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 alt='Priceline enters tours and activities game with launch of Priceline Experiences'  Title='Priceline enters tours and activities game with launch of Priceline Experiences'
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Priceline enters tours and activities game with launch of Priceline Experiences
By Jill Menze | September 29, 2022
Built in partnership with Musement, Priceline Experiences will offer more than 80,000 bookable activities in more than 100 countries. Read More
 alt='q2-2022-marketing-analysis'  Title='q2-2022-marketing-analysis'
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OTAs see marketing efficiency improvement in Q2
By Mitra Sorrells | August 31, 2022
Booking Holdings, Expedia Group and Airbnb all increased their marketing spend in Q2 of this year compared to 2021, but it decreased as a percentage of revenue. Read More
 alt='travel-recession-impact'  Title='travel-recession-impact'
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Travel signals cautious optimism despite economic instability
By Linda Fox | August 24, 2022
The travel industry remains positive despite investor warnings, rising inflation and a looming recession. Read More
 alt='booking-citi-travel-portal'  Title='booking-citi-travel-portal'
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Citi launches new travel platform with
By Mitra Sorrells | August 18, 2022
This is just the latest of many announcements in the past year from banks and financial firms launching or updating their travel offerings – a sure sign they see travel as a valued offering for their... Read More
 alt='agoda-travel-boom-phocuswright-europe'  Title='agoda-travel-boom-phocuswright-europe'
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Agoda’s Tim Hughes on preparing for the coming travel boom
By Mitra Sorrells | August 15, 2022
"We don’t want to be at the starting line of the COVID travel boom standing still, we want to be racing," says Agoda's vice president of corporate development. Read More
 alt='Booking Holdings nearly doubles revenue in Q2 2022'  Title='Booking Holdings nearly doubles revenue in Q2 2022'
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Booking Holdings nearly doubles revenue in Q2 2022
By Jill Menze | August 3, 2022
Revenues for Q2 2022 were up 99% year-on-year to $4.3 billion, while room nights booked surpassed 2019 levels. Read More
 alt='digital-markets-act-european-regulation'  Title='digital-markets-act-european-regulation'
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Digital regulation gets go-ahead in Europe
By Linda Fox | July 28, 2022
Travel companies see a more level playing field and innovation coming out of the European Commission's Digital Markets Act. Read More
 alt='hopper-trivago-etraveli-phocuswright-europe'  Title='hopper-trivago-etraveli-phocuswright-europe'
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Hopper, Trivago and Etraveli on innovating from the middle
By PhocusWire | July 27, 2022
At Phocuswright Europe, the travel intermediaries discussed innovation strategies, mergers and acquisitions and economic challenges. Read More
 alt='phocuswright-europe-sustainability-panel'  Title='phocuswright-europe-sustainability-panel'
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Google, Travalyst and more on travel’s path to sustainability
By PhocusWire | July 12, 2022
Travel leaders from Google, Travalyst, and Byway discuss current efforts and future plans related to sustainable travel. Read More
 alt='booking-mobile-trends'  Title='booking-mobile-trends'
News / Online on mobile app usage, consumer trends
By Linda Fox | June 23, 2022
PhocusWire talks to's Arjan Dijk about shifting consumer habits and providing a contextual experience. Read More
 alt='pcw-digital-advertising'  Title='pcw-digital-advertising'
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The evolution of digital advertising for travel
By Phocuswright Research | June 17, 2022
The digital advertising space for travel is in the midst of major changes, with bigger disruption around the corner. Read More
 alt='travel-ad-spend-2022-report'  Title='travel-ad-spend-2022-report'
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Travel advertisers ramp up spend as demand recovers
By Jill Menze | June 9, 2022
According to a new report, travel ad spend in the U.S. has already reached nearly $623 million in 2022. Read More
 alt='agoda-ceo-discussion'  Title='agoda-ceo-discussion'
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Agoda's Omri Morgenshtern talks localization, startup culture and leadership skills
By Yeoh Siew Hoon - WebinTravel | May 31, 2022
Omri Morgenshtern talks to WebinTravel's Yeoh Siew Hoon about stepping into the CEO shoes and current trends in Asia. Read More
 alt='traveltech-show-2022'  Title='traveltech-show-2022'
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AI, CRM and online booking tipped to boost travel recovery
By Linda Fox | May 27, 2022
Travel technology buyers and suppliers list the top five technologies they believe will boost the industry's recovery.  Read More
 alt='travel-fintech-developments'  Title='travel-fintech-developments'
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Travel fintech momentum builds as industry looks to boost revenue
By Linda Fox | May 17, 2022
Travel companies plan to equal or increase investment in fintech products and services this year. Read More