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In the green room at Phocuswright with... Matt Curtis
By PhocusWire | October 23, 2018
As founder of Smart City Policy Group which he set up a year ago, Curtis works with governments and companies to formulate regulations for emerging technology and the sharing economy.  Read More
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Metasearch part 3 multimodal
The metasearch model, part 3: The complexity of multimodal
By Mitra Sorrells | October 22, 2018
This sector, what is known as multimodal metasearch, is the topic of this third piece in our series on metasearch.   Read More
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Phocuswright Conference 2018 preview Rajesh Magow
In the green room at Phocuswright with... Rajesh Magow
By PhocusWire | October 2, 2018
With responsibility for MakeMyTrip’s business strategy and operational leadership in India, Magow has helped the company become a leader in the country’s online travel industry, with more than $4... Read More
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WEBINAR ALERT! Best practices for engaging employees when traveling
WEBINAR ALERT! Best practices for engaging employees when traveling
By PhocusWire | September 27, 2018
Reaching employees is difficult. On average, employees receive close to 300 messages per day, plus the time spent on social media. Read More
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Ctrip Splyt ride hailing partnership
Ctrip adds Splyt’s global ride-hailing to its mobile app
By Mitra Sorrells | September 27, 2018
Ctrip customers can now use the online travel agency’s app to book transportation in more than 1,000 cities around the world. Read More
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Ride-sharing service Shohoz looks to further on-demand services after $15M investment
By Linda Fox | September 26, 2018
With funding of $15 million, Bangladesh-based Shohoz is looking to extend beyond ground transportation services. Read More
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VIDEO: Behold a next-gen in-destination, tech-enhanced experience
VIDEO: Behold a next-gen in-destination, tech-enhanced experience
By Kevin May | September 26, 2018
Sightseeing buses in major cities around the world have changed very little over the years - it's a simple product with well-defined parameters. Read More
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CEO interview Make My Trip Deep Kalra
In The Big Chair - Deep Kalra of MakeMyTrip
By Mitra Sorrells | September 25, 2018
Deep Kalra founded MakeMyTrip in 2000 in the United States to help the country’s Indian community manage its travel to and from India. It started operations within India in 2005 and now offers flights,... Read More
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Ground transportation on the cusp of another revolution
Ground transportation on the cusp of another revolution
By PhocusWire | September 21, 2018
Ground transportation of the road variety in the travel industry was once dominated by car rental and highly regulated taxi services. Read More
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Startup Stage FlyGRN
Startup Stage: FlyGRN combines flight booking with automatic carbon offsetting
By Mitra Sorrells | September 21, 2018
FlyGRN uses a portion of the commission it receives for flight bookings to support carbon offsetting projects, such as a solar panel initiative in India that displaces fossil fuels. Travelers receive a... Read More
Interview | Startups ODX blockchain internet marketplace will give data to consumers in emerging markets to access its site
By Mitra Sorrells | September 20, 2018 has signed on to try a new blockchain-based data marketplace aimed at helping brands connect with users in emerging markets.   Read More
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Trainline voice app Twitter alerts
Trainline's voice app uses Twitter data to communicate rail disruptions
By Mitra Sorrells | September 13, 2018
Train operators are the first to know about service disruptions, and now independent ticket retailer Trainline is tapping into that knowledge to keep commuters better informed.   Read More
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Offline part 2 agency technology
Back in the offline world, part 2: Travel agency technology
By Mitra Sorrells | September 10, 2018
For part two in this month’s series on the offline travel market, we look at the technology that is supporting the work of traditional agents and how it has evolved over the years.   Read More
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Lyft Taxify launch e-scooter rentals
Ride-hailing companies Lyft, Taxify launch e-scooter rental
By Mitra Sorrells | September 6, 2018
Two of the worlds largest on-demand transportation companies are getting into the e-scooter business.   Read More
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Toyota invests $500M in Uber as part of deal to develop driverless cars
Toyota invests $500M in Uber as part of deal to develop driverless cars
By Mitra Sorrells | August 28, 2018
Toyota and Uber will work together to develop self-driving cars, and the agreement comes with a $500 million investment in Uber by the Japanese automaker. Read More
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