alt="SITA Lufthansa partnership"  title="SITA Lufthansa partnership"
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SITA and Lufthansa digitize lost luggage solution
By Kathryn Walson | March 16, 2023
When passengers land at an airport, SITA’s WorldTracer Auto Reflight notifies them of any luggage delay and gathers delivery details. The companies say it saves time and money for the industry. Read More
 alt="Travel industry works to expedite passengers"  title="Travel industry works to expedite passengers"
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Travel industry works to avoid another chaotic summer
By Kathryn Walson | February 21, 2023
Some say better staffing and enhanced tech, such as increased use of biometrics, could help prevent congestion and expedite passengers at airports. Read More
 alt="sita-2022-airline-it-trends"  title="sita-2022-airline-it-trends"
News / Technology
Airlines plan tech investment boost to drive efficiency
By Linda Fox | January 31, 2023
The latest SITA report on aviation technology reveals investment priorities including cybersecurity initiatives and cloud services. Read More
 alt="SITA Zamna partnership"  title="SITA Zamna partnership"
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SITA partners with Zamna to digitize travel processes
By Kathryn Walson | January 26, 2023
Airlines and airports benefit from reduced processing times and less infrastructure needed to process passengers, Zamna says, while border agencies benefit from the checks happening pre-departure. Read More
 alt="travel-digital-sita"  title="travel-digital-sita"
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More travelers embracing mobile, touchless technologies
By Kathryn Walson | July 1, 2022
Air passengers are adopting technology more on some stages of their journey than others, according to a new report by SITA. Read More
 alt="SITA brings its technology to vertiport locations"  title="SITA brings its technology to vertiport locations"
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SITA brings its technology to vertiport locations
By Jill Menze | June 15, 2022
SITA is partnering with vertiport infrastructure owner and operator Skyports to bring its digital solutions to Skyports vertiport locations. Read More
 alt="sita-miami-biometrics"  title="sita-miami-biometrics"
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Miami airport enables largest use of biometric tech in U.S.
By Mitra Sorrells | May 17, 2022
Miami International Airport is rolling out SITA's biometric boarding system for international flights at all of its more than 130 gates. Read More
 alt="wttc-cyber-security"  title="wttc-cyber-security"
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WTTC highlights need to prioritize cyber security
By Linda Fox | April 25, 2022
The World Travel & Tourism Council’s Codes To Resilience Report, launched in partnership with Microsoft, focuses on cyber crime protection and best practices. Read More
 alt="VIDEO: Building a digital connection between airlines and passengers"  title="VIDEO: Building a digital connection between airlines and passengers"
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VIDEO: Building a digital connection between airlines and passengers
By PhocusWire | February 28, 2022
Speaking during PhocusWire Pulse, SITA Lab’s Gustavo Piña explains how the airport experience is changing. Read More
 alt="SITA appoints company veteran David Lavorel as CEO"  title="SITA appoints company veteran David Lavorel as CEO"
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SITA appoints company veteran David Lavorel as CEO
By Kevin May | February 24, 2022
Joining in 2000 as a business process manager, Lavorel was most recently CEO of SITA's airports and borders unit, a post he'd held since June 2020. Read More
 alt="siteminder-direct-booking-apps"  title="siteminder-direct-booking-apps"
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SiteMinder boosts hotel direct bookings via partner plug-ins
By Linda Fox | October 5, 2021
SiteMinder is adding plug-in apps from partners - such as Sojern, HiJiffy, Laasie and The Hotels Network - to its booking engine. Read More
 alt="sita-aviation-challenges"  title="sita-aviation-challenges"
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SITA claims automation will be the only way to tackle aviation's recovery challenge
By Linda Fox | July 5, 2021
In addition to managing health requirements, airlines and airports need automation to improve the passenger experience and increase efficiency. Read More
 alt="VIDEO: System security in travel is a constant battle"  title="VIDEO: System security in travel is a constant battle"
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VIDEO: System security in travel is a constant battle
By PhocusWire | June 11, 2021
We speak to Raullen Chai, CEO of IoTex, about travel system breaches and what the industry can do to spot attacks and react to them quickly. Read More
 alt="aruba-sita-indicio-covid-app"  title="aruba-sita-indicio-covid-app"
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Aruba tests blockchain-enabled COVID credential app
By Mitra Sorrells | May 5, 2021
The Aruba Health App, developed by SITA and, aims to preserve traveler privacy and eliminate fraud. Read More
 alt="biometric-developments-aviation"  title="biometric-developments-aviation"
News / Technology
How digital health passes bring biometrics in aviation much closer
By Linda Fox | April 7, 2021
Progress in facial recognition technology and reduced development costs are bringing seamless travel a step closer. Read More