alt='IDS-Next-shawman'  Title='IDS-Next-shawman'
News / Technology
IDS Next acquires Shawman Software in hospitality tech roll-up
By Linda Fox | May 24, 2022
IDS Next says the acquisition enables it to speed up the move to “full-stack enterprise cloud solutions” for hotel groups and chains. Read More
 alt='sensible4-eib-loan'  Title='sensible4-eib-loan'
News / Startups
Sensible 4 lands EU loan for autonomous tech push
By Linda Fox | May 23, 2022
The Finnish company has developed autonomous driving software that works under challenging weather conditions. Read More
 alt='surf-air-ipo-spac'  Title='surf-air-ipo-spac'
News / Technology
Surf Air Mobility takes SPAC route to market
By Linda Fox | May 19, 2022
Surf Air mobility will also acquire Southern Airways Corporation, with the deal expected to complete at the same time as the proposed merger. Read More
 alt='Despegar posts second quarter of profitability as demand recovers'  Title='Despegar posts second quarter of profitability as demand recovers'
News / Online
Despegar posts second quarter of profitability as demand recovers
By Jill Menze | May 19, 2022
The Latin American online travel company reports adjusted EBITDA of $12.3 million for the period ending March 31, 2022. Read More
 alt='bobw-acquires-estonishing-stay'  Title='bobw-acquires-estonishing-stay'
News / Online
Bob W begins M&A ramp up, acquires Estonishing Stay
By Linda Fox | May 18, 2022
Estonia-based Estonishing Stay, which launched in 2019, adds to Bob W’s existing portfolio of rentals across Europe. Read More
 alt='phocuswright-europe-22-investors'  Title='phocuswright-europe-22-investors'
News / Online
Phocuswright Europe 2022: The inside scoop from investors
By PhocusWire | May 18, 2022
At Phocuswright Europe, three of the industry’s leading investment professionals will discuss the current and future outlook for travel funding. Read More
 alt='optibus-100m'  Title='optibus-100m'
News / Technology
Mass transit software provider Optibus raises $100M at $1.3B valuation
By Jill Menze | May 17, 2022
Tel Aviv-based Optibus claims it’s the first “unicorn” dedicated to the public transportation sector. Read More
 alt='Members-only home-swap network Kindred lands $7.75M'  Title='Members-only home-swap network Kindred lands $7.75M'
News / Startups
Members-only home-swap network Kindred lands $7.75M
By Jill Menze | May 13, 2022
Founded in 2021, Kindred helps homeowners and renters take advantage of work-from-anywhere flexibility. Read More
 alt='getaround-spac-ipo'  Title='getaround-spac-ipo'
News / Online
Getaround plans public listing via SPAC
By Linda Fox | May 13, 2022
The company has agreed to merge with InterPrivate II Acquisition Corp with a value of $1.2 billion for the combined entity. Read More
 alt='rydoo-sells-travel-cds-groupe'  Title='rydoo-sells-travel-cds-groupe'
News / Technology
Rydoo sells business travel platform to CDS Groupe
By Mitra Sorrells | May 12, 2022
CDS Groupe says it wants to become Europe’s leader in hotel reservation solutions for business travel. Read More
 alt='faye-8-million-funding'  Title='faye-8-million-funding'
News / Startups
Faye collects $8M in funding for its travel insurance app
By Jill Menze | May 11, 2022
Built amid the pandemic and launched earlier this year, Faye allows travelers to file claims and receive reimbursement via its app. Read More
 alt='bookaway-funding-seriesC'  Title='bookaway-funding-seriesC'
News / Startups
Bookaway revs up with $35M in Series C funding
By Linda Fox | May 10, 2022
The company, whose brands include 12Go, GetByBus and Plataforma 10, has now raised a total of $80 million.   Read More
 alt='intrepid-invests-cabn'  Title='intrepid-invests-cabn'
News / Online
Intrepid Travel funnels $7.85M into Australian eco-friendly cabin provider
By Jill Menze | May 10, 2022
With the investment, off-grid accommodations provider CABN plans to grow from 11 sustainable cabins to more than 70 across the country. Read More
 alt='Sabre acquires Nuvola to enrich hospitality retailing solutions'  Title='Sabre acquires Nuvola to enrich hospitality retailing solutions'
News / Distribution
Sabre acquires Nuvola to enrich hospitality retailing solutions
By Jill Menze | May 9, 2022
With Nuvola, Sabre aims to tackle the on-property fulfillment challenges that arise for hoteliers offering a wide range of ancillaries and attributes. Read More
 alt='777partners-acquires-aerocrs-worldticket'  Title='777partners-acquires-aerocrs-worldticket'
News / Technology
777 Partners acquires AeroCRS and WorldTicket
By Mitra Sorrells | May 5, 2022
The firm says it will form a new travel group to offer a suite of products to airlines and travel companies for retailing, distribution, interlining and passenger connectivity. Read More