most online travel brands, with many reporting record financial results. Read More
 alt="corporate travel"  title="corporate travel"
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Travelport adds corporate booking technology with acquisition of Deem
By Mitra Sorrells | March 10, 2023
Deem will maintain its existing integrations with other global distribution systems, including Sabre and Amadeus, while Travelport will continue to support third-party booking solutions such as Concur... Read More
 alt="kurt-ekert-ceo-sabre"  title="kurt-ekert-ceo-sabre"
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Sabre CEO Sean Menke hands baton to president Kurt Ekert
By Linda Fox | March 1, 2023
Sabre announced Sean Menke would be relinquishing the CEO role to Kurt Ekert effective April 27. Read More
 alt="airline-revenue-growth"  title="airline-revenue-growth"
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Two ways airlines might increase revenue
By Peer Winter - 777 Travel Tech | January 27, 2023
Airlines need new tactics and thinking beyond their core markets to find new sources of revenue and take advantage of travel demand.  Read More
 alt="sabre-cloud-benefits"  title="sabre-cloud-benefits"
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Sabre CIO on the impact of cloud in travel
By Linda Fox | January 19, 2023
Sabre CIO Joe DiFonzo explains the company's journey to the cloud, moving away from PNRs, next steps for the wider travel industry and more. Read More
 alt="Abbott center stage PCW 22"  title="Abbott center stage PCW 22"
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How travel can advance personalization, standardization
By Kathryn Walson | December 21, 2022
DataArt's Greg Abbott and Travelport's Tom Kershaw discuss the cloud and machine learning during this session from The Phocuswright Conference. Read More
 alt="iata-travalyst-saf"  title="iata-travalyst-saf"
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IATA and Travalyst will align emission calculations
By Mitra Sorrells | December 9, 2022
IATA also says governments must do more to create incentives for the production of sustainable aviation fuel, because airlines are demonstrating the demand exists. Read More
 alt="tripstax-acquires-hotelzon"  title="tripstax-acquires-hotelzon"
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TripStax adds hotel booking capabilities with acquisition of Hotelzon
By Linda Fox | December 5, 2022
The acquisition of Hotelzon is the second this year for TripStax after its purchase of corporate booking startup TapTrip this summer. Read More
 alt="amadeus-outpayce-payments"  title="amadeus-outpayce-payments"
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Amadeus looks to payments opportunity, unveils Outpayce subsidiary
By Linda Fox | November 14, 2022
Amadeus is establishing a separate payments business called Outpayce for its B2B payments as well its merchant services. Read More