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 alt="AI Insights: Generative AI for corporate travel service and communications"  title="AI Insights: Generative AI for corporate travel service and communications"
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AI Insights: Generative AI for corporate travel service and communications
By PhocusWire | July 18, 2023
Flight Centre Travel Group’s chief experience officer John Morhous answers our questions about how the company’s corporate travel unit, FCM Travel, is working with generative artificial intelligence... Read More
 alt="edreams-flight-centre-grab-earnings"  title="edreams-flight-centre-grab-earnings"
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Earnings roundup: Grab, eDreams, Flight Centre
By Linda Fox | February 23, 2023
Grab, eDreams and Flight Centre update on their financial progress in Q4, 2022, Q3, 2022 and H1, 2023, respectively. Read More
 alt="Flight Centre Travel Group acquires Scott Dunn"  title="Flight Centre Travel Group acquires Scott Dunn"
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Flight Centre Travel Group to acquire Scott Dunn to tap luxury markets
By Kathryn Walson | February 2, 2023
Founded in 1986, Scott Dunn has 200 full-time employees, and its two main markets are the United Kingdom and the United States, with a small presence in Asia. Read More
 alt="Business Travel PCW"  title="Business Travel PCW"
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How TMCs are blending automation with human support
By Kathryn Walson | January 3, 2023
Executives from CWT and Flight Centre Travel Group discuss challenges facing the business travel sector including the need for more customer service and a focus on sustainability. Read More
 alt="flight-centre-travel-group-pc22"  title="flight-centre-travel-group-pc22"
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Video: Flight Centre on how its acquisition strategy helps drive innovation
By PhocusWire | December 9, 2022
Flight Centre Travel Group chief experience officer John Morhous explains how the company’s strategic acquisitions help it create innovative products that meet the needs of its customers. Read More
 alt="big-chair-flight-centre-turner"  title="big-chair-flight-centre-turner"
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In The Big Chair - Graham Turner of Flight Centre Travel Group
By Mitra Sorrells | October 27, 2022
Graham Turner is CEO of Flight Centre Travel Group, one of the world’s largest travel retailers and corporate travel managers, with company-owned leisure and corporate travel business in 23... Read More
 alt="grab-flight-centre-swvl-q2-2022"  title="grab-flight-centre-swvl-q2-2022"
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Earnings roundup: Grab, Flight Centre, Swvl
By Linda Fox | August 25, 2022
Grab, Flight Centre and Swvl are reporting strong results amid travel industry recovery. Read More
 alt="wit-fcm-recovery"  title="wit-fcm-recovery"
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FCM sees strong recovery for Asia business as borders reopen
By WiT | April 6, 2022
Travel management company FCM expects “accelerated recovery” from its key Asia markets in the coming months. Read More
 alt="flight-centre-tpconnects"  title="flight-centre-tpconnects"
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Flight Centre acquires majority stake in TPConnects
By Linda Fox | March 14, 2022
Flight Centre now owns 70% of the Dubai-based business. Read More
 alt="Tech investments driving Flight Centre’s corporate recovery"  title="Tech investments driving Flight Centre’s corporate recovery"
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Tech investments driving Flight Centre’s corporate recovery
By Jill Menze | February 24, 2022
The Australia-based travel agency says recent investments in WhereTo and Shep are powering recovery for the Corporate Traveller and FCM brands Read More
 alt="ndc-path-critical-mass"  title="ndc-path-critical-mass"
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The hurdles in the way of NDC critical mass
By Linda Fox | September 13, 2021
Amadeus says there will be a number of years of transition before NDC gets to critical mass. Read More
 alt="tmc-role-post-pandemic"  title="tmc-role-post-pandemic"
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Travel management company roles grow as business travelers venture out
By Gavin Smith - Element | August 31, 2021
Business travelers will be even more reliant on the expert knowledge of TMCs going forward. Read More
 alt="How COVID-19 has changed travel's chief technology officers"  title="How COVID-19 has changed travel's chief technology officers"
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How COVID-19 has changed travel's chief technology officers
By Linda Fox | August 19, 2021
Travel CTOs have had to acquire new skills, upend their priority list and think carefully about how to combine new tech with legacy systems and practices, for maximum efficiency. Read More
 alt="siteminder-channel-report"  title="siteminder-channel-report"
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Hotel direct channels gained share of bookings in 2020
By Mitra Sorrells | February 2, 2021
A new report from SiteMinder details the top booking revenue sources in markets around the world. Read More
 alt="business-travel-innovation"  title="business-travel-innovation"
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Using the coronavirus pandemic to bring some innovation to business travel
By Susan Lichtenstein - DigiTravel Consulting | September 11, 2020
Now is a good time to address the many pain points in corporate travel purposes. Read More