alt="Capital One acquires digital concierge, Velocity Black"  title="Capital One acquires digital concierge, Velocity Black"
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Capital One acquires digital concierge, Velocity Black
By Derek Catron | June 2, 2023
 Capital One is enhancing its travel offerings with the acquisition of Velocity Black. Read More
 alt="Hopper partners on travel portal with Australia’s biggest bank"  title="Hopper partners on travel portal with Australia’s biggest bank"
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Hopper partners on travel portal with Australia’s biggest bank
By Derek Catron | May 24, 2023
The expansion of travel features in CommBank’s app will integrate with Hopper via the company’s B2B initiative, Hopper Cloud.   Read More
 alt="Hopper, MakeMyTrip, Indicio on data security with ChatGPT"  title="Hopper, MakeMyTrip, Indicio on data security with ChatGPT"
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Hopper, MakeMyTrip, Indicio on data security with ChatGPT
By Mitra Sorrells | May 19, 2023
In PhocusWire’s latest Let’s Hear It! LinkedIn Audio event, industry leaders discuss how generative AI can bring benefits for travelers while protecting the privacy of their data.   Read More
 alt="Seamless but secure: ChatGPT and data protection in travel"  title="Seamless but secure: ChatGPT and data protection in travel"
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Seamless but secure: ChatGPT and data protection in travel
By Mitra Sorrells | May 15, 2023
Join us for PhocusWire's next LinkedIn Audio Event as we discuss this topic with executives from Hopper, MakeMyTrip, Microsoft and Indicio. Read More
 alt="Uber launches flight bookings in U.K. powered by Hopper"  title="Uber launches flight bookings in U.K. powered by Hopper"
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Uber launches flight bookings in U.K. powered by Hopper
By Linda Fox | May 10, 2023
The functionality, which is powered by Hopper, will be rolled out to users across the country in the coming weeks and be available to all United Kingdom users this summer. Read More
 alt="travel-insurance-digital-transformation"  title="travel-insurance-digital-transformation"
Opinion / Online
How digital transformation is shaping travel insurance
By Sasha Gainullin - Battleface | March 3, 2023
Technology changed how we book and pay for travel, and now digital transformation is set to remove payment friction and alter the entire insurance process. Read More
 alt="trave-euromonitor-consumer-trends-2023"  title="trave-euromonitor-consumer-trends-2023"
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Top global consumer trends and what they mean for travel
By Linda Fox | January 17, 2023
Euromonitor's new report, Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2023, is out today and provides insights travel companies can use to tap into these behaviors. Read More
 alt="airbnb-otas-loyalty"  title="airbnb-otas-loyalty"
Opinion / Online
Tracking the loyalty strategies of online travel giants
By Mario Gavira | January 11, 2023
While Expedia, Booking.com and Hopper are betting on financial rewards to boost loyalty, Airbnb is focused on driving retention through love. Read More
 alt="Apptopia report image"  title="Apptopia report image"
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Booking.com, Vrbo and Expedia gain ground in U.S. app downloads
By Kathryn Walson | January 6, 2023
Apptopia says Expedia's app downloads nearly doubled year-over-year to 16.6 million and it, along with Vrbo and Booking.com, benefited from slowing growth for Hopper and Airbnb. Read More
 alt="hopper-center-stage-pc-22"  title="hopper-center-stage-pc-22"
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Hopper CEO on social commerce, sustainability and customer focus
By Mitra Sorrells | December 16, 2022
In conversation at The Phocuswright Conference, Hopper CEO Fred Lalonde explains how the company's social commerce efforts are the key to its future growth. Read More
 alt="hafner-kayak-pcw-22"  title="hafner-kayak-pcw-22"
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Kayak's Hafner on the good and bad in startups, tech and more
By PhocusWire | November 28, 2022
Kayak's Steve Hafner discusses startups, funding highs and lows and economic ups and downs at The Phocuswright Conference 2022. Read More
 alt="pundits-panel-phocuswright-conference-2022"  title="pundits-panel-phocuswright-conference-2022"
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Pundits divided on the outlook for travel in 2023
By PhocusWire | November 21, 2022
Travel industry experts with decades of experience join forces at The Phocuswright Conference to try to make sense of current and future trends. Read More
 alt="hopper-capital-one-96m"  title="hopper-capital-one-96m"
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Hopper and Capital One extend partnership fueled by new $96M investment
By Mitra Sorrells | November 7, 2022
Capital One Travel uses Hopper Cloud to offer customers features such as price alerts, price drop protection and the ability to cancel a flight for any reason. Read More
 alt="hopper-report-travel-fintech"  title="hopper-report-travel-fintech"
From Our Partners / Technology
Report: How travel fintech can boost revenue
By Cathy Walsh - PhocusWire | November 7, 2022
Find out how flexible travel products can provide travelers with the reassurance needed to book with confidence. Read More
 alt="fintech-payments-travel"  title="fintech-payments-travel"
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Ixigo, Amadeus latest to add new fintech and payment options
By Linda Fox | September 16, 2022
Insurance products and buy-now-pay-later options are becoming more widespread in travel. Read More