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WTTC highlights need to prioritize cyber security
By Linda Fox | April 25, 2022
The World Travel & Tourism Council’s Codes To Resilience Report, launched in partnership with Microsoft, focuses on cyber crime protection and best practices. Read More
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Everyone hates bots, but the travel industry needs them
By Dr. Eduardo Rocha - GlobalDots | April 5, 2022
A security expert’s take on how travel and bots can peacefully coexist.   Read More
 alt='Sounding Off: Collaboration is key to enabling decentralized tech'  Title='Sounding Off: Collaboration is key to enabling decentralized tech'
Interview / Technology
Sounding Off: Collaboration is key to enabling decentralized tech
By PhocusWire | January 28, 2022
It's a tremendous leap to consider, but that spirit of teamwork during the pandemic could be the framework that all of those with a vested interest will use to move things forward. Read More
 alt='affinidi-qanda-verifiable-credentials'  Title='affinidi-qanda-verifiable-credentials'
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Q&A: Why - and how - travel brands should embrace verifiable ID
By Mitra Sorrells | January 26, 2022
Affinidi's director of travel says there will be opportunities for travel operators and intermediaries that can accept they do not "own" the customer. Read More
 alt='sounding-off-144-ssi-pcw'  Title='sounding-off-144-ssi-pcw'
Interview / Technology
Sounding Off: A major - and overdue - power shift is coming to travel
By PhocusWire | January 14, 2022
Self-sovereign decentralized identity solutions are coming to travel and will give consumers much-needed control over their personal data. Read More
 alt='sita-airline-tech-investment'  Title='sita-airline-tech-investment'
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Airline tech chiefs prioritize investment in cybersecurity, cloud services
By Linda Fox | January 13, 2022
SITA’s 2021 Air Transport IT Insights study reveals 61% of airlines see IT investment increasing in 2022 while 55% of airports expect to spend more. Read More
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VIDEO: How SSI eliminates friction, adds control for travelers
By PhocusWire | January 11, 2022
At The Phocuswright Conference, a panel of technology professionals discuss the benefits of self-sovereign digital identity for the travel industry - both for suppliers and consumers. Read More
 alt='phocuswire-pulse-decentralized-id'  Title='phocuswire-pulse-decentralized-id'
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VIDEO: Travel applications of decentralized digital ID
By PhocusWire | January 5, 2022
In the recent PhocusWire Pulse: Emerging Innovation online event, two experts explain how SSI and DDID will transform the travel experience.  Read More
 alt='avast-acquires-evernym'  Title='avast-acquires-evernym'
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Czech cybersecurity firm Avast acquires SSI innovator Evernym
By Mitra Sorrells | December 9, 2021
Founded in 2013, Evernym powers IATA's Travel Pass and has founded the Decentralized Identity Foundation, the Good Health Pass Collaborative and the Sovrin Foundation. Read More
 alt='amadeus-microsoft-cloud'  Title='amadeus-microsoft-cloud'
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Amadeus touts cloud benefits for travel
By Linda Fox | December 7, 2021
The partnership with Microsoft was positioned as a move to the cloud within three to five years as well as collaboration on new products and services through an innovation program. Read More
 alt='Hot 25 Startups 2022: Nethone'  Title='Hot 25 Startups 2022: Nethone'
Interview / Startups
Hot 25 Startups 2022: Nethone
By PhocusWire | November 15, 2021
Nethone is a fraud protection company committed to solving fraud and reducing unnecessary transaction friction through a better understanding of online users. Read More
 alt='Airline ticket-fraud scheme reappears after seven years'  Title='Airline ticket-fraud scheme reappears after seven years'
News / Technology
Airline ticket-fraud scheme reappears after seven years
By Robert Silk - Travel Weekly | September 28, 2021
Fraud detectors at ARC found approximately 80 instances of unauthorized ticketing, accounting for approximately $1.2 million. Read More
 alt='They won't go away even if COVID does - top cybersecurity issues still hitting travel'  Title='They won't go away even if COVID does - top cybersecurity issues still hitting travel'
Opinion / Technology
They won't go away even if COVID does - top cybersecurity issues still hitting travel
By Dominik Birgelen - Oneclick | August 26, 2021
While the industry can expect business to increase as restrictions are lifted, the potential risk of cyber crime will also heighten.  Read More
 alt='nick-price-digital-identity'  Title='nick-price-digital-identity'
News / Technology
Q&A: The potential of decentralized digital ID in travel
By Mitra Sorrells | August 16, 2021
Decentralized digital identity solutions could dramatically change distribution, marketing, cybersecurity and more in the travel industry. Read More
 alt='perimeterx-magecart-op-ed'  Title='perimeterx-magecart-op-ed'
Opinion / Technology
The many ways Magecart can hack travel sites
By Avishai Shafir - PerimeterX | August 12, 2021
Magecart is taking off, but OTAs and travel sites can save themselves grief and major financial risk by acting in advance to ground this threat.   Read More