booking holdings q2 earnings
Booking Holdings closely monitoring paid channels as it builds direct strategy
By Linda Fox | August 9, 2018
Following the release of its Q2 financials, Booking Holdings says it's continuing its strategy of building its direct business as well as a wider travel offering. Read More
News | Online gets down to Basics, gets rates from other agencies gets down to Basics, gets rates from other agencies
By Kevin May | July 10, 2018
In what could be a significant strategic development, is now getting inventory and exclusive prices for hotels from other online travel agencies. Read More
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Booking Holdings hits record $25B booking mark for a quarter
Booking Holdings hits record $25B booking mark for a quarter
By Jill Menze | May 9, 2018
In the first quarter of 2018, Booking Holdings, formerly the Priceline Group, has reported significant financial growth despite a slowing of growth in bookings and room nights. Read More
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in the big chair guesty
In The Big Chair - Amiad Soto of Guesty
By Jill Menze | May 9, 2018
Amiad Soto co-founded Guesty alongside his twin brother in 2013. He has been named to Forbes Israel’s 30 under 30 list. Read More
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Guesty Agoda integration
Guesty adds Agoda to its vacation rental property management platform
By Mitra Sorrells | April 3, 2018
Guesty, a cloud-based system to manage short-term and vacation rental listings across multiple channels, is expanding its offerings with the integration of Agoda.   Read More
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travel influencer marketing report
The state of influencer marketing for travel brands
By Mitra Sorrells | March 29, 2018
Photos, blog posts and other content shared by social media influencers can be an effective way for brands to communicate with consumers – particularly since surveys have found that between one-third to... Read More
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Booking Holdings earnings full year 2017 1
Booking Holdings reveals $12.7B revenue, goes lukewarm on Airbnb threat
By Mitra Sorrells | February 28, 2018
Booking Holdings – the new name for what was Priceline Group – showed significant growth across all sectors in 2017, with most key metrics up around 20%. Read More
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VIDEO: PhocusWire PundIT Show - Episode 8
By Kevin May | November 27, 2017
With almost three days of activity on-stage and lots of gossip in the hallways, our three guests have plenty to summarise from The Phocuswright Conference. Read More
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