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 alt='Phocuswright Europe 2018 Preview: Q&A with CarTrawler's Bobby Healy'  title='Phocuswright Europe 2018 Preview: Q&A with CarTrawler's Bobby Healy'
Interview / Distribution
Phocuswright Europe 2018 Preview: Q&A with CarTrawler's Bobby Healy
Ahead of the event, Bobby Healy discusses the major opportunities in mobile, what's wrong with Google... Read More
 alt=' Sustainable Tourism'  title=' Sustainable Tourism'
News / Startups expands startup plan for sustainable tourism is to extend its Booking Booster Program into a second year, aimed at funding startups... Read More
 alt='Expedia rolls out MICE tech tool to the US'  title='Expedia rolls out MICE tech tool to the US'
News / Technology
Expedia rolls out MICE tech tool to the US
In an effort to streamline the booking process for hotels and meeting planners, Expedia is rolling out... Read More
 alt='Business travelers take booking freedom, age differences ease'  title='Business travelers take booking freedom, age differences ease'
News / Technology
Business travelers take booking freedom, age differences ease
A new study on European business traveler preferences offers new insight on booking behaviors across... Read More
 alt='Amadeus report on airports'  title='Amadeus report on airports'
News / Technology
Why airports need to invest in IT solutions
As airports struggle to appease various stakeholders – from airlines to customers - a new study says... Read More
 alt='AirBnB Experiences BTO'  title='AirBnB Experiences BTO'
News / Online
Inside Airbnb's growing Experiences operation
Airbnb's Experiences platform is notching more than 8,000 bookings per week and receiving of 1,200... Read More
 alt='Gaining control for airline passengers'  title='Gaining control for airline passengers'
News / Technology
Gaining control for airline passengers
As airline passengers increasingly look toward technology to achieve a seamless traveling experience,... Read More
 alt='Despegar raises $254 million from IPO'  title='Despegar raises $254 million from IPO'
News / Startups
Despegar raises $254 million from IPO
Latin America-focused online travel agency Despegar will use the proceeds from its recent public... Read More
 alt='Top Millennial Travel Destinations 2017'  title='Top Millennial Travel Destinations 2017'
News / Technology
Data crunching for millennial travel choices
Utrip's extensive data research revealed the top millennial travel destinations of 2017.... Read More
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 alt='miles-partnership-pcw-webinar'  title='miles-partnership-pcw-webinar'
December 14, 2022
The year in review and the years ahead 2022 presented by Phocuswright and Miles Partnership
Join Phocuswright and Miles Partnership for one of the most highly anticipated webinars of the year:... Register Now
 alt='le-collectionist-60M-funding'  title='le-collectionist-60M-funding'
December 2, 2022
Le Collectionist scores €60M for luxury rentals expansion
Highland Europe led the investment in the Paris, France-based business with a number of business... Read More
 alt='altovita-$9-5M-funding'  title='altovita-$9-5M-funding'
December 2, 2022
AltoVita lands $9.5M in funding for corporate accommodation platform
The round, which is led by Novum Capital Partners and Fifth Wall, will go towards further expansion... Read More