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 alt='kayak-for-business-development'  Title='kayak-for-business-development'
News / Technology
Q&A: Steve Hafner on the development of Kayak for Business
By Linda Fox | May 23, 2022
Kayak's CEO talks launching Kayak for Business in the pandemic, competition and future functionality. Read More
 alt='A hotelier's guide to Google Analytics 4'  Title='A hotelier's guide to Google Analytics 4'
Opinion / Technology
A hotelier's guide to Google Analytics 4
By Sam Weston - 80 Days | May 23, 2022
It's an end of an era: Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics. Here's what hotels need to know the successor, Google Analytics 4. Read More
 alt='phocuswright-avalara-str-professionalization'  Title='phocuswright-avalara-str-professionalization'
From Our Partners / Online
Report: The professionalization of U.S. short-term rentals
By Mary Ann Nedoszytko - Phocuswright | May 23, 2022
The role of property managers in the short-term rental ecosystem is growing as the industry matures.   Read More
 alt='roadrunair-startup-stage'  Title='roadrunair-startup-stage'
Interview / Startups
Startup Stage: RoadRunAir offers VIP tours aboard its planes
By Jill Menze | May 23, 2022
Founded in April 2021, RoadRunAir offers travelers affordable, all-inclusive VIP tours aboard its own planes. Read More
 alt='vrmb-limited-edition'  Title='vrmb-limited-edition'
From Our Partners / Online
The unsexy truth about the sexiest sector in travel
By Matt Landau - VRMB | May 23, 2022
As the vacation rental industry continues to grow, property owners-managers that can deliver unique, special experiences at scale will win. Read More
 alt='szallas-group-webinar-article'  Title='szallas-group-webinar-article'
From Our Partners / Distribution
Q&A: The growth potential of Central and Eastern Europe’s tourism sector
By Szallas Group | May 23, 2022
Szallas Group, a leading domestic online travel agency in Central and Eastern Europe, recently published its comprehensive report about the region's tourism. Read More
 alt='PCW-Europe-hospitality'  Title='PCW-Europe-hospitality'
News / Online
Phocuswright Europe 2022: Hot topics for hospitality
By PhocusWire | May 20, 2022
Executives from three of Europe's top hotel groups gather on Center Stage at Phocuswright Europe to discuss the industry's challenges, opportunities and outlook. Read More
 alt='surf-air-ipo-spac'  Title='surf-air-ipo-spac'
News / Technology
Surf Air Mobility takes SPAC route to market
By Linda Fox | May 19, 2022
Surf Air mobility will also acquire Southern Airways Corporation, with the deal expected to complete at the same time as the proposed merger. Read More
 alt='grab-q1-2022'  Title='grab-q1-2022'
News / Online
Grab outperforms guidance with growth across all business units
By Mitra Sorrells | May 19, 2022
Mobility and delivery brand Grab posts revenue in the first quarter of $228 million, a 6% increase compared to the same period in 2021. Read More
 alt='NoMo-Soho-NFT-hotel'  Title='NoMo-Soho-NFT-hotel'
News / Technology
NoMo claims U.S. first with NFT hotel stays
By Linda Fox | May 19, 2022
The property believes it's the first hotel in the U.S. to enable guests to book stays via blockchain technology. Read More
 alt='travel-fintech-developments'  Title='travel-fintech-developments'
News / Technology
Travel fintech momentum builds as industry looks to boost revenue
By Linda Fox | May 17, 2022
Travel companies plan to equal or increase investment in fintech products and services this year. Read More
 alt='hometogo-q1-2022-financials'  Title='hometogo-q1-2022-financials'
News / Online
HomeToGo updates 2022 outlook amid continued growth
By Linda Fox | May 17, 2022
HomeToGo attributes continued growth to customer acquisition and retention as well as technology. Read More
 alt='uber-product-updates-2022'  Title='uber-product-updates-2022'
News / Online
Uber adds new travel feature, party bus and EV bookings in product update
By Jill Menze | May 16, 2022
As part of its super app strategy, Uber has unleashed new features designed to capture the end-to-end travel journey. Read More
 alt='pcw-research-europe-str-22'  Title='pcw-research-europe-str-22'
News / Distribution
Europe’s short-term rental segment on track for steady growth
By Phocuswright Research | May 16, 2022
Phocuswright's report explores changes in the short-term rental landscape from both consumer and business perspectives. Read More
 alt='Members-only home-swap network Kindred lands $7.75M'  Title='Members-only home-swap network Kindred lands $7.75M'
News / Startups
Members-only home-swap network Kindred lands $7.75M
By Jill Menze | May 13, 2022
Founded in 2021, Kindred helps homeowners and renters take advantage of work-from-anywhere flexibility. Read More