alt='sita-2022-airline-it-trends'  title='sita-2022-airline-it-trends'
News / Technology
Airlines plan tech investment boost to drive efficiency
By Linda Fox | January 31, 2023
The latest SITA report on aviation technology reveals investment priorities including cybersecurity initiatives and cloud services. Read More
 alt='Sonder security breach 2'  title='Sonder security breach 2'
News / Online
Sonder guest reservation system hit by security breach
By Kathryn Walson | November 23, 2022
The company says it remains fully operational and the investigation into the incident is ongoing. Read More
 alt='pcw-cybersecurity'  title='pcw-cybersecurity'
News / Technology
4 clear objectives to assess cybersecurity threats and performance
By Phocuswright Research | November 21, 2022
Cybersecurity is an issue for every company’s management, board, employees, customers and business partners, and the essential issue boils down to balancing greater security with usability. Read More
 alt='four-scenarios-for-travel'  title='four-scenarios-for-travel'
Opinion / Technology
Four scenarios for the future of travel
By Wolfgang Krips - Amadeus | October 4, 2022
Amadeus presents four potential macroeconomic scenarios and what they might mean for the travel industry going forward. Read More
 alt='Cybersecurity main'  title='Cybersecurity main'
News / Technology
The new ways cybercriminals are attacking travel companies
By Kathryn Walson | October 3, 2022
Credit cards, reward programs and even the metaverse are potential vulnerabilities for travel companies. Read More
 alt='perimeter-x-cyberattacks'  title='perimeter-x-cyberattacks'
News / Technology
Travel is back - and so are the hackers
By Robert Kusters - PerimeterX | July 29, 2022
An uptick in nefarious activity is exposing new avenues for scammers to carry out attacks - but travel and hospitality companies can be proactive. Read More
 alt='Cleartrip confirms data breach of internal systems'  title='Cleartrip confirms data breach of internal systems'
News / Online
Cleartrip confirms data breach of internal systems
By Jill Menze | July 19, 2022
The Indian OTA says it is “currently investigating the matter along with a leading external forensics partner.” Read More
 alt='marriott-data-breach'  title='marriott-data-breach'
News / Online
Marriott hit by another data breach
By Linda Fox | July 7, 2022
The attack, which used social engineering to gain access to an employee's computer, did not affect core systems. Read More
 alt='visa-opinion-digital-payments'  title='visa-opinion-digital-payments'
Opinion / Technology
How digital payments can help travel rebound
By Jeni Mundy - Visa | June 22, 2022
Digital innovation in payments can give travel companies an advantage in this highly competitive market. Read More
 alt='cyberattacks-up-travelers-travel-companies'  title='cyberattacks-up-travelers-travel-companies'
News / Technology
Cyberattacks up for travel companies, consumers
By Mitra Sorrells | June 9, 2022
 As more consumers return to travel, cyber criminals are also upping their activity.   Read More
 alt='wttc-cyber-security'  title='wttc-cyber-security'
News / Online
WTTC highlights need to prioritize cyber security
By Linda Fox | April 25, 2022
The World Travel & Tourism Council’s Codes To Resilience Report, launched in partnership with Microsoft, focuses on cyber crime protection and best practices. Read More
 alt='globaldots-opinion-bots'  title='globaldots-opinion-bots'
News / Online
Everyone hates bots, but the travel industry needs them
By Dr. Eduardo Rocha - GlobalDots | April 5, 2022
A security expert’s take on how travel and bots can peacefully coexist.   Read More
 alt='Sounding Off: Collaboration is key to enabling decentralized tech'  title='Sounding Off: Collaboration is key to enabling decentralized tech'
Interview / Technology
Sounding Off: Collaboration is key to enabling decentralized tech
By PhocusWire | January 28, 2022
It's a tremendous leap to consider, but that spirit of teamwork during the pandemic could be the framework that all of those with a vested interest will use to move things forward. Read More
 alt='affinidi-qanda-verifiable-credentials'  title='affinidi-qanda-verifiable-credentials'
News / Technology
Q&A: Why - and how - travel brands should embrace verifiable ID
By Mitra Sorrells | January 26, 2022
Affinidi's director of travel says there will be opportunities for travel operators and intermediaries that can accept they do not "own" the customer. Read More
 alt='sounding-off-144-ssi-pcw'  title='sounding-off-144-ssi-pcw'
Interview / Technology
Sounding Off: A major - and overdue - power shift is coming to travel
By PhocusWire | January 14, 2022
Self-sovereign decentralized identity solutions are coming to travel and will give consumers much-needed control over their personal data. Read More