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Influencers and social commerce in travel
By Robert Cole - Phocuswright | March 17, 2023
An in-depth Phocuswright report looks at how social marketing has evolved, how consumers interact with brands and nuanced differences for travel. Read More
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Interview / Startups
STARTUP STAGE: Tripshifu connects experienced travelers with those seeking advice
By Kathryn Walson | September 26, 2022
The co-founders realized that people have the best travel experiences when they take recommendations from people in their social circle.  Read More
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News / Technology
Singapore hospitality company opens hotel in metaverse
By Mitra Sorrells | April 28, 2022
Beginning May 5 users can “step inside” the hotel - M Social Decentraland - with their avatars to explore the property. Read More
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Interview / Online
In The Big Chair - Gary Morrison of Hostelworld
By Linda Fox | April 26, 2022
Gary Morrison became CEO of Hostelworld in late 2018, joining from Expedia where he was head of retail. Read More
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Interview / Startups
STARTUP STAGE: Cray is a social-selling video app for travel
By Mitra Sorrells | March 8, 2022
Founded in June 2021, Cray pays a commission to video creators when a booking is made through their content. Read More
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OYO, Hopper bet on gamification to drive user retention
By Mitra Sorrells | March 7, 2022
OYO and Hopper are leading the way but expect to see more brands using both game theory and actual games in their mobile apps. Read More
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Hosco cooks up a €3.4M round for hospitality network
By Linda Fox | February 22, 2022
The hospitality recruitment platform is planning further expansion following the latest injection of capital. Read More
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Interview / Startups
STARTUP STAGE: Travogram lets travelers book, share and monetize trips
By Mitra Sorrells | February 4, 2022
Travogram provides itineraries and tips from travelers that are linked with booking options. Read More
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News / Technology
South Korea’s Yanolja looks to Tesla to expand hospitality market
By Yeoh Siew Hoon - WiT | January 26, 2022
By digitizing and connecting spaces and testing NFT and metaverse technologies, Yanolja wants to expand the travel and hospitality market to $3,000 billion. Read More
 alt="Sounding Off: Buzzwords “metaverse” and “NFTs” may be all buzz in travel"  title="Sounding Off: Buzzwords “metaverse” and “NFTs” may be all buzz in travel"
Interview / Technology
Sounding Off: Buzzwords “metaverse” and “NFTs” may be all buzz in travel
By PhocusWire | January 21, 2022
Applications of metaverse and NFT technologies in travel are vague at best. Read More
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Opinion / Online
Hello? Is anybody there? Travel companies are often ignoring customers
By Can Ozdoruk - Netomi | June 2, 2021
A new report from Netomi finds travel companies are failing to meet the demands of the modern traveler and are at risk of losing revenue and loyalty as a result.  Read More
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Interview / Startups
STARTUP STAGE: NaviSavi is an app for sharing short-form travel videos
By Mitra Sorrells | June 1, 2021
Founded in June 2019, NaviSavi is an app for individuals and businesses to share videos of 30 seconds or less about a destination or experience. Read More
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Travello lands $5M investment round to grow travel social network
By Linda Fox | May 31, 2021
Travello, a travel social network, plans to put its latest funding towards further growth and taking advantage of pent-up demand from millennials. Read More
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Travel tech startup Pluto raises second crowdfund, receives B Corp certification
By Mitra Sorrells | May 13, 2021
London-based Pluto has raised £200,000 on Seedrs and has been recognized for its social and environmental standards.   Read More
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VIDEO: What's next for travel influencers?
By PhocusWire | May 12, 2021
Speaking during PhocusWire Pulse: A New Age For Social Media, Travel Mindset’s Jade Broadus discussed how influencers fit into travel marketing strategies as travel resumes. Read More