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Wegogo blockchain travel platform
Wegogo aims for fair-share travel platform, alternative to web agency dominance
By Mitra Sorrells | August 14, 2018
In the midst of growth plans, Wegogo is forging ahead with the introduction of blockchain-based tech and the creation of its cryptocurrency known as WeGold. Read More
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quote of the week 33
QOTW: Something about doing business like - and with - locals
By PhocusWire | August 10, 2018
Quote from Max Starkov, president and CEO of HEBS Digital, in an article on PhocusWire this week. Read More
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Why offering local tours and activities is a huge revenue opportunity for hotels
Why offering local tours and activities is a huge revenue opportunity for hotels
By Max Starkov - HEBS Digital | August 9, 2018
Local tours and activities are a multibillion-dollar business, and hoteliers are uniquely positioned to offer experiences and work closely with fellow local business operators. Read More
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tripadvisor experiences refugees
TripAdvisor gives resettled refugees access to free tours and activities
By Jill Menze | July 31, 2018
TripAdvisor is extending free access to its tours and activities inventory to incoming refugees in the United States. Read More
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tripadvisor hospitality sector report
Online reputation, bookings top of mind for travel business owners
By Jill Menze | July 26, 2018
Travel businesses are overwhelmingly concerned about their online reputations, as well as how well they’re equipped to meet a mobile audience, a new study from TripAdvisor shows. Read More
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How AccorHotels uses biometrics to unlock travelers' wants and needs
By Linda Fox | July 24, 2018
Le Club AccorHotels is looking to gain deeper insight on customers through Seeker, an initiative that uses biometrics to track responses and get closer to what travelers want. Read More
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Security series part 1 threat landscape
Unlocking travel security, part 1: The threat landscape
By Mitra Sorrells | May 7, 2018
Equifax, Yahoo, Ebay – all major brands that have been the targets of cyber criminals, with millions of customers impacted in each case.   Read More
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airbnb threat supply
Why Airbnb Experiences are a threat to franchised suppliers - not retailers
By Alex Bainbridge - DestinationCTO | March 9, 2018
Innovation when an industry is watching your every move is hard, especially so when you have to bring hundreds of partners with you so have to disclose what you are doing outside of your own business. Read More
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Blockchain cross border payments
Decoding blockchain, part 4: Cross-border payments
By Mitra Sorrells | February 26, 2018
Most of the headlines about blockchain have been about the implications of this emerging technology on the financial sector – the potential for it to change banking, share trading, insurance, payments... Read More
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TUI Group blockchain development 2
Q&A: Trust, truth and transparency at the heart of TUI Group’s blockchain work
By Mitra Sorrells | February 21, 2018
TUI Group was one of the first travel brands to make headlines for its adoption of blockchain.   Read More
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Battling external forces: How a startup competes in the tours market
Battling external forces: How a startup competes in the tours market
By Jill Menze | February 14, 2018
The travel industry has yet to see a clear frontrunner emerge in the tours and attractions space. Be it for lack of the right idea or the right distribution model - or, most likely, both - no major or... Read More
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Travel ledger blockchain billing
Travel tech entrepreneur launches blockchain system for non-airline services
By Mitra Sorrells | February 12, 2018
A new blockchain-based travel billing and settlement platform is in the works.    Read More
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expedia tours attractions business
Expedia plots new push on attractions without "same old playbook"
By Jill Menze | January 29, 2018
“We’re at a precipice for change,” Expedia Local Expert vice president Jen O’Twomney observes about the current state of the tours and attractions market. Read More
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TUI Group, Utrip unleash AI-driven travel planning platform
TUI Group, Utrip unleash AI-driven travel planning platform
By Jill Menze | January 23, 2018
TUI Group has tapped digital travel discovery platform Utrip to help personalize the traveler planning experience through artificial intelligence. Read More
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Solo travel search tool
New search tool curates packages, pricing for solo travelers
By Mitra Sorrells | January 19, 2018
 Aiming to eliminate the aggravation of too many search results, a new patent-pending software is designed to help solo travelers find what they are looking for quickly and easily.   Read More
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