alt="weski-roch-ventures"  title="weski-roch-ventures"
News / Startups
Roch Ventures joins TravelPerk and Flixbus founders in WeSki funding
By Linda Fox | March 6, 2023
The size of the investment has not been disclosed, but at launch Roch Ventures said it was targeting roughly 15 companies with its €100 million fund. Read More
 alt="travelperk-greenperk-api"  title="travelperk-greenperk-api"
News / Distribution
TravelPerk launches carbon reduction tool
By Jill Menze | March 2, 2022
TravelPerk’s GreenPerk API gives travel management companies and their customers tools to measure their carbon footprint. Read More
 alt="ramp-launches-travel-product"  title="ramp-launches-travel-product"
News / Online
Corporate spend management startup Ramp launches travel solution
By Michael B. Baker | February 28, 2022
The Ramp for Travel tool lets travel managers set policies for air, travel and lodging and spending limits and receive alerts whenever employees are spending out of policy. Read More
 alt="Tracking travel startup investment trends in 2021"  title="Tracking travel startup investment trends in 2021"
News / Startups
Tracking travel startup investment trends in 2021
By Linda Fox | December 15, 2021
Standout sectors attracting investment in 2021 include alternative accommodation and ground transportation while tours and activities, corporate travel and hotel tech startups are also getting some... Read More
 alt="travelperk-acquires-susterra"  title="travelperk-acquires-susterra"
News / Startups
TravelPerk acquires eco-friendly travel consultancy Susterra
By Linda Fox | September 30, 2021
TravelPerk plans to integrate Susterra's data analytics capabilities into its platform to help customers meet sustainability targets. Read More
 alt="travelperk-click-travel"  title="travelperk-click-travel"
News / Distribution
TravelPerk continues corporate travel roll-up with acquisition of Click Travel
By Linda Fox | July 6, 2021
The acquisition of Click Travel is TravelPerk's third in the past year after Albatross and NexTravel. Read More
 alt="What is corporate travel's sequel post-pandemic?"  title="What is corporate travel's sequel post-pandemic?"
News / Distribution
What is corporate travel's sequel post-pandemic?
By Linda Fox | June 7, 2021
As business travelers look to get back on the road, what will change for better or worse post-pandemic? Read More
 alt="amex-gbt-survey"  title="amex-gbt-survey"
News / Distribution
Corporate travel policies changing as hybrid patterns kick in
By Linda Fox | May 25, 2021
Decision makers in business travel believe remote work could lead to more business travel over time. Read More
 alt="startup-funding-2021"  title="startup-funding-2021"
News / Startups
Signs point north for travel startup funding in 2021
By Linda Fox | May 11, 2021
Travel startups have attracted multiple smaller investments in 2021, as well as one or two sizable ones, demonstrating interest has not faded away in supporting new businesses. Read More
 alt="travelperk-$160M-funding"  title="travelperk-$160M-funding"
News / Startups
TravelPerk bags $160M round as investors back business travel recovery
By Linda Fox | April 29, 2021
TravelPerk says product innovation and further acquisitions are part of the roadmap. Read More
 alt="business-travel-sustainability"  title="business-travel-sustainability"
Opinion / Distribution
Sustainability must be a priority for business travel in 2021
By Avi Meir - TravelPerk | March 2, 2021
Momentum built for thinking about a more sustainable level of corporate travel in the years leading up to 2020 must not stall in 2021. Read More
 alt="TripActions-snags-155-million"  title="TripActions-snags-155-million"
News / Online
TripActions snags additional $155M, valuation now $5B
By Mitra Sorrells | January 21, 2021
TripActions CEO Ariel Cohen says investors came to him toward the end of 2020 due to the company’s “execution in terms of taking market share.”   Read More
 alt="TravelPerk expands U.S. presence with NexTravel acquisition"  title="TravelPerk expands U.S. presence with NexTravel acquisition"
News / Online
TravelPerk expands U.S. presence with NexTravel acquisition
By Jill Menze | January 13, 2021
Barcelona-based travel management platform TravelPerk has acquired business travel platform NexTravel - its second acquisition to date. Read More
 alt="travelperk-api-marketplace"  title="travelperk-api-marketplace"
News / Technology
TravelPerk creates marketplace to offer additional services to corporate travelers
By Linda Fox | September 30, 2020
TravelPerk wants customers and partners to build and integrate new or existing apps within the marketplace, as well as utilize a developer hub for testing technology. Read More
 alt="travelperk-albatross"  title="travelperk-albatross"
News / Distribution
TravelPerk acquires Albatross to boost risk-management capability
By Linda Fox | July 9, 2020
TravelPerk is rounding out its duty of care functionality through its acquisition of Albatross, although the startup will continue to operate as a standalone unit and sell its services to other... Read More