alt="connected trip"  title="connected trip"
News / Online
When will travel agencies deliver the “Connected Trip”?
By Christian Watts - Magpie | March 6, 2023
Will it be Booking.com, Expedia or an AI startup that finally develops an app that helps you from the start of booking a trip until you get home again?... Read More
 alt="travel-insurance-digital-transformation"  title="travel-insurance-digital-transformation"
Opinion / Online
How digital transformation is shaping travel insurance
By Sasha Gainullin - Battleface | March 3, 2023
Technology changed how we book and pay for travel, and now digital transformation is set to remove payment friction and alter the entire insurance process.... Read More
 alt="evtol vertical taxis"  title="evtol vertical taxis"
Opinion / Online
Could flying taxis leave hotels up in the air?
By Alex Barros - BEONx | February 14, 2023
Hoteliers take note: The advent of eVTOL could mean dozens of points of departure and arrival in a city instead of just one major airport.... Read More
 alt="travel Santorini"  title="travel Santorini"
Opinion / Online
January bookings indicate growing traveler confidence for 2023
By Melanie Brown - Key Data | February 13, 2023
Vacation rental bookings made in the first three weeks of January saw a dramatic increase compared with 2022. ... Read More
 alt="travel searching with map"  title="travel searching with map"
Opinion / Online
From AI to Google: 5 truths for travel marketers in 2023
By Jared Alster - Dune7 | February 8, 2023
Generative AI can be a friend - or a foe - and don't look for Google to be unseated as the top search engine for travelers.... Read More
 alt="mirai-hotel-direct-op-ed"  title="mirai-hotel-direct-op-ed"
Opinion / Distribution
How much are hotels losing by not controlling prices?
By Pablo Sánchez - Mirai | February 3, 2023
Analysis by Mirai finds that hotels that reduce disparities and improve pricing compared to OTAs almost automatically get more impressions, clicks and direct bookings.  ... Read More
 alt="The power - and limitations - of ChatGPT for travel"  title="The power - and limitations - of ChatGPT for travel"
Opinion / Technology
The power - and limitations - of ChatGPT for travel
By Lennart Dobravsky - Lufthansa Innovation Hub | January 30, 2023
Lufthansa Innovation Hub takes a deeper dive into ChatGPT and the opportunities it may present for the travel industry.... Read More
 alt="airline-revenue-growth"  title="airline-revenue-growth"
Opinion / Distribution
Two ways airlines might increase revenue
By Peer Winter - 777 Travel Tech | January 27, 2023
Airlines need new tactics and thinking beyond their core markets to find new sources of revenue and take advantage of travel demand. ... Read More
 alt="tech-innovation-2022"  title="tech-innovation-2022"
Opinion / Technology
Highs and lows of tech innovation in 2022
By Chris Carmichael - TUI Musement | January 26, 2023
Did the hype in the past 12 months surrounding emerging technologies such as metaverse, NFTs and AI mask their real opportunity?... Read More
 alt="davos-world-economic-forum-23"  title="davos-world-economic-forum-23"
Opinion / Online
Davos and the travel industry: 5 takeaways
By Jeffrey Katz - Journera | January 24, 2023
Journera CEO Jeffrey Katz shares the travel-related topics and trends from the World Economic Forum's Davos event.... Read More
 alt="first-party-data-personalization"  title="first-party-data-personalization"
Opinion / Online
How travel brands can activate first-party data
By Dave Goulden - Sojern | January 23, 2023
Travel companies need to prepare for cookies going away and learn to use first-party data in sophisticated ways to create a personalized customer experience.... Read More
 alt="Ticketing attractions op-ed 3"  title="Ticketing attractions op-ed 3"
Opinion / Online
Why travel and experience providers need to take note of the Ticketmaster crisis
By Frank Belzer - Icon Park | January 13, 2023
The age of paper tickets had its limitations, but in many ways, it was not much worse for the consumer. In the digital age, we hoped to eliminate waiting in long lines, price gouging and fraud, so why hasn’t more progress been made?... Read More
 alt="CES-traveler-experience"  title="CES-traveler-experience"
Opinion / Technology
CES throws spotlight on tech to improve the traveler experience
By Arnie Weissmann - Travel Weekly | January 13, 2023
The recent Consumer Electronics Event attracted 114,000 attendees and included more of a focus on travel and travel technology than in previous years.... Read More
 alt="airbnb-otas-loyalty"  title="airbnb-otas-loyalty"
Opinion / Online
Tracking the loyalty strategies of online travel giants
By Mario Gavira | January 11, 2023
While Expedia, Booking.com and Hopper are betting on financial rewards to boost loyalty, Airbnb is focused on driving retention through love.... Read More
 alt="opinion: sell when on top"  title="opinion: sell when on top"
Opinion / Online
Learnings from RateGain's acquisition of Adara
By Matt Zito - TSI | January 9, 2023
 The managing partner of TSI, a company that helps travel CEOs build sellable companies and achieve successful exits, explores what can be learned from the acquisition.... Read More