alt="Ryanair's online facial recognition creating friction for business travelers"  title="Ryanair's online facial recognition creating friction for business travelers"
News / Technology
Ryanair's online facial recognition creating friction for business travelers
By Lauren Arena – Business Travel News Europe | August 28, 2023
Business travelers in the United Kingdom have reported ongoing "friction" and "frustrations" when booking flights with Ryanair due to the carrier's online booking verification process that requires... Read More
 alt="Carnival hits facial recognition tech milestone"  title="Carnival hits facial recognition tech milestone"
News / Technology
Carnival hits facial recognition tech milestone
By Andrea Zelinski - Travel Weekly | July 21, 2023
Carnival is expanding its use of facial recognition technology, in partnership with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, to speed-up disembarkation. Read More
 alt="NeoKe raises first round in push to create truly “connected” travel"  title="NeoKe raises first round in push to create truly “connected” travel"
News / Startups
NeoKe raises first round in push to create truly “connected” travel
By Mitra Sorrells | July 10, 2023
The startup, launched by two former executives in 2022, aims to put travelers in control of their data and to create new opportunities for brands to drive loyalty. Read More
 alt="travel-talk-travel-tech"  title="travel-talk-travel-tech"
News / Technology
Travel Talk: What’s next for travel tech?
By PhocusWire | March 17, 2023
Editorial leaders from across Northstar Travel Group discuss how artificial intelligence, biometrics and the metaverse are reshaping the travel industry.   Read More
 alt="Travel industry works to expedite passengers"  title="Travel industry works to expedite passengers"
News / Online
Travel industry works to avoid another chaotic summer
By Kathryn Walson | February 21, 2023
Some say better staffing and enhanced tech, such as increased use of biometrics, could help prevent congestion and expedite passengers at airports. Read More
 alt="amadeus-tribes-2033"  title="amadeus-tribes-2033"
News / Technology
Future traveler segments and the forces forging them
By Linda Fox | February 7, 2023
A new Amadeus study defines different groups of travelers and gauges their attitudes toward travel in 2033. Read More
 alt="traveler-wellbeing-technology"  title="traveler-wellbeing-technology"
News / Technology
Traveler well-being and the shift to purposeful business travel
By Linda Fox | February 1, 2023
Three years from the start of the pandemic, there is talk beyond safety to more of a focus on traveler well-being in terms of mental, physical and emotional health. Read More
 alt="sita-2022-airline-it-trends"  title="sita-2022-airline-it-trends"
News / Technology
Airlines plan tech investment boost to drive efficiency
By Linda Fox | January 31, 2023
The latest SITA report on aviation technology reveals investment priorities including cybersecurity initiatives and cloud services. Read More
 alt="Delta QandA Travel Weekly"  title="Delta QandA Travel Weekly"
Interview / Online
Q&A: Delta's Ranjan Goswami on personalization through Delta Sync
By Arnie Weissmann - Travel Weekly | January 19, 2023
Travel Weekly editor in chief Arnie Weissmann was at CES and spoke with Goswami about how Sync will help the airline really "know" its customers. Read More
 alt="wef-davos-travelling-differently"  title="wef-davos-travelling-differently"
News / Technology
Travel’s resilience and sustainability in spotlight at Davos
By Linda Fox | January 18, 2023
Heathrow boss John Holland-Kaye, Journera CEO Jeff Katz, the Rwandan Development Board's Clare Akamanzi and Thailand's finance minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith discuss pressing industry issues at the... Read More
 alt="airport-self-service-tech"  title="airport-self-service-tech"
Opinion / Technology
Why airport self-service technology is crucial now
By Richard Dinkelmann - ICM Airport Technics | September 2, 2022
Forward-thinking airports are embracing self-service technology, resulting in increased efficiency and an improved passenger experience.  Read More
 alt="SITA brings its technology to vertiport locations"  title="SITA brings its technology to vertiport locations"
News / Technology
SITA brings its technology to vertiport locations
By Jill Menze | June 15, 2022
SITA is partnering with vertiport infrastructure owner and operator Skyports to bring its digital solutions to Skyports vertiport locations. Read More
 alt="delta-customized-flight-display"  title="delta-customized-flight-display"
News / Technology
Delta trials customized flight display at Detroit Metro Airport
By Robert Silk - Travel Weekly | June 10, 2022
The Parallel Reality technology will allow up to 100 flyers to simultaneously see flight information tailored to their unique itinerary on a single screen. Read More
 alt="sita-miami-biometrics"  title="sita-miami-biometrics"
News / Technology
Miami airport enables largest use of biometric tech in U.S.
By Mitra Sorrells | May 17, 2022
Miami International Airport is rolling out SITA's biometric boarding system for international flights at all of its more than 130 gates. Read More
 alt="alaska-airlines-incubator"  title="alaska-airlines-incubator"
News / Technology
Alaska Airlines tests tech at San Jose Airport
By Linda Fox | March 28, 2022
The carrier is looking at all areas of the airport experience to see where technologies such as biometrics can be implemented. Read More