Revenue Management

 alt='Volantio funding round'  Title='Volantio funding round'
News / Startups
Volantio closes $6M Series A round for flight optimization tech
By Kathryn Walson | September 30, 2022
Alaska Airlines, one of Volantio's longtime customers, participated in the round. Read More
 alt='Fetcherr partners with Azul Airlines to pilot pricing optimization system'  Title='Fetcherr partners with Azul Airlines to pilot pricing optimization system'
News / Startups
Fetcherr partners with Azul Airlines to pilot pricing optimization system
By Jill Menze | September 29, 2022
Since incorporating Fetcherr’s technologies into its existing revenue management processes, Azul Airlines says it has already seen improved revenue performance and optimized workflows. Read More
 alt='wbhotels-india'  Title='wbhotels-india'
News / Online
India's WB Hotels plots expansion following new investment
By Linda Fox | September 28, 2022
The India-based group, which describes itself as tech-led, says the funds are from existing investors. Read More
 alt='CarTrawler image main'  Title='CarTrawler image main'
News / Online
Ancillary sales drive pandemic recovery for many airlines
By Kathryn Walson | September 27, 2022
Ancillary revenue accounted for more than half of 2021 revenue at four airlines: Wizz Air, Frontier, Spirit and Allegiant. Read More
 alt='FLYR acquisition main'  Title='FLYR acquisition main'
News / Online
Flyr Labs brings revenue management tools to hotels with Pace Revenue acquisition
By Kathryn Walson | September 21, 2022
The acquisition is Flyr Labs' second in the past week and sixth in the past year. Read More
 alt='guesty-yieldplanet-new-hub'  Title='guesty-yieldplanet-new-hub'
News / Distribution
Guesty expands hotel offerings with acquisition of YieldPlanet
By Mitra Sorrells | September 14, 2022
Guesty is also launching a new Distribution Hub that adds direct connections with Hopper,, Marriott Homes & Villas and Google’s hotel and vacation rental search products. Read More
 alt='acquisition main 1'  Title='acquisition main 1'
News / Distribution
Flyr Labs acquires Pribas to enable airline retailing capabilities
By Kathryn Walson | September 14, 2022
The acquisition is Flyr Labs' fifth in the past year. Read More
 alt='roukas-abs-opinion-header'  Title='roukas-abs-opinion-header'
News / Distribution
An early look at new attribute-based shopping for hotels
By George Roukas - Hudson Crossing | September 14, 2022
Data from properties using a new attribute-based shopping system indicates a significant portion of consumers will buy through it. Read More
 alt='Acquisition'  Title='Acquisition'
News / Online
HotelOnline acquires HotelPlus to accelerate expansion across Africa
By Kathryn Walson | September 12, 2022
Prior to the deal, HotelOnline was valued at $24 million. Read More
 alt='Vouch launches pre-arrival platform for hotels to earn revenue via upselling'  Title='Vouch launches pre-arrival platform for hotels to earn revenue via upselling'
News / Technology
Vouch launches pre-arrival platform for hotels to earn revenue via upselling
By Kathryn Walson | August 31, 2022
Hotels maintain full control of pricing and inventory on offerings, including room upgrades, spa packages and third-party ancillary services. Read More
 alt='shiji-whitepaper-hotel-tech-stack'  Title='shiji-whitepaper-hotel-tech-stack'
From Our Partners / Technology
Report: Enabling a digital experience with a guest-centric hotel tech stack
By Cristina Polo | August 29, 2022
Today, a PMS should not only dictate hotel operations processes but also support a guest-centric approach. Read More
 alt='Celitech raises $1.2M to expand eSIM service coverage areas'  Title='Celitech raises $1.2M to expand eSIM service coverage areas'
News / Online
Celitech raises $1.2M to expand eSIM service coverage areas
By Kathryn Walson | August 29, 2022
Founded in 2018, Celitech’s proprietary API enables travel businesses to offer co-branded eSIM service that can be bundled with other products. Read More
 alt='uber partnership'  Title='uber partnership'
News / Online
Uber partners with Rokt to surface offers to customers at checkout
By Kathryn Walson | August 24, 2022
The partnership will initially launch with Uber Eats. Read More
 alt='siteminder acquisition'  Title='siteminder acquisition'
News / Online
SiteMinder acquires GuestJoy to expand hotel commerce platform
By Kathryn Walson | August 23, 2022
A SiteMinder partner since 2017, GuestJoy will be fully integrated into the SiteMinder hotel commerce platform following the completion of the acquisition. Read More
 alt='recession-proof-hotel-websites'  Title='recession-proof-hotel-websites'
Opinion / Online
Five steps for hotels to recession-proof their websites
By Michael J. Goldrich - The Hotels Network | August 23, 2022
Despite a strong summer, a recession is looming, and hoteliers should prepare their direct channels now. Read More