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 alt="chatgpt laptop"  title="chatgpt laptop"
News / Technology
ChatGPT: A chatty dozen of travel tools and services
By Derek Catron | April 18, 2023
Travel companies are using ChatGPT for everything from personalized itinerary recommendations to social media marketing and 24/7 customer support.   Read More
 alt="sustainable travel"  title="sustainable travel"
News / Online
Consumers see costs as barrier to sustainable travel
By Kathryn Walson | April 17, 2023
While several travel organizations and brands say they are trying to help people choose greener travel, challenges include cost and helping consumers identify more sustainable options. Read More
 alt="airbnb op-ed"  title="airbnb op-ed"
Opinion / Online
Is Airbnb hurt by its treatment of property managers?
By Steve Milo - Vtrips | April 14, 2023
Airbnb stock dropped recently after a report that many hosts are marking up prices on its website to encourage guests to book direct and save money. Read More
 alt="CEO Spotlight - Kenneth Purcell of iSeatz"  title="CEO Spotlight - Kenneth Purcell of iSeatz"
Interview / Online
CEO Spotlight - Kenneth Purcell of iSeatz
By Kathryn Walson | April 13, 2023
Kenneth Purcell founded iSeatz to automate the restaurant reservation process for hotel guests, and it has since expanded to connect hospitality, airline and financial services brands with a wide... Read More
 alt="American Airlines op-ed"  title="American Airlines op-ed"
Opinion / Technology
Taking the long view of American Airlines’ NDC strategy
By Jeff Klee - AmTrav | April 12, 2023
Although its recent actions have left many wondering if American Airlines is trying to kill third-party distribution, it is the ultimate of ironies that its NDC strategy might just be what saves it. Read More
 alt="airline-summer-chaos"  title="airline-summer-chaos"
News / Technology
Airlines brace for summer chaos as wider tech issues remain
By Linda Fox | April 11, 2023
Schiphol Airport is capping its passenger numbers at 66,000 per day in May while Lufthansa said in February that it was reducing its 2023 summer schedule by 34,000 flights. Read More
 alt="Sustainable aviation fuel"  title="Sustainable aviation fuel"
News / Online
Aviation industry invests in SAF to reach climate targets
By Kathryn Walson | April 10, 2023
With development of hydrogen- and electric-powered planes for long-haul flights too far off, airlines look to investments in sustainable aviation fuel to help meet carbon emissions goals. Read More
 alt="Sustainable Travel Kayak"  title="Sustainable Travel Kayak"
News / Online
New efforts emerge to inform consumers about sustainable travel
By Kathryn Walson | April 7, 2023
Kayak, the U.S. Travel Association and the Global Hotel Alliance are among the brands and organizations aiming to help people choose greener destinations and properties. Read More
 alt="ChatGPT with phone"  title="ChatGPT with phone"
Opinion / Technology
ChatGPT means radically improved travel sales conversion
By Terry Jones | April 7, 2023
Travelocity founder Terry Jones says his past work creating Wayblazer makes him confident ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI will permanently disrupt the user interface in travel. Read More
 alt="ben-drew-viator-growth"  title="ben-drew-viator-growth"
News / Online
Viator's Ben Drew on further growth, educating consumers
By Linda Fox | April 6, 2023
Viator president Ben Drew attributes its recent growth to “changing almost everything about the business” in the past three years. Read More
 alt="Sustainability STRs_Bob Garner_Opinion"  title="Sustainability STRs_Bob Garner_Opinion"
Opinion / Online
Travel needs more leadership to fight climate change
By Bob Garner - EnviroRental | April 5, 2023
The short-term rental industry must own its share of the responsibility for reducing emissions, writes Bob Garner, CEO and founder of EnviroRental. Read More
 alt="Expedia adds ChatGPT for travel planning in iOS app"  title="Expedia adds ChatGPT for travel planning in iOS app"
News / Technology
Expedia adds ChatGPT for travel planning in iOS app
By Mitra Sorrells | April 4, 2023
While the integration of ChatGPT has happened in a matter of weeks, CEO Peter Kern says it has been done very carefully, with controls in place to ensure the interactions relate only to travel and are... Read More
 alt="Google new tools"  title="Google new tools"
News / Online
Google redesigns hotel browsing on mobile
By Derek Catron | April 3, 2023
Google also confirmed PhocusWire reports of a pilot program in which it is offering to give consumers a refund on flights if the airfare purchased drops before departure.     Read More
 alt="Disney World"  title="Disney World"
Opinion / Online
Should everyone jump on the dynamic pricing bandwagon?
By Frank Belzer – ICON Park | March 31, 2023
While Disney has launched one of the most complex dynamic pricing systems, these can create unintended consequences for companies that don’t plan carefully.   Read More
 alt="ZaNiheza team"  title="ZaNiheza team"
Interview / Online
Chasing a dream to digitalize immersive travel in Africa
By Derek Catron | March 30, 2023
Charles Shima’s ZaNiheza is building a digital mall for immersive experiences in Africa and beyond.   Read More