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Payments month part 3 virtual cards
Travel payments, part 3: Virtual payment tech and its impact on business travel
By Mitra Sorrells | June 17, 2019
For part three in our payments month series we take a look at virtual card payments and how they're used in business travel. Read More
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Worldpay Helldorff payment challenges trends
Q&A: Worldpay's Thomas Helldorff on challenges, trends and predictions for travel payments
By Mitra Sorrells | June 13, 2019
Worldpay's vice president of vertical strategy for travel and airlines shares his thoughts on the role of mobile and alternative payments, how payment systems can drive conversions and much... Read More
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Bitcoin continues to be on a slow burn as payment option in travel
By Linda Fox | June 12, 2019
Can Bitcoin gain real traction in travel payments as it's explored by new segments? Read More
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TripActions United NDC integration
TripActions launches NDC platform in partnership with United Airlines
By Mitra Sorrells | June 11, 2019
The business travel platform is launching an end-to-end flight shopping and booking experience integrated with IATA’s NDC industry standard. Read More
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VIDEO: Teenage years still to come for NDC, patience required
By Linda Fox | June 11, 2019
New Distribution Capability (NDC) has broadly been accepted as a positive step in bringing value, and eventually greater efficiency, to the airline distribution chain. But, it’s not an overnight... Read More
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voyager hq travel disruption summit aviation roundtable
Aviation innovation: Insider perspectives on where the industry goes next
By Voyager HQ  | June 10, 2019
Voyager HQ asked individual table moderators from this year’s summit to share some of the most compelling conversations and useful tidbits from their tables and from the day as a whole. Read More
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Marketing might be the answer for corporate travel booking tool adoption
By Linda Fox | June 7, 2019
Challenges remain for corporate booking tools, which are having to evolve fast to keep up. Read More
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Avis adds payment splitting in app
Avis courts bleisure travelers with new payment-splitting option
By Mitra Sorrells | June 5, 2019
Avis Car Rental's new "Split My Bill" features makes it easier for travelers to divide business and leisure charges to separate payment types. Read More
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How Airbnb threatens to disrupt traditional hotel pricing strategies
How Airbnb threatens to disrupt traditional hotel pricing strategies
By Jill Menze | June 4, 2019
A study pitted flexible-capacity Airbnb against the fixed-capacity lodging industry to uncover how the sharing economy has changed hospitality. Read More
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Corporate Traveller claims there is demand for business trips in Bitcoin
Corporate Traveller claims there is demand for business trips in Bitcoin
By Linda Fox | June 3, 2019
U.K. travel management company Corporate Traveller says customers, particularly in fintech, want to pay using cryptocurrency. Read More
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Travelport completes $4.4BN sale to private equity
Travelport completes $4.4BN sale to private equity
By Kevin May | May 30, 2019
Travelport has officially ended its almost five-year stint on the public markets and is now back in the hands of private equity ownership. Read More
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Mindsay adds $10M in Series A funding to expand chatbot service
By Linda Fox | May 29, 2019
Paris-based chatbot startup also took on a brand name after starting out as Destygo. Read More
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sounding off fast fail
Sounding Off: Failure should be a cautious part of the equation
By PhocusWire | May 24, 2019
Companies should try to push their development envelopes, just don't expect instant results and be prepared for failures to have a wider impact on the company. Read More
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STARTUP STAGE: CultureMee helps business travelers avoid costly culture mistakes
STARTUP STAGE: CultureMee helps business travelers avoid costly culture mistakes
By Linda Fox | May 23, 2019
CultureMee provides engaging content including videos and culture models to business travelers to help them avoid cultural hiccups. Read More
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business-travel-innovation-fail fast-2
Why a fail fast mentality is key to tech innovation in business travel
By Frédéric Stark - KDS  | May 23, 2019
Regardless of size, as an industry, we need to be able to try new things and at times, to test ideas and accept that they might fail, until we finally succeed. Read More
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