alt="Sonder CEO expresses optimism as free cash flow improves in Q1"  title="Sonder CEO expresses optimism as free cash flow improves in Q1"
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Sonder CEO expresses optimism as free cash flow improves in Q1
By Mitra Sorrells | May 10, 2023
Sonder's revenue in the first quarter of this year came in at $121 million, up 50% compared to Q1 2022.   Read More
 alt="Sonder at risk of delisting from Nasdaq"  title="Sonder at risk of delisting from Nasdaq"
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Sonder at risk of delisting from Nasdaq
By Kathryn Walson | April 26, 2023
The company has 180 calendar days – by Oct. 18 – to get in compliance with the minimum bid price requirement or it could be delisted. Read More
 alt="online-travel-revenue-bar-chart-23"  title="online-travel-revenue-bar-chart-23"
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WATCH: Visualization of revenue for digital travel brands through 2022
By PhocusWire | March 23, 2023
From a revenue standpoint, 2022 was an up year for most online travel brands, with many reporting record financial results. Read More
 alt="travel-startups-svb-collapse"  title="travel-startups-svb-collapse"
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Travel startups consider cost of SVB collapse
By Linda Fox | March 13, 2023
News of SVB’s demise left the startup world reeling, with the bank said to work with more than 50% of U.S. startups and 40% of U.K. startups. Many feared they would be unable to make March’s payroll. Read More
 alt="sonder-q4-financials"  title="sonder-q4-financials"
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Sonder focus for 2023 is positive cash flow, corporate growth
By Linda Fox | March 2, 2023
The accommodation platform attributes recent growth in corporate sales to having a presence on the global distribution platforms as well as sales people on the ground. Read More
 alt="amex-gbt-sonder-vacasa-q3-2022"  title="amex-gbt-sonder-vacasa-q3-2022"
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Earnings roundup: Amex GBT, Sonder, Vacasa
By Mitra Sorrells | November 11, 2022
As publicly traded travel companies continue to report their third quarter 2022 earnings, we round up the latest reports. Read More
 alt="sonder-frymire-joins-board"  title="sonder-frymire-joins-board"
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Former CWT CEO joins Sonder's board of directors
By Angelique Platas - Business Travel News | September 15, 2022
Former CWT CEO Michelle Frymire has specific expertise in corporate travel, which Sonder in recent months has identified as a “huge opportunity." Read More
 alt="Sonder recovers revenue, hits record RevPAR in Q2 2022"  title="Sonder recovers revenue, hits record RevPAR in Q2 2022"
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Sonder recovers revenue, hits record RevPAR in Q2 2022
By Jill Menze | August 10, 2022
Sonder reported revenue of $121 million in Q2 2022, up 157% year-on-year and fueled by RevPAR growth. Read More
 alt="Travel SPACs are facing a reckoning"  title="Travel SPACs are facing a reckoning"
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Travel SPACs are facing a reckoning
By Jill Menze | June 13, 2022
Some of the more high-profile SPACs in travel are facing scrutiny as valuations plummet and cost-cutting measures take hold. Read More
 alt="sonder-layoffs"  title="sonder-layoffs"
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Sonder restructuring to include layoffs, growth limits
By Chris Davis - Business Travel News | June 10, 2022
Sonder is laying off 21% of its corporate employees and 7% of its front-line staff. Read More
 alt="PCW-Europe-hospitality"  title="PCW-Europe-hospitality"
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Phocuswright Europe 2022: Hot topics for hospitality
By PhocusWire | May 20, 2022
Executives from three of Europe's top hotel groups gather on Center Stage at Phocuswright Europe to discuss the industry's challenges, opportunities and outlook. Read More
 alt="sonder-q1-2022-earnings"  title="sonder-q1-2022-earnings"
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Sonder revenue slips due to omicron in Q1 2022
By Jill Menze | May 11, 2022
For Q1 2022, Sonder revenue decreased from the previous quarter to $80.5 million, while adjusted EBITDA was negative $83.5 million. Read More
 alt="sonder-q4-fy2021"  title="sonder-q4-fy2021"
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Sonder revenue more than doubles in 2021
By Mitra Sorrells | March 10, 2022
Sonder, now a public company, says highlights of 2021 include the launch of its corporate travel offering and growing its portfolio by 51%. Read More
 alt="sonder-q2-financials"  title="sonder-q2-financials"
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Sonder reports strong quarter, ups revenue forecast
By Linda Fox | August 11, 2021
Sonder says it will have more than 18,000 units in its portfolio by the end of 2021. Read More