In The Big Chair LIVE - Henrik Kjellberg of Awaze
In The Big Chair LIVE - Henrik Kjellberg of Awaze
By Linda Fox | December 12, 2019
The CEO of the European vacation rental provider, who spent 16 years beforehand at various brands in Expedia Group, joins us in the PhocusWire Studio. Read More
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In The Big Chair LIVE - Jeffrey Glueck of Foursquare
By Linda Fox | December 10, 2019
Foursquare CEO Jeffrey Glueck talks to PhocusWire for a Big Chair LIVE interview during The Phocuswright Conference 2019. Read More
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In The Big Chair - Darrin Grafton of Serko
By Mitra Sorrells | November 29, 2019
The Serko co-founder and CEO shares how the company is building a platform to consolidate every aspect of business travel and manage the entire journey. Read More
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ceo interview amtrav jeff klee main
In The Big Chair - Jeff Klee of AmTrav
By Mitra Sorrells | November 5, 2019
Jeff Klee, co-founder and CEO of travel management company AmTrav, discusses problems with flight distribution, the state of NDC, Google's role in travel and more. Read More
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In The Big Chair - Amit Saberwal of RedDoorz
By Linda Fox | October 28, 2019
RedDoorz was founded five years ago and has raised $115 million in 2019. Expansion to new markets is part of the strategy, as is technology development. Read More
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In The Big Chair - Ross Veitch of Wego
By Mitra Sorrells | October 22, 2019
Ross Veitch is CEO of Wego, the travel marketplace he co-founded with Craig Hewett in 2005 in Singapore. Read More
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In The Big Chair - Rolf Purzer of ATPCO
In The Big Chair - Rolf Purzer of ATPCO
By Mitra Sorrells | October 3, 2019
Rolf Purzer has been with ATPCO 22 years, serving as CEO since 2017. Read More
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In The Big Chair - Keith Tan of the Singapore Tourism Board
By Linda Fox | September 26, 2019
Tan joined the Singapore Tourism Board midway through its 2016-2020 travel marketing strategy, which focuses on stories, fans and channels.  Read More
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CEO interview TripActions Ariel Cohen headshot
In The Big Chair - Ariel Cohen of TripActions
By Mitra Sorrells | August 29, 2019
TripActions is only four years old, but the company is definitely playing in the big leagues, valued at more than $4 billion on more than $450 million in funding in the last 18 months and making moves... Read More
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In The Big Chair - Kurt Ekert of CWT
By Linda Fox | August 27, 2019
Kurt Ekert took the reins of CWT in April 2016. He has spent many years in the travel technology and distribution industry including a number of senior roles at Travelport. Read More
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In The Big Chair - Jan Gerlach of Peakwork
By Linda Fox | August 21, 2019
Peakwork was founded in 2009 and provides software to connect supply from airlines, bedbank and other travel companies with online and off distributors. Read More
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In the Big Chair - Dan Ruch of Rocketrip
By Linda Fox | August 7, 2019
Before creating Rocketrip, Ruch was entrepreneur-in-residence at Genacast Ventures for 12 months. He also had a four-year stint at Tremor Video and was a director at AOL. Read More
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In The Big Chair - Philipp Mintchin of Splyt
In The Big Chair - Philipp Mintchin of Splyt
By Linda Fox | July 17, 2019
Splyt began in London in 2015 as a competitor to Uber, but following regulatory roadblocks, it pivoted to the B2B service it offers today. Read More
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In The Big Chair - Damian Scokin of Despegar
By Linda Fox | July 11, 2019
Despegar was created in 1999 as one of Latin America's first online travel agencies. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the company raised just $31 million before going public in 2017. Read More
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In The Big Chair LIVE - Gloria Guevara of WTTC
In The Big Chair LIVE - Gloria Guevara of WTTC
By Mitra Sorrells | July 5, 2019
The former-Sabre executive and minister of tourism in Mexico has been president and CEO of the WTTC since 2017. Read More
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