alt='performance-marketing-travel'  Title='performance-marketing-travel'
Opinion / Online
How AI-driven performance marketing can drive growth for travel businesses
By Neel Pandya - Pixis | September 23, 2022
Well-executed marketing campaigns can generate significant ROI for travel brands. Read More
 alt='tripadvisor-wanderlab'  Title='tripadvisor-wanderlab'
News / Online
Tripadvisor launches marketing services for travel and non-travel brands
By Mitra Sorrells | September 21, 2022
Named Wanderlab, the division will operate as an independent studio that makes use of Tripadvisor’s first-party data, company resources and talent.   Read More
 alt='q2-2022-marketing-analysis'  Title='q2-2022-marketing-analysis'
News / Online
OTAs see marketing efficiency improvement in Q2
By Mitra Sorrells | August 31, 2022
Booking Holdings, Expedia Group and Airbnb all increased their marketing spend in Q2 of this year compared to 2021, but it decreased as a percentage of revenue. Read More
 alt='uber partnership'  Title='uber partnership'
News / Online
Uber partners with Rokt to surface offers to customers at checkout
By Kathryn Walson | August 24, 2022
The partnership will initially launch with Uber Eats. Read More
 alt='google-travel-marketing-tips'  Title='google-travel-marketing-tips'
News / Online
Google's three best practices to capture travel demand
By Mitra Sorrells | August 2, 2022
As travel-related searches increase, Google offers tips on how brands can use data to drive bookings. Read More
 alt='Consumers willing to pay more for inclusive travel choices'  Title='Consumers willing to pay more for inclusive travel choices'
News / Online
Consumers willing to pay more for inclusive travel choices
By Jill Menze | July 25, 2022
According to a new study, seven in 10 consumers are willing to pay more for a destination, lodging or transportation option that is more inclusive to all types of travelers. Read More
 alt='my-method-equeco'  Title='my-method-equeco'
News / Online
My Method... How this hotel chain increased paid search return by 80%
By Luc Guilhamon - Equeco | July 18, 2022
 The Mexico-based chain Hoteles City is using a solution from Equeco to find keywords that add efficiency and revenue to its business.   Read More
 alt='my-method-malibu-inn'  Title='my-method-malibu-inn'
News / Online
My Method... How Curacity heightened digital marketing revenue for Malibu Beach Inn
By Curacity | June 23, 2022
Utilizing traditional creators - aka publishers - for Malibu Beach Inn, Curacity’s digital media brand partners generated valuable exposure for the property. Read More
 alt='airbnb-omg-properties'  Title='airbnb-omg-properties'
News / Online
Airbnb highlights unique properties through funding campaign
By Linda Fox | June 22, 2022
The company is providing $100,000 each to 100 people to create a unique property. Read More
 alt='easyguide-funding-uktv'  Title='easyguide-funding-uktv'
News / Startups
EasyGuide lands £1M for TV advertising push
By Linda Fox | June 21, 2022
EasyGuide is a standalone entity offering tours and activities under the “easy” family of companies. Read More
 alt='pcw-digital-advertising'  Title='pcw-digital-advertising'
News / Online
The evolution of digital advertising for travel
By Phocuswright Research | June 17, 2022
The digital advertising space for travel is in the midst of major changes, with bigger disruption around the corner. Read More
 alt='my-method-brazil'  Title='my-method-brazil'
News / Online
My Method... How Visit Brazil increased U.S. bookings by nearly $6M
By Silvio Nascimento - Embratur | June 13, 2022
With visas no longer required for visitors from the U.S., Brazil planned a campaign to encourage Americans to visit.   Read More
 alt='travel-ad-spend-2022-report'  Title='travel-ad-spend-2022-report'
News / Online
Travel advertisers ramp up spend as demand recovers
By Jill Menze | June 9, 2022
According to a new report, travel ad spend in the U.S. has already reached nearly $623 million in 2022. Read More
 alt='first-party-data'  Title='first-party-data'
Opinion / Online
A tactical approach to a cookieless travel campaign
By Kurt Weinsheimer - Sojern | June 7, 2022
By collecting the right first-party data and using it alongside the right tools and tactics, hotel marketers can deliver relevant, third-party cookie-free ads that boost direct bookings. Read More
 alt='A DMO's guide to NFTs'  Title='A DMO's guide to NFTs'
Opinion / Technology
A DMO's guide to NFTs
By Martin Stoll - Sparkloft Media | June 3, 2022
Travel marketers should pay close attention, understand the technology and start experimenting for themselves. Read More