alt='atpco-airline-retailing-op-ed'  Title='atpco-airline-retailing-op-ed'
Opinion / Distribution
Show, don't tell: How airlines can meet flight shoppers' needs
By Ellen Lee - ATPCO | August 16, 2022
Modern merchandising strategies are essential for airlines looking to increase conversions and create a positive customer experience. Read More
 alt='fetcherr-atpco-partnership-data'  Title='fetcherr-atpco-partnership-data'
News / Startups
Travel pricing startup Fetcherr to leverage ATPCO fare data
By Mitra Sorrells | February 8, 2022
Fetcherr uses AI and deep learning technologies to provide pricing and workflow optimization strategies to improve revenue performance. Read More
 alt='modern-travel-retail-promises-panel'  Title='modern-travel-retail-promises-panel'
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VIDEO: Modern travel retailing - promises, promises!
By PhocusWire | January 27, 2022
A panel at The Phocuswright Conference 2021 examined the progress made in revolutionizing airline distribution so far and what steps still need to be taken. Read More
 alt='ATPCO pushes for flight shopping standards'  Title='ATPCO pushes for flight shopping standards'
News / Distribution
ATPCO pushes for flight shopping standards
By Robert Silk - Travel Weekly | December 9, 2021
ATPCO is endeavoring to get its Next Generation Storefront initiative approved and published by January 1. Read More
 alt='VIDEO: ATPCO's Alex Zoghlin on travel retailing and a life in digital'  Title='VIDEO: ATPCO's Alex Zoghlin on travel retailing and a life in digital'
News / Distribution
VIDEO: ATPCO's Alex Zoghlin on travel retailing and a life in digital
By PhocusWire | December 3, 2021
Zoghlin joined us in the PhocusWire Studio to discuss the latest developments in the progress toward a retail-based future for airline distribution and reflect on some of those other jobs in the last... Read More
 alt='ATPCO shifts infrastructure to the cloud through Amazon Web Services'  Title='ATPCO shifts infrastructure to the cloud through Amazon Web Services'
News / Distribution
ATPCO shifts infrastructure to the cloud through Amazon Web Services
September 2, 2021
The airline fare-filing and retailing service says the move will allow it to modernize its applications to accelerate expansion to airlines and other partners. Read More
 alt='atpco-buys-sita-airfare-insight'  Title='atpco-buys-sita-airfare-insight'
News / Technology
ATPCO buys SITA’s Airfare Insight fare management system
By Mitra Sorrells | January 19, 2021
In the coming months, ATPCO and SITA will work together to integrate the Airfare Insight system into ATPCO's new Architect pricing tool. Read More
 alt='Sounding Off: GDS consolidation can only be considered after survival'  Title='Sounding Off: GDS consolidation can only be considered after survival'
Interview / Distribution
Sounding Off: GDS consolidation can only be considered after survival
By PhocusWire | January 8, 2021
There could eventually be a big shake-up in the distribution landscape - in how partnerships are struck, what content is distributed and by who and perhaps, most importantly, who pays? Read More
 alt='big-chair-alex-zoghlin'  Title='big-chair-alex-zoghlin'
Interview / Technology
In The Big Chair - Alex Zoghlin of ATPCO
By Mitra Sorrells | January 7, 2021
Industry veteran Alex Zoghlin returns to travel as CEO of ATPCO - with ambitious plans for the 56-year-old company. Read More
 alt='orbitz-zoghlin-atpco-ceo'  Title='orbitz-zoghlin-atpco-ceo'
News / Technology
Orbitz co-founder Alex Zoghlin named ATPCO CEO, Rolf Purzer to retire
By Mitra Sorrells | October 15, 2020
Zoghlin will join ATPCO on November 1, replacing current president and CEO Rolf Purzer, who plans to retire in January.  Read More
 alt='skyscanner-expedia-hopper-atpco-panel'  Title='skyscanner-expedia-hopper-atpco-panel'
News / Distribution
Skyscanner, Expedia, Hopper on need for transparency in travel retailing
By Mitra Sorrells | October 14, 2020
At an ATPCO virtual event, product managers from the three companies shared how they are adapting to the new needs of customers. Read More
 alt='airline-distribution-ndc'  Title='airline-distribution-ndc'
News / Distribution
Airlines consider a recovery with more digital, direct distribution, less business travel
By Linda Fox | September 25, 2020
Airlines are assessing the longer term impact of the COVID-19 crisis and whether there will be a reduction in managed business travel. Read More
 alt='aeronology-carstensen-interview'  Title='aeronology-carstensen-interview'
News / Technology
No transactions, no problem: why this travel veteran is optimistic about a startup launched on eve of COVID-19
By Mitra Sorrells | July 21, 2020
Aeronology founder Russell Carstensen is banking on his deep understanding of the industry and the longevity of travel agents to lead his company to success. Read More
 alt='robert-albert-leaving-atpco-2'  Title='robert-albert-leaving-atpco-2'
News / Distribution
Routehappy founder Robert Albert to step down, shift to advisory role at ATPCO
By Mitra Sorrells | June 30, 2020
Robert Albert, founder of Routehappy that is now part of ATPCO, is stepping down from his role as executive vice president of retailing to support social justice causes. Read More
 alt='VIDEO: New Reality With... Beth Taylor of ATPCO'  Title='VIDEO: New Reality With... Beth Taylor of ATPCO'
News / Technology
VIDEO: New Reality With... Beth Taylor of ATPCO
By PhocusWire | June 18, 2020
The next guest on the New Reality With... series is Beth Taylor, global head of marketing and communications at ATPCO. Read More